How to Find Your Blocked Players List (2020 – Xbox One, S, X)

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Everyone genesis writer here with a quick. Tips and tricks. Tutorial video showing you how how to get to your complete lists of players whom you have blocked on xbox using your xbox one console to do this simply press.
The guide button to bring up the guide on the left hand side of your screen scroll all the way to the left to view your profile and just simply press a on it then press a again on the my profile button at the top here. Itll flip over to this screen scroll to the right once to go to the social tab. Then youre gonna scroll down and highlight the following button on the left hand side of your screen.
Now sometimes this takes a little bit to load not to worry just scroll to the right to the everything drop down box or it will it will automatically say everything here the words everything press. A on it didnt scroll down to the block button. And this should give you a full list of everyone whom you have blocked on xbox live.
Now there are a few details i want to throw in here. The exact way you get to this list. Okay like i just showed may be different in future updates for the xbox one or for the xbox dashboard in general.
If this video is not up today. It will say in the description.

how to unblock someone on xbox one-0
how to unblock someone on xbox one-0

The exact steps to have on how to get to this blocked list. I was not able to find this list on xbox comm. I was only able to find it on my console.
And after talking to a microsoft support person they actually told me it didnt exist and i was amazed at that which is why i created this video youre probably also wondering how do i unblock someone so im gonna scroll down to the rowdy 8 profile. Just as an example and you can see that if i scroll all the way down to this more button and expand. It there is actually an unblock button right here now you can use that to unblock them and theyre never there wont know whether you have them blocked or unblocked.
This is actually a really common misconception. I want to address right now in the video nobody on xbox live from their xbox console can truly definitively tell that you have them blocked you also cannot tell whether someone has you blocked or not there are many ways that you can and determined that it might be more likely that someone has you blocked. But you can never definitively tell.
Which is really really good thats how it should be a really technical note here that i wanted to edit in as of the making of this video. The only way to really tell truly if someone has you blocked on xbox live is to use xbox comm to look up the profile that you think has blocked you and try to friend requests said profile. When you do a little pop up box will appear saying.
This profile has you blocked. But again ill restate what i previously have already stated from your xbox one console.

how to unblock someone on xbox one-1
how to unblock someone on xbox one-1

There is no way to definitively tell whether someone has you blocked on xbox live another way to unblock someone lets say you dont know whether you have someone blocked or not for some random reason. An easy way to unblock someone is just to send them a message. If you send anyone on xbox live.
A message. It could be a you know one character message. It will automatically unblock the set individual.
There are also things that happen automatically when you block someone at first that person is automatically removed from your friends. List. If they were already there that person is also automatically muted for example so were back to this little drop down list again you can select a bunch of different things here.
But you see i can select this list of two the total people in xbox live. I have muted well you should be aware that everyone who youve blocked is going to be on your muted list because everyone you have blocked is automatically muted. So just be aware of that people who you have blocked they can still send you messages.
But you will never receive the messages or receive a notification for the messages. So for example.

how to unblock someone on xbox one-2
how to unblock someone on xbox one-2

Rowdy ape here could sit on his console. And constantly be spamming. Me with messages with game invites.
But i am never going to ever read them or receive them in fact theyre not even sent to me so they basically just disappear. Under the void. And it just allows rowdy ape to waste as much as he wants messaging me or trying to bother me.
And hes never gonna be able to reach me. Because hes blocked so you should be aware of those things in general another tip. Ill throw out there before i end video that i found interesting the blocked list as youre seeing on your screen right now.
It does tell you the total number of players you have blocked 105 for me since ive been on xbox live for 8 plus. Years. Many of these profiles people no longer use.
However this list of blocked players is not in any particular order. And at least right now youre not able to reorder this list in any way.

how to unblock someone on xbox one-3
how to unblock someone on xbox one-3

So its not an alphabetical order. Its not in the order of the players you most recently blocked. I experimented several times with trying to find out what the exact order of this list is and there doesnt seem to be a particular order.
If someone wants to correct me on this. Please comment down below. If you have any questions on blocking players or should.
I say finding this block the list. Please comment down below. I will get to your question and answer it liked the video.
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Thats it ill see you guys later peace. .

how to unblock someone on xbox one-4
how to unblock someone on xbox one-4

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