How to get Data Input Guide – Free DLC 5 Update! – Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

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Is up you guys with kuno fox here bringing you another xenoverse tube video. So so today. The free dlc for extra pack.
One drop today and a couple things out for it weve got the new coliseum mode. Which ill have videos on that later and we got a new move called data input. Which you guys know its android 13 smooth and to get this move you have to do the new expert mission that came out today.
Which is expert mission. 20. And its located and right next to the big ball with all the other explanations and today.
Im basically gonna tell you how i got it and im not sure if this was really hard because i did throughout my second try and also i did do it on offline mode. I was gonna do it online. But nobody showed up in my lobby because i dont think that many people knew about the free update.

how to get data input xenoverse 2-0
how to get data input xenoverse 2-0

Today anyways the moves are brought into this battle i brought in fake bang. Kamehameha super guard maximum charge and divine retribution and in supernova cooler. You know basically the move sets you bring to any of the raid or expert missions.
So just power up and then just start spamming your big bang kamehameha because and row. 13. Does do data input.
And you cant really hit them and im a fast forwarded right here just to skip this part music music so after ub andhra 13. The borough shows up and hes basically the same thing he always dodges your moves. So just keep spamming you keep s attack.
But i think the borough is more aggressive he does lock on to you more. And theres a lot more of his to protect and you gotta watch out for his spit cuz. He does spam those a little bit and also the borough does take longer to kill.

how to get data input xenoverse 2-1
how to get data input xenoverse 2-1

So well take some time. But just keep spamming big bang. Kamehameha and just keep using your super guard whenever.
They use their big ball attacks are those blue razor things music music applause music and after you beat. The baro lujan. Were up here.
And he doesnt use the ultra interesting thing the data input. So what ive been doing i just started using i just started spamming my ultimate attack and as you can see by his house. Defeating superfast just keep spamming that and one thing.
I took notice majin buu. Does take out your computer really fast. So once you see a computer that goes down you better revive them because you cannot do this alone.

how to get data input xenoverse 2-2
how to get data input xenoverse 2-2

And once again you want to bring super guard. Because it does come in clutch music music music. And once you get to the point.
Where his health is low enough luhan will do his explosive wave and he ascends you flying to the other dimension thing or whatever when you have to fight other opponents dont worry about this part because this part is actually really easy just family or specials or ultimates. You know pretty much one hit ko them music music and when you do come back from after fighting all the majin booze. He is gonna target you so right here i did almost die.
Which i did get pretty scared. But then we ended up beating him. And that did get a ultimate finish and once you beat.
It hopefully data input will pop up. And this is pretty much how i got it so if you guys dont know how to update your xenoverse tune. I think it updates by itself because thats what happens to me.
And i will be dropping more videos on the super colosseum thing and this is it for the video. And see you guys in the next one peace music music. .

how to get data input xenoverse 2-3
how to get data input xenoverse 2-3

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