How to install any modpack on Curse Forge (with Twitch Launcher or without)

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Guys in todays video. I will show you how to download my pack and and actually most of the packs available on curse forge in two ways one will the practically shorter one but although it requires downloading twitch the twitch desktop app and youre gonna play it through that and the other one is i think simpler. But you know its up to you to decide okay so the first method were going to use is the twitch desktop app you need to download it im say i think im gonna leave the the download link in the description and once you do you will go to mods.
I apologize. Its in polish. I dont know actually how to change it so its gonna be monster you got mods you go to minecraft and youre gonna go to browse or this whatever this in your in your language.
Youre gonna search beyond the quad core or any name that interests you okay you know what this is this browser is trash. Im just gonna go to loss updated. Because i just updated.
It yeah whoops i changed my sensitivity on my mouse yeah. So you go to the proper mod pack. Page.
And youre gonna go and install. It okay. Thats pretty much it oh no its still installing its probably gonna take a while so i just cut to them it cut to the end okay.

how to install minecraft modpacks with forge-0
how to install minecraft modpacks with forge-0

Its nearing the end. I think yep so from the you as you can see you can play it here you just press that and it will show you the minecraft launcher beyond the heart call play so as you can see its already loading its just gonna load. All the mods in and stuff.
And ill show you how it looks like after it does ok so it loaded you can now do this so now im gonna show you the other way that i actually prefer it involves searching out the modpack on the site itself. We are here you got files yeah and normally youd download this file you just press download here but this method involves pressing here and downloading this server pack. Im gonna show you why in a second ive just let it download.
I actually download it pretty quickly and slow down just as i said that great ok so it downloaded im just gonna paste it over on my desktop right here i actually i actually had it before i download it. But that doesnt matter and wow. Once you open.
It you see the config folder. The mods folder and the scripts folder. What are you gonna do next is youre gonna search percent up data percent go to dot minecraft and as you can see the folders match up here that means youre gonna go to your config and deleting all of it unless you you want to save some of some of them in which case youll probably be better off saving them somewhere.
But in this case. Im just gonna actually no im not gonna delete all of it but you would and then you will go to config select all of it and paste. It here done you go to mods do the same thing delete all of it and just like the latter one paste all of it in and the same with scripts.

how to install minecraft modpacks with forge-1
how to install minecraft modpacks with forge-1

Although it will be possible that you wont have the script and the scripts folder in your minecraft directory. This is caused by not launching. So actually how to explain it if you never launched minecraft with the mod craft tweaker.
Which is included in my pack. You wont have the scripts folder. This is nothing to worry about because you can just paste.
The whole folder. And it will work just as well now you you run minecraft. As you normally would select the appropriate forge press.
Play and wait for it to load. And yeah. Actually thats all of it because once it loads.
It should work just as the the previous one so yeah. Thats it thank you guys. .

how to install minecraft modpacks with forge-2
how to install minecraft modpacks with forge-2

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