How to fix a broken couch couch that is sagging pillows that are flat

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Guys today i want to show you all how to make this old frumpy couch. Couch. So this pillow as you can see theres no cushion there this one nice and firm.
This one has nothing there all the fibers are gone this ones firm. Then you got pretty decent support in some of the cushions. However right here doesnt look very good this ones pretty good until you get over here and the soft again and then over here its not too bad.
But it does feel like its missing something alright. So we just have to flip the couch over and take a look at it alright now that we have the couch flipped over we want to simply pull this piece of fabric off that allow us to look underneath of here to determine what all is broken. If you look that spring has sprung right there and those two springs in the back right.
There are sprung and also if you look further down all the pillow cushion fibers are out and if you look on the back end right here. You can see where its running the wall. Because the wood has broken and its not in place anymore.
So next step. We want to pull this off or to get down there to the wood to get to the seams. These fancy tack strips thats how you make a seamless couch right now you can get an idea.
But whats wrong with this couch. So right here hillo has torn see theyre so together their or nephew well my nephew likes to crawl on the couch. And hes beating the cushion is down more than they can take those are pushed against not designed to be stomped on the bottom.
However you can put a lot of weight on it its got springs designed to do that this is not so. This is whats wrong with the couch right here these pieces of wood. Have came disconnected from the frame.

how to fix a sagging couch with attached cushions-0
how to fix a sagging couch with attached cushions-0

This is structural support for the frame. So this all has to be read well just screw it in in this case to give it a little more strength these staples. I hate these staples.
Theyre always weak. They never hold some oscars right all right so lets look at it all right here you can see the spring thats uh look at it. Whats going on here.
Okay well thats easy fix all you have to do is pop it back into the clamp boom. Thats something that can be fixed easily. And then you got two ones over here alright.
Lets just popped off the other side. But once you get both sides click. Then ill stay and last one and look you got a firm foundation for your couch.
Now everythings all right now. Were not look at this foam. This is the packing material used for the pillow cushion you could just push it back in but as you can see the stitching is gone you can repack some of these lower cushions right here.
Theres zippers and i can pack more in the lower ones with the upper ones. You cant repack them. And they are also this ones ripped.
So were going to take a pillow cushion to create a new pocket like so and then well take the fibers and pack. The pillow cushion full of these fibers. So do all right so now we got all those fibers in we need to just tie it off so that way everything will stay together like that all right then well just take the whole wide a very important thing is gonna be to keep it in place.

how to fix a sagging couch with attached cushions-1
how to fix a sagging couch with attached cushions-1

So your pillows. Dont become frumpy again so this right here you can tell its lined up. Were gonna have to use something to kind of support this alright so since this wasnt keeping our pillow in and i didnt really feel like sewing it rather than just putting it in there and letting it do its best.
I just figured id create a new web. A mesh for the pillow to kind of have something push on this cavity. I know this isnt the proper way to do this im just doing it like this because its better than not doing anything at all so if you want to do it absolutely right and we need that breeze so these two seams back together alright first we got to move these staples or nails.
Whatever so. When you cut together out of the way so we can remount everything the reason. These came unmounted was because a piece of my wood broke right up here so rather than try to screw it this is such small diameter wood.
I was worried that i was just going to split the wood and create an even weaker part. It had just split pulled this away from that and ill just round it all together with string same string to make this mesh. So now ill just take some screws like this and theyll just fasten.
It all back together like this and this should help put everything back together next. We just got to recover our framework with our old material just go ahead and rehire him those tack strips on the sides to make it seamless and then pull the couch fabric back over the top nail it in or staple. It the last and final step is to go ahead and pull the fabric over the bottom of your couch.
So that way if anything falls to your couch. He gets trapped inside your couch. And then eventually in 10 years.
When you have to fix your couch. Youll have a huge collection of lighters and all right and as you can see the couch is pretty much back to normal the middle cushion is now the firmest cushion. But we sat on we tested it out it worked great everythings holding up make sure you press that like button.
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how to fix a sagging couch with attached cushions-2

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