How To Make Your Craftsman Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Go Faster with Taryl

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Can help you with them always there thats okay cuz i aint got got no money and grandma renoir motors broke im mobile low around little fix guy dont worry sir terrell is gonna help me out terrible. Knows it all whos the fed tyrell. Ive never heard of him first of all thats terrell.
Not terrell. How do you know who terrell is terrell does youtube videos. See he fixes everything more related.
Well. Thats ball crown is giving away all the secrets. They need to find this terrell and put this nonsense to a stop.
Hes gonna put me out of business carper dont even start all right. I know what im doing i know it dont start. That is that that can i help you serve yeah youre there to wrap.
I dont appreciate what youve been doing first of all my name is terrell. Not terrell secondly. I dont appreciate you coming in my shop and not appreciating.
What ive been doing and i dont even know what youre talking about im mobile mower right. I fix mullahs on the fly. And i dont appreciate you giving away all the secrets on the internet.
Oh im sorry mobile. More ram. Maybe ill quit giving away all the secrets on that your screen down come.
Here. Youre going to be mobile in a few minutes. Pterodactyl hair.
And todays how to is going to be how to get a little bit more speed out of your foot operated hydro. You know some of these tractors over time they start to slow down and then youre like how do i give my speed out of it i dont like it to go a little bit faster. So im going to show you how to get some more speed out of it were not going to get nascar speed out of it were just going to get a little bit more speed.
But the first thing were going to do is im going to show you a couple of tests to do to make sure that the transmission isnt bad and then im going to show you what i did to get it to go a little bit quicker. Well jump you jump first thing. Were going to do is were going to test the transmission to make sure the belt isnt bad or the trans is bad.
So. What youre going to want to do is get up against some kind of stationary object so you can test it make sure wheel spin now you dont want to damage your hood or miss.

how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster-0
how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster-0

The front of your tractor hood. So im just going up against these blocks. Here.
So here. We go okay test that test. Okay now say i did that test.
And then wheels it and spin. Two things could be bad you might have a bad belt or you might not have enough tension on the belt now the way this tractor works is when you push this brake pedal down the belt gets loose and then when you let off the belt gets tight and it drives the tractor now not all hydros work that way some of them the belts tight all the time. But on these craftsmens thats how it works.
When you push this down the belts loose. So another trick you can do is pull back on this and make sure you got enough tension maybe that spring is stretch that puts the tension on the belt or maybe the belt is warm. So you might want to check the belt.
So thats the first two things i do make sure you got enough traction and then check the belt and then do this test again if you put a new belt on. But i know the problem with this tractor is it wasnt going fast enough this got a new belt on it and it was spinning empire. Oh hey.
I just having a cold beverage. All right now what i think it happened on this tractor is theres a rod that goes from here to the transmission. And its got a bunch of bends in it and i think what happened is some of the bends had come out so its not getting the full travel that it needs.
Its a pain in the kiester to take that right out and probably bend some bends in it to shorten it up so. What i did is i come up with a quicker easier way if you got a wizard wheel and a diamond bit too to cutting in and get it this thing to to go a little faster. Hello.
There here. We are underneath. The tractor isnt it cozy under here alright enough of that nonsense.
This pedal has two bolts in it you can loosen these two bolts in this and you can adjust this this here. I already did that and this thing still drove slow. But thats another thing you can check loosen these bolts raise it all the way up and tighten them down that may be your problem.
Too you just got to get you know you need it a little bit more throw on it so i did that in it and it still drove slow so then i had to take it apart and im going to show you what i did to get it to go fast to remove. These puddles. Theres two nuts.
11. 16.

how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster-1
how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster-1

Just take these two nuts off and then we get these fell off pedals out of the way pillows. I almost call them pillows. Get these pedals out of the way and then ill show you where i did the grinding.
Okay. I got the reverse pedal moved out of the way. So you can see this is that rod this is for two forward and as you can see its got a quick pin on it where you can take this out now.
What i did is i took. My tool here with the carbide tip in it and if you dont have one of these i dont know maybe you could use a file or something. But what i did was there was some you know this tunnel would hit and then it would stop it wouldnt go any further.
So. What i did is i ground it all the way to the edge here to give it about a quarter or a half inch more of travel. But then what that did was this little bump here started hitting on the on the foot pad.
So then i had to make a little adjustment. There well let me take this quick pin out then you can see it a little better. Then this rod comes out and then i got this pedal off.
See. What i did this metal here was back here. So i just took this and grounded and just made this bigger.
So that would travel farther that was the easiest way to do and then these pedals were a little sloppy and they got these plastic shim washers in there so i found some thin axle washers. I found some of them i had my junk drawer and i put them in there. And kind of shim.
Them pedals up because you can see where this is all war. And it kind of took something that slop out of them pedals there so now im going to put this all back together. Were going to go up top and im going to show you what i did there all right another thing when you go to reassemble these pedals make sure this little block here gets a bump you know thats where your forward reverse.
And theres a little adjustment on here for the reverse you may not have to mess with that but if you want to you can move that a little bit you might get reversed to go a little bit faster. Okay now after i did that then i noticed when i push on the pedal. This little dogleg and this pedal here was hitting the floorboard and then it was still keeping it from moving so then i picked up the floorboard and then i took my wizard wheel and i ground this out so it had some room and then that way when you put the floorboard back on it covers that where i chopped it up.
But then when you push on it the rubber is going to give and if you want you could trim that rubber away too and then the speed picked up from what it drove originally because it didnt drive very fast even though. It had a new belt and all that stuff on there so theres a quick little fix. And if you want to get a little bit more speed out of your craftsman tractor and as always your dinner so whats this huh this thousands of good gaskets in here look at all these gaskets.
Oh uh oh. Theres some that can eat in here. Whats that always oh whats a nice those are something strong now hopefully thats the last goes out of seal mobile mower ron that guy shows a motor on all right .

how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster-2
how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster-2

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