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s going on growers. It seems because you only coming to you live from jersey. Jersey.
If youre anything like me. Then youre obsessed with buying plants and trees the only thing is they can get a little expensive when you add them all up so today i want to show you how to easily get your own free fig trees by propagating them yourself lets figs are one of those fruits that dont continue to ripen after you pick them so its tough to get truly ripe figs from the store. If you want those truly ripe figs like i always say one of the ways youre gonna have to do.
It is to grow it yourself or either know someone who does grow them. If you know someone who has their own fig trees. You wont have to pay for their own you can easily propagate them thats what im gonna show you today first i want to give you a peek at one of the fig trees that i propagated this year.
So this right here is the end result a brown turkey fig cloned and propagated from what i already have so today. Were gonna go through the steps that are necessary to get you to this point. So youll be able to grow your own figs for free nothing like saving money and getting fruit while youre doing it if youre new to propagating and cloning your own plants a fig tree is a great place to start because its one of the easiest fruits to propagate also when it comes to propagating.
It youre not gonna have to graft it onto another root stock you could just take a cutting for the plant root. It and plant it into the ground when it comes to timing the best time to propagate your figs in my opinion is gonna be in the winter. When youre pruning them for me in new jersey zone 7a.
The time to prune best is right before you wrap this victory because if we dont wrap this victory. Were gonna have some winter die off so on this fig tree right here im gonna show you how i prune that one and how i propagate it because this obviously was already pruned back here im not gonna unwrap it so this is a fig tree that i bring indoors and outdoors. Which is one of the easiest ways to do it.
If you live in a location. Like me. Where the winters get very cold when it comes down to it fig trees do better when theyre tip pruned in the winter.
So tip reading basically means when i have this tip right here. Ill prune that top off that terminal bud and what ill do is encourage more of that lateral growth thats important for fig trees the only thing is when we cut these tips buds off. We dont want to just get rid of that would we want to propagate with it so the best wood to propagate is basically gonna be your hardwood cuttings that are one two or three years old you want about nine inches.
You want a good size. You also want it about half inch to 3 4. Inch.
Thick. Which is to be some of your best cutting wood. So what im gonna do is cut a piece of wood show.
You how im gonna do it and then well move the next step knowing all those requirements. Were gonna choose this branch right here so weve got a straight vigorous piece of wood about nine inches long. And what were gonna do is cut it right below a node.
So youve got a node right here basically about it were gonna cut right below. That the reason. Were gonna cut below that is because thats most likely where the routing is going to come from so this looks dormant it almost looks dead.
But you can see the green in it this is still quite alive this is a good candidate for routing if i had more branches. I would prune more of them.

how to grow a fig tree from a cutting-0
how to grow a fig tree from a cutting-0

But im not gonna really prove too much because ive already routed some so this is a great candidate. Theres a few different steps we can take to getting routing from here. But first im going to show you how i did it and then ill show you a couple different ways after i want to mention that we have a winner for the felco pruners.
Im gonna announce that at the end of the video so stay tuned now that were at this point. Where we have the branch already to be cloned now. Im gonna make a mixture and a medium that we can put this into and let it root so when it comes to creating a medium.
What we want is something that is able to retain water. But can also drain it because we need to retain some order. But we cant become supersaturated that theres no oxygen.
So what im gonna be doing is using a mixture of 50. Coarse sand and 50 peat moss. So what first thing.
Were gonna do is put those together. Im just gonna get some sand and mix that into here and this is coarse sand. Which is lard.
Which is gonna really help us with drainage. But then were gonna also have some peat moss. Which is great for retaining water.
I only have peat moss here id like to use coco coir. But the peat moss is what i have so thats what were gonna do so first we want to get about a 50 50 mixture. Im gonna add some mortar and let that absorb all of it so its wet but not super saturated.
We want this to be pretty damp. Weve got this added together im just gonna put some water in lets add mini a little more sand when it comes to rooting these big trees. Its gonna be basically mainly humidity thats gonna be your most important thing humidity of the soil the moisture in the soil.
But also how humid the air temperature is so if its too humid and the soil is too wet. Then youre gonna get rot and fungus and if its too dry youre gonna dry out and its just gonna basically not be enough moisture to survive so having that balance between the two is very important. So im just gonna get this peat moss ball mixed and you can see its a little oversaturated.
But ill drain that out before i put it into the cup. A nice 50 50 mix here now that we have our mixture all made im just gonna take some of this im gonna drain a little bit of the water out place a into my cup push it down just a little more okay thats our mixture next. What were gonna do is grab our stick or our branch tuck looks like you found something you dug it up whereas.
I was starting but next. What were gonna do is this isnt 100 necessary. But it will definitely help im gonna add a rooting hormone.
This is clone x. Ill put a link to it in the description. So what im gonna do is just take this and dip.
My plant into it you could you know pour it into a separate thing so youre not mixing all the plants up together all the different hormones and everything. But were gonna take this were gonna dip it in the rooting hormone and then before i actually even push it in actually we dip a little more we really want we really think the roots are going to be coming from the buds so like here.

how to grow a fig tree from a cutting-1
how to grow a fig tree from a cutting-1

And there where the nodes are so ill just leave it in there for a minute and then im gonna want to create a little space not not a too thick. But just a little space going down to there because i dont want to push all the rooting hormone off as im pushing it down so well create that little space then well take our our branch. Nice and dipped in the rooting hormone.
Well push that right in we want to keep it a couple inches off the bottom. But we want to make sure youve got enough at the top. Weve got a number of buds that can root thats why you want im a number of buds that can leaf out thats why you want about 9 inches.
So thats all you got to do right there now were not gonna really water this again because its retaining moisture until we feel like it needs to so most like we wont have to order it to all because weve got the peat moss in there thatll help retain moisture now we want to cover it and control the humidity level looks like chuck wants to interrupt things. A little bit have some fun this guys always down to play old grapevine. Just loves snapping them.
Its fun to keep some of the sticks in here get every ste yeah days like this he just goes not so much fun and we have this thick. Its in the medium right now something i wanted to mention was first of all you have to have to have drainage holes at the bottom. Youll notice.
I took a razor and cut drainage holes down here. When you need to have a drainage. We dont want that water sitting and becoming anaerobic without oxygen.
We need oxygen in this medium. Thats one of the reasons. We use this and to make sure we can drain the water.
Another thing that i want to mention is this is peat moss and sand. Theres no fertilizer in this we want like in inert medium. Because were not going to be feeding anything because theres not even any roots left.
It just needs to be a high humid environment for those roots to actually excel now to create a humid environment. We cant just leave the plant like this or itll dry out and die. We can either take a bag and put it over the top to create a small little hoop house for a humid area.
Just for its own cop. Or what i did was simple. I mean.
This isnt rocket science. I took ten or twelve of them that i had potted and then just stuck this over the top on a piece of wood. This created a high humid environment and then if i needed to lower the humidity at all i just stuck something underneath of it so again it doesnt have to be pretty.
It doesnt have to be rocket science. These arent very hard to propagate these fig trees now after your fig trees have been sitting for a couple weeks. Maybe even a couple months you might start to see some growth like i had on this one dont let that fool you at first because just because youre seeing a little growth doesnt mean that theres roots growing down low.
So you may have roots growing down low. And no green up top. Really you may have green up top and not really that many roots down low.
So you want to make sure you monitor. It and be a little patient you should see some roots coming out the bottom corners.

how to grow a fig tree from a cutting-2
how to grow a fig tree from a cutting-2

Ive seen people even use plastic see through cups clear plastic cups. So they can see when the roots are growing thats a good idea too i just use these because i already had them on hand. So youll see some roots coming out the bottom again this could be a big a big trick.
Another thing to mention is after they have rooted and theyve theyre so used to this high humidity mid environment. So you cant just take them out right away. Youve got to slowly introduce them a new environment.
So if you have this over the top of it once you see that theyre rooted maybe you take it off halfway for a couple hours. And then maybe the next day you take it off the full way for a couple hours. And then just slowly reintroduce them to a normal environment.
Thats not super high humidity. All fig trees and varieties are a little different so be patient. It could take even a couple months for this to root.
Now. Thats the way i like to do it ive had success with it. But theres also another way that ive seen a number of people do it and im sure it works so if using a plastic bag.
What we do is before we do any of these steps will just take this cutting and before it has any rooting hormone or anything well take this cutting and well just wrap it in a paper towel around the base. You want to dampen. The paper towel just a little bit first.
Im not gonna do it here cuz. Im just showing example and we want to wrap some of the bottom not too. Many times just just to keep that moisture level up and then well put it in a bag.
And you could do with these 10 15. 20. Cuttings may as you want put this in a bag.
And then put it in a warm space for about 3 4. Or 5 weeks maybe above your fridge. Would be a good spot and make sure.
Its relatively damp keep an eye on it makes youre not getting any fungus or anything. And then check back every little while because you see start to see some roots growing at the base. Once you see some initial roots growing.
Then you could move over into plant to get into a cup and you could even do potting mix. Because its gonna have roots by that time so whether you gonna go for this bag. Method first before you go to the cup or just into the cup to propagate your face look at tuck over here eating some of the bok choy tuck.
What are you doing boy get into the bok choy. So whatever method you go for thats up to you when it comes down to it the temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees is gonna be your best. He just dug out the whole bok choy.
So thats okay between the hes having fun. And hes always giving us a good lap.

how to grow a fig tree from a cutting-3
how to grow a fig tree from a cutting-3

So the 50 to 70 degrees is basically gonna be where you want to be the higher temperature is gonna encourage the quicker rooting so again this isnt tough. This is easy to do everyone should at least attempt it youve got nothing to lose especially when youre cutting off those pieces just like this now i want to show you this one thats growing really well i want to show you the roots in it and then were just gonna transfer it into a pot now that it has roots in its growing. We have a potting mix in here this is my favorite this is happy frog.
Ill put a link in the description too so im just gonna show you the roots and then put it into the pot. Were gonna flip this over just like we would any other plant because i want to show you that weve got some nice roots growing here as you can see look at all those roots thats what you want to see see im gonna break some of this medium off because i dont want all of it in there. And i want to show you some more of the roots.
So were gonna be gentle just shake. It a little bit and then ill wash it off a little bit you can see all the roots growing from that thats what you want to see thats a clone fig tree for free i wash this off with water so you can see all the roots on it when you come close you can see where theyre all coming from really well rooted. Its gonna be a really healthy plant now ill transplant it into this potting mix.
I made a big mistake i accidentally just dumped all the sand right here on the woodchips not smart but ill clean it up it happens so were just gonna route it like we would any other plant or pot. It get that in to make sure everythings in there nicely just tuck her all in i already moisten the soil. This is again happy frog great soil love this stuff light retains moisture well were gonna add just a little bit more and thats it were gonna baby this and probably keep it up with hot humidity just has his transplanting.
But thats how you thats thats its not rocket science. Thats how you get three plants and you can share with your friends. One of the best things to do is to find someone who has a big tree variety you dont have when theyre pruning.
It take some of those cuttings and get your own theres no point of buying your own when you can get it for free. I only prune about five or seven or ten of these and clone them. Because i dont want too many of the same variety this is brown turkey i already have two i dont need ten ground.
Turkey so the ones i have ill just share with my friends locally and ill get some more varieties in the future clone those and just spread them all around when it comes down to it figs are one of those trees that dont go in my zone. But ill still grill them theres not a lot of things that i do that i try to push the boundary. But figs are one of those because you can bring him inside bring him outside you only have to wrap them.
And its just i have to have them fresh off the plant. Theres nothing like it before i closed the video off i want to announce the winner for the giveaway of these pruners right here 75 fellow pruners great shape rotating handle so what i did was i had the number one to a thousand you guys emailed me your guesses i put into a random number generator. The number came out at 140.
Ill show you a picture of it i went through all the emails. There was two people one person had 144 which was second ill put the number in right here you were super close. But the winner was tony s.
With the guest 143. So i sent you an email just responded back to me if you guys like these giveaways. Let me know im gonna do more if you want to see another giveaway in the next video.
Ill do a giveaway giving away maybe 50 or something 100 gift card. So you guys can get some fresh seeds for the next year. If you enjoyed the video hit the like button hit the subscribe button share with your friends dont forget to hit the notification bell.
So you can continue to follow along especially for that new tuck video coming out. And me and talk. Well be back at you real soon again dont forget to check out the merch down low.
I want to put some links to the different materials and tools using the video. Well catch you the next one deans pre owned and talk we music. .

how to grow a fig tree from a cutting-4
how to grow a fig tree from a cutting-4

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