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So guys welcome back to another video. I never done really one of these videos. Videos.
Im just gonna be talking about like how i got to louis xiii. Got there pretty quick to be honest. There was some tips and tricks that led me there yeah.
My best was ultimate champions. You can see also i havent been a level 13 for too long actually i think i just got there like a few months ago three four five six. I dont know its actually pretty long ago.
But um. Im gonna be doing electro dragon draft challenges and talking through like easy ways like upgrade cards get your cards higher level get to a higher level. And like i guess.
I can show a little bit about like how to build your own deck and stuff. So yeah. Lets gonna get to a battle and im just gonna actually havent planned anything yet.
But im just gonna talk about how like what you should really upgrade. So when i first started this game wait im just gonna sync. Which card.
I dont want im actually gonna take me afford alright so when i first started this game. And ill like i think i like upgrade every card that needed to be upgraded. Which um.
Its not bad over off you want to go up level. Thats probably one of the best things you should do um lets lock that back whoo quick alright. So yeah.
I would upgrade like if youre a guy that wants to go up levels then i would upgrade but um hes actually here after this match im gonna show you a pretty good trick if youre going for levels and if youre going for high level cards. I would literally just grind them i was only used trea tokens on them. I request them like every single day.
And um. Yeah. So actually its something you show you its pretty cool uh after this match.
Because im in the middle of one and its somewhere. Where i can just give up cuz. I have a bow pass um alright.
So im just gonna get rid of that real quick dont know what yes yes nothing alright alright. So if youre not like a leader of a clan or something and you can like you can just leave the clinic. A clan and join different clan and you have a bunch of train tokens that would be a good way to use the trading tokens.
So um you can leave the clan. And thats also a good way to rack up your legendarys like level over your legend. Theres actually took me a while to get my level 13 mega night.
I think i left and like i joined many different clans and i just asked for mega knights. And i just kept doing that and yeah. And yeah.
The training cooldown is probably gonna be an annoying part so yeah. Thats how i got my time maxed out my deck. Also you should you should like find a deck that you know youre gonna use for awhile.
Like a good balanced deck. It has like good cards and like its i guess. It doesnt really have to synergize too much but like a good deck and then like if it went when you find out like yes.
I liked that deck. Then you should love what up like my mega knight mega loon deck. I wasnt too smart back then i had the deck actually i modified it obviously but before my deck wasnt like my decker wasnt what is now but i just switched a few cards with some others like i added lightning.
Because its a really good card against like elixir pumps three musketeers all that so yeah. I just switched around and looks like youre probably gonna get the win right here theyre gonna earthquake that way oh my god thats actually so close good game hey i wasnt really talking yeah we want. But it doesnt really matter because we have the bow pass anyways um collect that real quick and also guys if you guys dont know um like to level up.
When you have its like were like level 12 11. If you want to go up a level instead okay upgrade everything you have thats below level. 11 you see right here.

how to level up fast in clash royale-0
how to level up fast in clash royale-0

Um it cost you 50000. Gold to upgrade. This and itll give you 800 like normal points for me.
Its star points. But for you guys that arent level. 13 is normal so its gonna give you 800.
But if you look right here. When you upgrade a level uh tends to 11. It gives you six hundred for twenty two thousand so if you like lets just say double that so its forty thousand and you got a thousand two hundred points.
And thats already more than what you get from upgrading a level 11 card to twelve. So um. If you guys are trying to get up levels um.
Only just try like try to upgrade all the cards from level ten or below. Like you can upgrade from level 10 to 11 level. 9 to 10 level 8 to 9 upgrade.
All that theyre gonna be so much um. Theyre gonna be so much more valued than upgrading your 11s to 12c like right now. Im not really going it blows.
So i can upgrade my ram rider but im saving my for my friend or dragon. So yeah thats gonna be another great way to love what and as you can see i only have one token now because every time um. So like also if you want to farm star points like if you have a max card trade like i just say i have mini pekka like ask for mini pekus and then if they accept it its can theyre gonna give you star points.
Its gonna give you like a thousand. Im not sure i have ten thousand right now im saving up to like star point. My balloon probably and heres an example so im pretty sure my deck used to be this.
Yeah. My deck used to be this. And it wasnt too good cuz.
It one it only had one spell. And i didnt really have like that thats the problem it didnt have big spouse. So when i added in snowball.
Its better cuz like when i put fire spirits down to like support something or to defend. Most of the time they can just zap in time and they can react fast enough and snowball so much better and also stuff like inferno tower or supporting cards when they put down when i put balloon but lightning can be a lot better accept bats can be a bait spell bait and the in compliment minions. But lightning would also be so much better because you can just lightning it so go ahead and open this up and then were gonna hop right into another match collector 3000 gold and every single time i do these because i dont really switch decks anymore.
I just zap the comment and as you can see they gave me. 34 star points. I show you that and after i do that i just keep doing the comments nope.
I didnt get star points there but we got 34 thats actually not too bad and also yeah so if you if you want to go up levels. My if you want is like if you want to go up levels. And you dont really want it like upgrade your cards to get your cards really high.
Then just upgrade the cards that are 10 or below. And yeah. Theyre all the same value like the town.
Were below as gives so much more like xp then um experience or something. Then the level 11. Were above so do any level 10 or below.
Lets hop right to your next battle um. Im just gonna do two more battles. Im gonna end the video.
So yeah actually got a comment uh asking for this video. So im gonna do it thats kind of just the way. I did it i also did kind of before i wouldnt uh also uh.
Theres some pretty value packs that you should probably get if it works really well if its like a really value like the one in the shop. Right now the ten times value that thing is amazing thats like thats really value so. If you have enough gems and you you know like need that you dont have all the cards you need gold get that its amazing its a great pack.
So yeah. Im gonna im just gonna walk through two more battles and then thats pretty much it for how to get higher levels and have a like level up quicker. I have a bill like oh should i also show you how to build a good deck after this battle.

how to level up fast in clash royale-1
how to level up fast in clash royale-1

And ill do one more battle enemy end this video. So yeah. Lets go barbarian huh.
Right here. I was gonna walk through the gameplay right now um lets arrow that goblin barrel. Hes gonna furnish ok.
So i think he know did he give no i dont remember so uh. Were gonna let that through were gonna save up to 10 elixir and then were gonna chip the left side unless he does something about it so if you guys didnt know the supercell they actually nerf the building so the building health. So the lightnings gonna be really useful and i already have my lightning like pretty high level it up so um.
I can probably do pretty well this season. Except im im gonna just play pretty password this season. Im only gonna push up to like 6300 ish.
Maybe 6600 no i try to hit top 1k in the world and like its season or two yeah not really trying too hard right now im just glad i hit 7k last season. I did hit 7k and i dropped. But then i got back up which is good alright.
My arrow that no he might try to keen tower activation nope lets go with nother barbarian hut. Um. Hes packing to go first yeah.
Thats what i would do no yet actually nevermind all right lets keep tripping his left side tower until he does something about it he probably is probably do something yeah bowler. But still gets one ship oh were gonna valkyrie that actually it depends what he does know hes gonna fireball actually i think that bowler goes for that bar behind huh yeah. It does were just gonna go royal giant and and thats probably gonna and after i got squall more hit you know all right i rode johns gonna do work on that right tower while hes ready back to another bowler.
Were gonna put down. Another barbarian hut. Oh yes.
Oh shoot. I did not mean to do that. Oh shoot.
Oh. And then the goblins are just gonna stab at i messed up please go for the goblins to thank you all right i have to arrow down on defense. I dont have arrows for his barbarians anymore all right please get one shot okay.
Thats all thats all im asking for alright. We predict his minions actually we didnt really predict it i just put that um oh. He went for a bowl or so.
Im just gonna do this and uh. The only thing i have to do here kind of is defend. Which i can then he lost good game.
Ill play ya whenever he plays bowler and i put my road giant wizard. I knew for a fact hes probably gonna over commit um anyways yeah we got five dragons alright. Im gonna show you how to build a good deck.
So i dont need this deck. So i want um. When you start making a deck.
I would want like out first think of a wind condition like maybe like balloon maybe like golem like i dont know pekka. I guess that could be a wing condition and out also ill always want supporting troops like before maybe like magic archer wizard. I dont know something like that and i would always have two or more spells.
I wont i know i dont want i like in a in my deck. Personally i dont want only one spell. I dont want like a splash spell and a big spell or out.
I dont know a triple spell. But i dont really want to do that i dont ill always want um a lot of counters for air. Because usually all the counters for air.
Always counts as a ground too so um. Id also want a building like id probably have like i dont know goblin hut gamma huts pretty annoying and for a pecha deck. I guess i probably want a lot of spam ramrod is gonna be really good on defense and offens stuff like bats would work really well as you can see this is definitely not the best deck right here.
Im just gonna i just gonna build a really quick deck um. This can actually work pretty well in a ladder. Anyone on you know that one all right i just quickly built a deck.

how to level up fast in clash royale-2
how to level up fast in clash royale-2

Not sure if its gonna work well probably. Not lets actually up get a ram right to level 12 um since we got ya bats is gonna be work really well its actually a really heavy deck so if you guys want a cheaper deck um. I wasnt i would do like if you dont want like a wind condition you just want a bunch of spam that that also will probably work firecrackers an annoying card some cards i dont think you should use it i dont think mirrors should really be used too much um.
I personally dont really use clone. I dont sorry i wouldnt really use earthquake cause. Its kind of dead now i wouldnt i guess rural delivery got a buff.
So i can use that and i really dont use bandit or anything. So um. Yeah.
Lets hop into one more battle and after this battle. Im just gonna walk through gameplay and im gonna end the video. So its actually taped to skeleton army.
Yeah. Im gonna take dart goblin. Oh.
Yeah. I think the firecrackers so much more annoying. I collect you alex ten.
Gave me elite barbs im just gonna do this julie does she probably gonna guards in the middle. Yeah i mean thats what you should have done oh wait is it deployed i faster nope shes at that raw recruit like the splash. When he came down it didnt more than half health to the witch.
Wow. Thats amazing um. He just used the fireball.
I know yes oh shoot that wasnt accident joe firecracker in the back. I dont know if hes out split the hogs all right looks like were gonna get a little bit of damage. Oh sure you got a king tower activation.
I wasnt paying attention. Were gonna do this oh you gotta be kidding me right yes snowball so i dont really want it rode on its gonna get three hits that dargah. I was gonna get like two or three hits.
If he doesnt do anything alright got cigarettes. Were gonna do a leap barbs cuz hes gonna have guards wait that doesnt mean oh no my guess is king tower. Activates.
Thats gonna be really annoying uh. Lets go fire crack your left lane. I slapped that oh wow.
That actually this might do a bit of work. Lets go dark goblin right side to support okay. Were doing our island damage not too bad.
I really hate that delay for the road crew all right. Were gonna start up an eagle and push you go all the lee barbs. If i rage.
Were gonna do this so you cant really get fireball value all right so thats gonna kill the skeletons. I havent used my uh. He is fireball.
Okay. Oh. No he just uses snowball wait a second.
No you might fireball that. But if he fireball said imma go. Royal hogs here well he did fireball that he has guards uh.
What do i want to do im gonna go split lane right here. Oh just want snowball guy is he gonna go he doesnt have enough four guards and were gonna take the victory good game well played thumbs up you havent lost yet um. Thats gonna be it for this video.
Hopefully you helped you guys not too sure if it did. But um thank you all so much for watching. And ill see on the next video music music.

how to level up fast in clash royale-3
how to level up fast in clash royale-3

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