How To Fish Wire From One Floor To Another In A Home

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Guys in this video. I will show you what im doing to try to to get a tv cable pulled from upstairs to downstairs. And youll see there a big hole cut out right now and the reason.
I had to do that is to get access to downstairs. So the first thing. I did was i got a drywall saw and i cut this piece this vertical piece.
And youll see that the edge is the way i cut is beveled just like this the reason. I did that is because after im all done when i put this back on here this piece not going to fall right through so thats the reason i cut that at an angle. After i did that well i should mention is the reason i cut it so oh hi.
The opening is because i want to make sure i have enough clearance to fit my drill here i have a close quarter 3 8. Inch electric drill and at the end of this i have a i have a 3 4. 3.
4. Inch drill. Bit here.
And why first did was ill put the drill inside this hole here and then i started with the top. This 2×4 right underneath right behind the base port here. So i drill through that using my 3 4.
Once i got through the top layer. Theres gonna be two piece. Most likely theres gonna be two pieces of 2×4 stacked on top of each other lets you get through that of course.
The length of this not going to be able to reach the bottom the downstairs. So i also have a longer one this is a half an inch. And theres a much longer a drill bit.
So what i do is that once i get through the top access. Then im able to fit this longer one through here and then once its in here. Then i mount the drill onto that longer bit so i would mount it inside here and continue drilling all the way down hopefully this piece you got this drill.
Bit you have will be long enough.

how to run cable from basement to first floor-0
how to run cable from basement to first floor-0

And if its not long enough then you might have to find a drill bit thats a little longer just get through because downstairs. Where the ceiling is theres going to be another 2×4. I think another two piece of 2×4 so the total depth to get from upstairs to downstairs.
Is probably a good foot and a half. Im guessing around there so once you get through what i have here is the fiberglass rods and these are used for fishing wires in the wall. And ill show you so these are the fiberglass rods you can buy and these are really nice to have because what you do is that once you put in the first piece you can actually screw in additional pieces okay screw it in and then ill get attached.
So you can run quite a good length. If you start cascading one after another on these fiberglass rods and i taped on the first piece. I taped the cable onto the end.
I got some electric tape and i start feeding it down okay. So thats why you see the fiberglass rod and this black cable. So im running this cable.
All the way to downstairs now after you get it to downstairs. You need to open up another hole of course to retrieve that end and get the cable out after you do that and youre satisfied then you close this up okay. And im not going to do a video on drywall.
But theres theres plenty of videos you can find on youtube on how to patch up a hole. But but the hard part is all done here so let me run downstairs. And ill show you where that cable is im downstairs now and as you can see i open up a hole.
And then ill be putting in an outlet and you still see the fiberglass rod. Thats taped up to the end of the cable. So you just have to open up a hole big enough where you can actually get a flashlight in there and see where the rod is one thing you want to do is measure the distance because im directly pulling the cable from upstairs.
All the way downstairs. So make sure the the distance from the outside wall to your first hole matches that of where youre drilling upstairs that make it a lot easier because you dont want to drill up here and then and then try to find a hole over there because that rod is you know of course going to want to go straight down so. But hopefully that can help some of you guys if you want to pull wires from one floor to another and you know you do have to be careful of you know electrical outlets and any type of plumbing.
But you kind of get a good idea if you look at the other side of this wall and see whats on both sides. Okay. If you have any questions leave me a comment and subscribe thank you for watching.

how to run cable from basement to first floor-1
how to run cable from basement to first floor-1

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