How To Hang Backdrops Without Using A Backdrop Stand | Beginner Studio Filming Setup on a Budget

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Is like the easiest beginner friendly hack that you can possibly find on the internet. Internet. I dont think anyone has done anything like this yet.
So im you guys the best. So music. Hey loves and welcome back to my channel guys so in at this video.
Im going to be sharing with you guys two ways on how you can hang your backdrops without using a backdrop stand and guys. This is amazing and its perfect if you someone who is just getting started with creating content. Maybe you have a small space or a small room to work with maybe you dont just want to splurge on a backdrop stand this is definitely a video to watch so im gonna be sharing with you guys my tricks and showing you guys how i hang my backdrops on my wall.
Without a batch of stan and just to declare. I do have a back joe stand is so bulky is quite. I wont say quite difficult.
It takes a lot of time to set up and remove and uninstall. And its just a lot of things it takes up a lot of space. If you are working in a small room you want to lean meats.
Anything that would make your filming room uncomfortable or kind of bulky so im gonna be showing you guys how i hang my backdrop literally on my wall so lets get started alright so to get started with i just want to say that my walls are made of concrete. Im based in nigeria. I dont know where your beast.
And if youre based in the us. I think you guys us uk you have like the like wooden wall. So you can definitely use those top pins to hang your backdrops.
Thats definitely one easy budget for any way to go about it. But i do have concrete. I cant really pin anything from the concrete because its so hard so something that i use are wall hooks.
This is what they look like im going to leave a couple of links down in the description a box.

how to hang a backdrop without a stand-0
how to hang a backdrop without a stand-0

But its not what they look like usually this one is like an old one im just showing you guys what it looks like for usually comments in a pack of maybe six twelve depending on where you get it from you can get from amazon maybe alex from your local supermarkets. I got this one from mini. So here in vegas.
And what this is is basically like an adhesive cook. So what you can do is literally just take off the paper and literally just paste it on the wall for a couple of seconds and let it adhere to the wall and after that its literally like really hard to remove your ass like a yank it off. And its just the best option for me usually i have a four on my one and if you guys can see it right here.
I have one over there right here. This is the hook right here have another one over here. Another one on the bottom left.
And the other one on the bottom right. So i have two at the top two at the bottom that way it stretches out my fabric. Im gonna be showing us what fabrics.
I use and also my recommendations in terms of like material as well as size so its quite heavy okay okay to clean all the fabrics that i use and that i have i usually get them in one and a half yards two yards. I get them into yards. Most especially to be very safe so if youre kind of confused okay so if youre trying to figure out what length to get to please get between one and a half and two yards depending on the size that you are working with so after hanging up your hooks.
I want to also see that you should try as much as possible to measure the length and the width. So you guys have like a precise measurement and placement twice its easy for you to apply your backdrops. But the way i do it is that i make like a really tiny hole just on the edges of my back drop material can you see how tiny the whole x is almost invisible and thats because im stretching it out so you guys can see im in like a really tiny hole on the edges.
And then i literally just hang. It do the hook let me show you guys so we just hook. It there.
Its that easy and come over then cook it here as well okay and then connect it to the bottom part because again like i said there we go the material that i usually use or that im using right now is what we call the correct material and this is amazing. If youre trying to get like a budget friendly seamless material. Because it is stretchy so even if it is let me show you guys because it is stretchy.
It is easy to manage is its a store and easy to work with if it is wrong food like this one is right now it wouldnt show because you would have to stretch it out and that way youre kind of eliminating the creasing and all the creases.

how to hang a backdrop without a stand-1
how to hang a backdrop without a stand-1

So this is what it looks like now that ive kind of fixed my backdrop. Im initially not taking up any space this is literally on my wall and you can hang more than one backdrop. Im gonna show you guys what i do most times its going i just basically have all of the backdrops.
I want to work with i could just hang the green. One here and orange. One right here as well we need to hang it hug.
Im good so yeah. So that way we can just keep changing the backdrops depending on what we want be careful not to add some water that way it doesnt wait the hooks down okay so there we go if youre filming in your room and you dont have enough space thats fine im gonna teach you on like ways to maximize your space make you meet you just hang your backdrop um fabrics there and when you want to film or when you want to change the background backdrop easy. Its fixed on the wall.
Again. You dont have to uninstall the backdrops down and put it back guys this thing is stuff straighting. This is innovation and its amazing so if i want to change it so lets say this kind of creamy beige color.
I just all have to do is literally connect it to this spot hook it up if i want to work with the green. One super. Easy i just come over here hang.
It over here come over here hang. It and hang it down and we can have like a different backdrop entirely this is like the easiest beginner friendly hack that you can possibly find on the internet. I dont think anyone has done anything like this yet so im giving you guys the best advice definitely give me a thumbs up if you are enjoying a dance video up and so now people can subscribe.
I do come up with videos like these out help you in terms of creating amazing content and kind of growing your brand and influence online. So this is the only one way to go about it and the hooks are so inexpensive you can get them for like maybe a dollar two dollars three dollars a night in nature. I think i got this one for nine hundred nine nine nights out there about from mini.
So you can get it from aliexpress. Its so expensive the fabrics are even like cheaper itself with fabrics cost me like three dollars 1k. Theyre about opinion depending on where youre getting them from so.
I usually get two years.

how to hang a backdrop without a stand-2
how to hang a backdrop without a stand-2

Just to be on the safe side or one and a half yard minimum. Yeah this is what we have if im tired and then you stick it out this is all i need to do just fold. It back.
And maybe if i need to take this one out one two three four. Were done see how easy that was amazing right okay so um next up. Im gonna be showing you another way that you kind of hang your backdrop and this is something that you guys already have installed in your living room your bedroom.
Probably your working space. Im going to be showing you another trick that you can apply in order to get like a seamless background. Again remember no one needs to know whats happening in front of you again youre creating a set so do what you can to make sure that you get what you want not not always yes.
And you know how to break the bank to get a good set. If im making sense so stick with me. And im gonna be sharing with you all of my tricks and hacks to make your content.
I love better so lets move onto another hack. Lets go hey guys so another way that you can go about with hanging your backdrop especially. If youre working with like a small space or if you have a window behind you and youre kind of come used on how to make that work.
If you have a course in real of this right here is an amazing hack and im gonna be show you guys how i do that sound good thing about this backdrop is it came it came like in a form of a cotton because they already made that hole to kind of put the the pipe or the rack into it. So im just gonna be showing you how to do that if you dont have this installed in your fabric. It is okay you can hand sew it you can machine.
So its or you can just turn it over and use like a peg to hold it while youre doing this quickly just tick. You can actually install this in your filming room for that we wouldnt take up space like such this thing is in just like im putting my question right and then whoopsie hang. Its behind me again.
Its an amazing alternative. It doesnt take up space is literally on the wall. No need for tripod stands and all of that and get it as straight.
As i wanted to be so this is what were working with now that we just converted our cotton drill to a backdrop hanger or backdrop stand.

how to hang a backdrop without a stand-3
how to hang a backdrop without a stand-3

This is what we have right now like i always say use what you have and make you work for you. But this is what i have currently now because of its a bit bright outside and the sequin fabric is so thin you guys can pretty much see the lights come through even once so any minutes. That light you can use a black fabric behind this so that we just try to do that you guys wanna.
Do that ill do that for you all we did is just to use like a black fabric to just cancel out that light again black cancels. The lights white bounces. The lights again so you want to cancel the lights just use black this is definitely one way to go and i feel like its very good for someone who is beginning out its very inexpensive probably have to spend like we want also not to start screaming like this youre good to go use your phone and youre amazing.
Im using my phone by the way that camera that youre seeing right here. Dont want your watching is my phone. And yeah.
Just do what you cant make your work. This is how we just made it work using curtain rails. Im in so this was amazing.
This was awesome i love sharing my tips and tricks with you guys because i feel like im doing something no. One else is doing that makes sense and im doing it in a sense that im trying to get you to start creating content irrespective of what you have or what you dont have snd. So just make your work again so yeah.
I hope this was helpful if you enjoyed this video definitely give me a thumbs up if you like what youre seeing right now. Then subscribe to my channel. Because i do come out with a lot of content like this to help you start off with creating content.
Amazing content quality content. And if you enjoyed this video. Then you definitely love my other videos.
Definite kick on this videos right here and im gonna be showing you guys how to create amazing backgrounds on a budget. My filming set of how to create your own filming setup and basically how to set your cameras and all of them couldnt teaching you guys how to get started creating amazing video content in subscribe. It is free and i hope to see you guys my next video.
So yeah. .

how to hang a backdrop without a stand-4
how to hang a backdrop without a stand-4

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