How to make your Mustang FASTER without Boost!

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You want to go fast right music. Very shortly and before i do that i i want to make every single video. I can alright.
We are finally home nows get back on track on how to make your car go fast so my number one mod if you want your car going fast is of course telling the mind or the the tune for the car to go faster. It is as simple as that these cars out of the factory have so much potential themselves ford limits these cars for warranty. Reasons regulations.
Laws and just to make the car last longer. So ford leaves a lot on the table to grab here and with the tuner you can unleash all of that power dont even think about modding your engine put without getting yourself. A handheld tuner.
I have the sct x4 tuner here in my hand. And this is the brains of the full car just do me one favor. Please data log and send your revisions to bama toledo to any tuner out there so that they can fix your car when they send you a tune.
It is not done you have to go ahead and put in work you have to data log your car you have to record you have to send them back and they will give you around three to five revisions to get your car correct no single car is alike all cars are different you will have to do it so now that we got done talking about the best mod. The tuner. Lets go ahead and talk about the second best mod.
There are three components to an engine that gains power for mustangs in particular you have your cold air intake. You have the throttle body and then you have the intake manifold all which control the amount of air that goes inside carr. The number two best mod that you could go ahead and do to gain the most power is to get a cold air intake.
I recommend the jlt series 3. Because that is the biggest it gains the most power and its just overall the best thus if i were to refer a second company definitely be the airaid cold air intakes. Because those are also really good so glt and the air.
A definitely recommend for a cold air intake. Purchased a lot of people cheap out and go down the road that benefits their wallets. The most i totally understand im with you on that but getting a cold air intake.
Even though it says no tune. Required is going to hurt your carb alright. Take this into consideration.
Imagine you had the stock cold air intake. Peter knows exactly how much air to suck in when the engine brings in the air. It also allows the right amount of fuel to get inside with that amount of air now picture this put in a cold air intake that does not need a tune.
Most likely the cane and filters which a lot of people do have which is a bigger cold air intake bigger cold air intake. More air so putting more air into the engine. While your engine is still supplying the same amount of fuel to the smaller filter will make your car run lean and that is not what you want because your car is so used to adding fuel to the right amount of air adding more air and not correcting.
The fuel. Which a tune will do there for you is complete disaster you will actually be losing horsepower. If you add more air than fuel.
And that is my opinion on quarter intakes with no tune dont think about spending 200 to 400 on a cold air intake and actually lose power just save up for the money get a tune with it and then you will see the increase of 30 horsepower. Which is the biggest among all boltons alright now that we finished with the cold air intake.

how to make my 4.6 mustang faster-0
how to make my 4.6 mustang faster-0

We still have the throttle body and we have the intake manifold two big mods that we need for air. Personally. I went to go with the intake manifold next over the throttle body.
Just because the gains are higher with the intake manifold. Yes. There is multiple different options for intake manifolds out.
There i actually kept the stock intake man with the steed charge motion control plates. Which do not have the little flaps which increases. The air flow.
Which is going to be perfect when i install the procharger stage 2 depending on what year your car is will depend on what intake manifolds are available. But definitely i would hit up the intake manifold next of course with a tune and then last. But not least for the air factor.
I would definitely increase your throttle body. I personally have the bbk 62 millimeter. Throttle.
Body air mods to the car. Which brought me 70 horsepower to the wheel. The next thing that you should work on which i really do recommend is your exhaust music applause my exhaust long tube headers shorty x pipe and a routing screen essentially its a straight pipe.
Which is what you want you want that nice flow from an engine out to exhaust. Dont really want a catalytic converter. Really mufflers to stop the airflow coming out through your car.
Having that straight pipe just makes things so much smoother and adds power now when working with exhaust. You have your headers. Which go up to about like right there right under your feet.
Then you have the mid pipe. Which goes about mid car and then you have your catback and then your axle back to get the most power out of your exhaust. The closest you get to your engine.
The more power. So you got the headers which gives about 10 to 15 wheel. You have the catalytic converters which if you take those off maybe five if youre lucky.
And then you have everything else was just frees up power. It doesnt really add moving from the front to the back is how youre gonna be making that power dont expect huge gains from exhaust. The biggest games you will get is long tube headers alright.
So lets go ahead and take about my next favorite month and i recommend for you guys. And that is your gearing ratio. I currently have the 410.
Gears they rock do you have a mustang thats not a 50. Get for 10 turns trust me.

how to make my 4.6 mustang faster-1
how to make my 4.6 mustang faster-1

Its going to increase your warrior top speed. But thats what you want been out on race. You want to increase your speed.
Which is what the torque does one of the things i really hate is having all the power and no control of all that power spinning. Its not winning so lets talk about putting all of that power to the ground talking about traction. Which is my new favorite thing about cars putting all your power to the wheels.
Where it belongs instead of wheel hopping or spinning out or anything like that helps your car get off the line a lot quicker and stay up front personally i have the bmr lower control arms the bmr rear upper control arms. Add the sr performance springs and the coney shock and the sr performance panhard bar those mods are incredible. Thats the full setup that you can do back here.
There are other upgrades like the sway bar. Which i will eventually do and i highly recommend the setup. But i know that suspension is difficult to install and kind of pricey.
So if you guys are picking out and choosing which months to go with i would definitely go with the springs. The pan arab bar. Which those are you kind of have to get both if youre gonna lower your car and definitely the bmr lower control arms those mods will transform your rear suspension where all your power is going to and put it all to the wheels.
Now lets go ahead and talk about wheels. So these are my old wheels. These are the 17 by 8 rims 35 by 55 on again 17 rims.
This is what i was rocking before when i had these i was spinning like no other street tires are not the best for racing and going fast. I highly recommend upgrade to a tire that can actually handle all of that power. What i am sitting on are the knit ont triple v.
G2 s. 295 s. By 40 sitting on 18 inch rims have you guys are looking are in the department for tires.
Because that is a life changer. I highly recommend nitto my second recommendation are mickey thompsons as well as the michelin pilot super sport those are like the best so those three those will grip the road like no other and send you flying another thing. I recommend you doing before going racing is heat up your tires.
Just do a little burnout and then they will stick a lot better than if its gold weight reduction. So if you want to go fast. You have to take out all of the excess weight on your mustang no spare tire youre saving yourself about 20 pounds right there moving side of the interior.
I took out the rear seats put myself in a rear seat delete kit save myself about 30 pounds right there also i know that these seats are kind of heavy as well plan on taking my passenger seat out next time i race just to see that difference as well as the drive shaft on these mustangs are pretty heavy. I also plan on switching to the aluminum or carbon fiber driveshaft that is gonna save you lots of weight. But try taking as much weight as you can from your mustang.
The next one i want to go ahead and talk about that actually surprised me to the fullest is your shifter. Most likely your shifter is stuck with those long throws. I personally have the barton short throw shifter which includes about a 40 less throw drag racing my car i found out that every millisecond counts honestly it does go on from first second third to four can arguably add up to a quarter of a second which is a half distance to a car every second counts last point.
I want to go ahead and mention to you is practice practice practice because practice makes perfect learn your car know which rpms launched at no the limits of your car know what your car can handle because theres no other mod better than the driver mod and that is all i have for you today fellas if you want your car follow these simple steps to body or claw so with that im gonna leave you with a little downshift and music every. .

how to make my 4.6 mustang faster-2
how to make my 4.6 mustang faster-2

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