How to Get out of the House More Often

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Todays episode. I talk about how to get out of the house and i i share details about how you get your hands on a new game. Twitters hey.
Whats up guys cam. Here and today. Im coming at you from vancouver bc.
Todays question is about how to get out of the house and its a question i got recently on facebook from drew whos a member of our community. So thanks a lot drew for the question and specifically thank you so much for your support. Because.
I know youve been supporting us in a big way before i get into the question. I just want to share that a lot of you guys have been asking how you can support how you can donate if you believe in our mission. What you can do to help.
And so ive set up a patreon so you can check that link below and ive shared a bunch of extra bonuses that will help you out if you want to support us out. So i really appreciate all the support doing. This is a huge passion of mine and to make these videos to run this website.
There are costs and so any support you can give us it it means a lot and i really appreciate it so todays questions about how to get out of the house and im going to share some concrete steps you can take that ive also taken that have helped me do just that but just before i start i want to share with you guys that im an introvert so im not the most social person. Im not the most extroverted person i would technically describe myself as a social introvert. I enjoy conversation i enjoy getting to know people well i like to do that in lower energy environments.
Things like coffee shops. So im not necessarily the most outgoing person now that doesnt mean that i need to stay home. All day and for me the difference between an extrovert and introvert is just how you recharge so i recharge by being at home and having quiet time.
Where as an extrovert will recharge by being more social. So whether youre an extrovert or an introvert you still need to get out of those especially. If youre looking to quit playing video games.
So there are actually three main reasons. Why you want to get out of the house. More often especially if youre watching this video.
The first is that it will help you be less tempted to game. When i first quit playing games. I was never home i basically just came home to sleep shower and eat and other than that i worked a job and i got out of the house.
I went to meetups. I went out to nightclubs sober. I did these different things to stay away from the house because i knew if i was home id want a game the second reason is that now that youve quit playing games youre going to go through a transition with a lot of your friends.
Because you no longer have the same things in common so one of the best ways you can start making new friends and meeting more people is just to put yourself in more social environments for me. Thats things like coffee shops and entrepreneurial meetups places like that but by putting yourself in more social situations. Its a lot easier to meet people and make new friends and the third reason is to get away from distractions.
When im at home the tvs there my beds there the computers there so if im not at home. Its a lot easier for me to actually focus on doing the things i need to do getting the things done i need to get done especially around different projects and tasks or work. I have books i want to read because im not distracted and im able to focus a lot easier so if youre not at home.

how to get out of the house-0
how to get out of the house-0

Its a lot easier to be less tempted the game. Its a lot easier to meet new people and its easier to be productive. Because youre not distracted by a bunch of different things so before i go into some of the steps.
Im going to recommend for you guys what you need to know is you need to think about why youre not getting out of the house. Everyones different and there can be a variety of reasons. Why youre staying home it could be social anxiety.
It you dont even know where you would go it could be that you dont have anyone to go with it could be that staying home is just your habit. Its just what you you go to work it goes school and then you go home. And its just what you do so you need to understand why youre staying home because by identifying that that gives you the power to then influence your behavior.
And do the things that you actually want to do for example. If youre not leaving the house because you get anxious about that you need to figure out ways to deal with your anxiety. First before youre going to be able to start leaving the house all the time so you need to keep that in mind and as i share.
All the time you need to try and learn why youre doing what youre doing you need to try and learn whats holding you back and dig deep to figure that out because by figuring that out it allows you to then find a solution to whatever that problem is and then influence your behavior to be what you want it to be okay. So max there are three different concrete steps that you can take that will help you get out of the house. More often the first is to plan ahead.
I talked about planning all the time i feel like every single video. I talk about planning especially in last weeks video where i talked about planning for the things that you should expect after you put playing games so plan ahead if you dont plan ahead. Then youre going to be making a mood based decision and i dont know if youre anything like me.
I bet you are i was never and i never really am in the mood to go do a bunch of things especially outside of the house. So by planning ahead it allows you to know what youre going to do and when you know what youre going to do. Its a lot easier to follow through with that the next step you want to take is consistency consistency especially around different events that you do will help you develop new habits.
And then its a lot easier to just naturally. Every single week be out of the house. If youre just doing it every once in a while its not actually going to develop a habit.
Because of that its not going to be something that you do consistently so consistency is also really important and finally you want to focus on your social momentum. Getting out of the house has a lot to do with the momentum that you have so by being consistent thats going to help you keep your momentum going and then its a lot easier to take action and get out of the house each and every week. Okay so to plan ahead you want to find some meetups you can go to go to meetups calm and check those out.
And you also want to keep a calendar. A calendar will help you plan ahead because you actually know where your time is going a week from now a couple weeks from now a month from now whatever so just as an example right now next week. I know that one of my favorite football teams is playing a rival on thursday.
I have that in my calendar. Which then lets me plan either to hang out with a friend go watch the game go to a bar watch the game or something like that now i know next thursday. Im getting out of the house that helps a lot i also know that next month.
One of my favorite djs is coming to vancouver to play i have that date in my calendar. And so now i can plan ahead of time and actually go to that event just like the other day. I went through and checked out you know what other djs are coming to vancouver over the next couple months.
And i wrote those dates down in my calendar. And now some of them i want to go to some i dont but at least. I know whos coming and that lets me look at my calendar.

how to get out of the house-1
how to get out of the house-1

A week ahead a couple weeks ahead and see these different things i want to do and i can plan accordingly with a bunch of friends so plan ahead the next thing that you want to do is you want to create new routines. So for example every single day i wake up and i go to a coffee shop. It really doesnt matter what day of the week.
It is thats just what i do thats my routine now what i like to do is i like to get out of the house first thing in the morning because when i get out of the house first thing in the morning. I and to be able to find other things i can do throughout the day and then i go home at night. So today for example.
I woke up i left the house after showering and having breakfast. I left the house. I went to a coffee shop.
I worked on some things for a while now im walking around to find a cool spot to shoot this video after this. Im gonna go have lunch. Im going to go to another coffee shop and then later on ill go to the gym and ill go home.
Now im getting a home at like 8. 9 10 pm. And then after you know hanging out for a minute.
Ill go to bed so by getting out early in the day. I actually get a lot more done and im not just staying home. Doing a bunch of random things throughout the day.
Theres a lot more focus and purpose behind what im doing so thats for me every day for you you could go to starbucks after work or school and bring a book with you and read it or another project that youre working on but by having these things that you can go to like starbucks. After work or after school. It helps you stay out of the house from there you could go to the gym and then you go home you cook dinner and then its basically a bedtime that helps you stay out of the house one way you can think about this is with the habit loop.
Which ill go into a lot more in a future video. But just to tell you it quick. Its reminder routine reward so for example every sunday.
When i lived in la. I would go to one of my favorite coffee shops. Its a bit more expensive and i bring a book i wanted to read and i read it for an hour too so every sunday.
I was getting at least two hours of reading done. And i got to buy myself a really nice cup of coffee that was my reward so every sunday. Thats what i did and it was just what i did so what you want to try and focus on is develop some of these routines that you can do throughout the week.
Whats the thing that you do on monday nights. Whats the thing that you do on thursday nights. What about saturday morning.
What do you like to do for me sometimes on saturday. I like to go to the farmers market. I like the farmers market its a cool environment.
I can buy some groceries and then i can go home and cook an awesome meal find these different things that you can do throughout the week. And again you have to choose them yourself another example a couple weeks ago. I did a video on podcasts.

how to get out of the house-2
how to get out of the house-2

So you could listen to your podcasts while going for a walk and checking out the area around your house. You can find a cool park in your city or go explore all the parks in your city. You can create these different missions and make this more of a game make it more fun and that has helped me especially be able to get out of the house.
A lot more often to quickly recap. You need to plan ahead. Preparation is the key ingredient to success you want to keep it consistent turn.
These in the routines turn them in the habits and focus on your social momentum. The more you go out the more momentum. You have which helps you continue to do all of these different things if you only go out once a month.
You only leave the house once a month. Its every single time you do it its going to be really hard to actually take action. Whereas.
If you have a couple events. Every single week your momentum will be there. And its a lot easier to follow through with it and lastly getting out of the house shifts your energy.
I know if i stayed home all day long. My energy would feel just very dull getting out the house gets you moving moving helps you develop more energy. You feel the fresh air you get to meet more people.
Its just a good idea especially right now as you put playing games. So i hope that helps you guys out. And if it does make sure you hit thumbs up to help other people find this video every thumbs up helps so really appreciate it make sure you hit subscribe.
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how to get out of the house-3

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