How To Level Up Faster In Phantom Forces 2020 ! How To Get More Kills In Phantom Forces 2020!

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Is going on guys. Its my career back another video so for today guys guys were doing some phantom forces tips and tricks on how to get better how to get more kills in phantom forces 2020. So that being said guys im gonna run some old like footage here i dont know i found this in my folders cut.
Its kind of cool. I dont know if you guys remember slide shawnee. If you guys remember slide.
Shouting let me know in the comments down below. Though that was like a lot of fun thats when phantom was like at its peak and it was so much fun playing by like now. Ive seen like the most like oh.
Geez. They pretty much left are not the most oh geez v. Oh geez of the game they pretty much left the game and went to all their games.
Because phantom is just not the same anymore if you guys agree and just think that phantom like changed. A lot let me also know in the comments down below guys. But with that being said lets get started with this video also be sure you guys join the discord in the description down below turn on post notifications and subscribe for more content guys let me know if you guys want to see phantom forces content.
Because i havent made one in a long time and i dont know i could go back into phantom. Few if you guys do want but let me know in the comments down below or im gonna hide this core server so with that being said lets get on with this also this background gameplay is also old i believe this is with me and them for getting a hundred kills when i did the hundred kills challenge with like most guns and yeah. I dont know like i said found it in my old folder so that being said lets gonna on with the video now alright guys so for our first tip.
Its actually the gun selection that youre gonna be using. And what type of comes to use i seen this having a lot of comments on my old videos of phantom. They always ask what weapons do you want to use there was asked what weapons should i use and like whats the best weapon in the game will tell you guys the truth.
There is like no best weapon in the game. I dont know what like who made that i dont know its not its not like any other game phantom force. This is a game.
Where its like you could be good you could be good at literally any single gun that you desire. But it just just comes down for your skill. And i guess some guns do help you improve your skill.
But having one gun doesnt make you automatically good like you cant just be a ring zero and pick up a conde badger cuz. I dont know why everyone thinks the honey badger.

how to level up fast in phantom forces-0
how to level up fast in phantom forces-0

So mopey gun that was the norm at first and time to lake. Ive been using this thing for like three years two years and literally. Its only blowing up like last year.
But not i think it died off now boy try to stick to guns that youre actually like comfy using dont dont try to switch up your game. Youre like style or anything. Like that just because you see other people getting kills with their guns.
Just because its working for them doesnt mean. Its gonna work for you guys if youre a player that likes to play aggressive always push them to respond you like small maps ill get into like what kind of months youre gonna choose later if i like if your type of player that plays very aggressive likes to go in first shotgun is the way to go or you want to go for like carbon. Guns like honey.
Badger im 41 on g36 thats from 3 am. The whole whole list is there if you guys want to see it. But you dont want to be walking in there with a sniper unless youre good with the sniper that close range.
But if you know if youre lying to yourself that youre good with this knife and you only put up like 10 kills. Im just come on boys cant be lining yourself like that like if youre a very mobile player. And you like moving around a lot or you like playing objective if youve specially like playing objective go for like lmgs and like big machine guns and just hold the place down.
If you want cuz place. I killed like this map could be perfect for like like i say for example that im 60. I is looks like a big machine gun and like rpk for example those are the guns youd want to use if youre like a type of player cannot go in the respondent just hold and play objective.
Its playing objective does also give you a lot of xp and helps you rank up because they did do a buff with xp and you do or not yeah. Xp gained from doing objective now so like capture the flag flare domination. I remember when flair domination was so pointless.
But now they made a buff to that if you actually play up the points. So another good tip with flair domination is if you know some guys go for the objective. Let them take it and then just take it right back.
So you get that xp for actually gaining the control point or whatever you want to call it if you think yeah if theres like ten of them theyre just go for kill. So this is just one guy you know you can take out like try to like run away. And come back like five seconds later just kill him and then like to take the point thats sometimes i would i do i know someones capturing their point.
Ill let them capture so they get xp. I dont care but im gonna ask me i just want my xp and i come back to get the kill and extra xp from capture the point so thats a little tip for you guys there and like i said going back to guns.

how to level up fast in phantom forces-1
how to level up fast in phantom forces-1

If you also want you walter cohen and you could play around with some guns. But the only problem is credit. So you could just if you dont cover your ktar just toss out guns guys take a couple of rounds play off the gun and see what youre good with and experiment.
There cuz watching videos on the on what gun you should be using thats not really the best thing to do because you have a different playing style from the person actually doing the video. So you dont want to be exactly copying them. Although they do have some tricks that you could probably like copy and become better.
But most likely youre gonna have to experiment with yourself and figure out what guns you should be using. So lets move on the next. So for this next tip.
Its map selection and its game mode so in my opinion. I hate big maps like blizzard is such known opposite. Whats the mount moriah.
Well. Izzard is okay to you. But mirage is the map.
Diet like literally despise. I dont wonder sin. How you guys like that map.
Its too big of a map to gain more than like 70 kills maybe like 3040 okay. But like if youre trying to actually rank up if were coming better youre gonna be aiming for 70 kill those 60 kills guys mirage is just too big of a map to not be able to like clump up the enemies. Until one spot a map like metro is so perfect.
Because its such a small map and theyre spawning everywhere. Which is easy for you to get kills if its a big map were not gonna be finding people like rapidly youre gonna be finding them like one every like 10 seconds or daleks pretty good whenever youre like 20 30. Seconds.
Thats not thats not good enough at times. You to run out so stick to maps that are very small so you want to be looking at like crane site metro. A warehouse desert storm thats a good one and some some maps actually do have a good king of hill to because map like metro.
King of hill is really good. Highway law has a good king of villa to itll draw everyone in into the middle.

how to level up fast in phantom forces-2
how to level up fast in phantom forces-2

And if you guys want track hearing up with friends. I when i mean my queueing up just play with friends. So you get the map that you want cuz.
Most likely. People dont really own the game modes and especially the gamers. I dont know why they dont but they just vote the map.
But most likely youll get the map you if you play with like two three friends and theyll help the vote count go to the map in your favor. So youll have that and it could also help with the gun youre using too it can help with less say youre using a sniper. Maybe you are good with a sniper using a close friend should actually help you log.
Because if you learn how to use a close range you become so deadly because you got the headshot bonus for using a sniper along with using a four inch to using it because of our shot. You do get it more xp. But for the game woods guys try using slayer capture the flag but if you are gonna choose captions like i actually go for the flag dont just play defense because if you capture that flag itll give you a lot of xp.
But most likely i usually get my xp from actually just killing in most game. One. So you dont need to worry about game woods.
Unless. Youre not a person whos not that great at killing. You can also just capture some flare points on flare domination king of hill for example.
And whats it called capture the flag like i said before so that being said thats it for game modes and mobs because theres not much you could say about it the maps they do have a role in if youre gonna play good in it or not so like i said just play with friends it makes a lot more fun to to play fan of my shirt. Grinding it solo it does get boring and you will get bored of phantom. So i highly recommend try try making it fun for you guys so when you do try grinding up the phantom force well its not really like youre grinding phantom forces because for me like i didnt really come on to grind phantom.
I just came on to have fun. And when youre having fun and with friends and stuff you just end up doing well. And its a good experience.
If youre trying to look for some people to play with you can also join my district or theres always people looking to play some games like phantom blackhawk cbt c3. All that stuff. So yeah.
Because a lot of people think oh hi rank. He played a lot.

how to level up fast in phantom forces-3
how to level up fast in phantom forces-3

Well. That is sometimes the case with some high rank. So there are some high ranks that actually like are good at the game youll and you can notice that from the scoreboard.
But if you see like a high rank struggling thats just because they played a lot or something happened to them i dont know. But thats pretty much it guys. Im gonna run the gameplay in the background and youll see me hit 100 kills with this m4.
Which is pretty cool. If you want to see me release. Some other old footage or me.
Hitting 100 kills. With some other guns let me know and thats about it it did help you be sure you guys leave a comment down below. If you do if you do have any questions i dont know why im stumbling so stole my god stumbling so much you could also leave her in the comments down below.
Ill be replying to mostly every single comment. I dont know if you guys realize. Ive tried my best to or at least harder.
Thats the least. I could do so that being said hopefully you guys enjoyed it and ill see you guys. In the next.
One. Music. Music.
Music. Music. Music.
Music. Music. Music.
Music. Music music. Applause music music.

how to level up fast in phantom forces-4
how to level up fast in phantom forces-4

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