How to Replace an Outdoor Swing Canopy

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Were going to show you how to an outdoor swings canopy this simple rectangular canopy does not include a balance. And it has cording that slides in a channel in a rail. The first step is to remove the canopies rails from the frame of the swing.
Weve already done this now were going to talk about measuring and fabric selection. This is the old fabric you can tell the fabric is inferior in fact it did not do well in the sun. At all the bottom side is darker.
While the outside surface is completely faded and the sun also caused it to rot there are end caps on the rail simply remove those then there are sleeves that contain a sling cording. We just pull the fabric out with this link cording is still in the sleeves. Now were gonna lay the fabric out flat on a tabletop or a floor.
We will actually pull it taut using oils and well pound the oils into our tabletop. If you dont want to do this get a second helper to help you take measurements. We are being sure that the fabric is pulled nice and tight so that we can take accurate measurements.
Were measuring from edge to edge here we get 58 and a half inches. Well want to confirm that on the other side. If your old canopy did not fit well on the frame in other words.
It may have stretched you may want to make modifications to these measurements this canopy sits flat on the table. It has no hallow on the edges in no shape. So its just a simple rectangle measuring the sleeve for the sling cord looks like they made it about an inch and a half.
Were gonna just go with an inch. Thats sufficient and on the him on the side they went to about 3 4. Were gonna go an inch.
There as well so write those measurements down and add one inch twice to each one of those measurements for our hem. So. Our totals are 45 inches.

how to measure for replacement swing canopy-0
how to measure for replacement swing canopy-0

By 60 and 1 2. Inches. The sides that contain the cording have been labeled as rope to pick your fabric.
Visit. The sailrite website and hover over fabric. Then go to outdoor living fabric and select outdoor covers here you will find most of the popular premium fabrics that have worked great for a canopy like this for our swing for this canopy.
Were using top notch 9 fabric available from sailrite for deep rich colors or even stripes. Choose some brella fabric also available from sailrite now that weve selected the fabric that we want to use its time to cut the fabric to size. We selected a top notch 9 fabric available from sailrite.
It will last for years and not rotten fade. Like the other fabric. Did we struck along the cut edge with a straight line and have used the sailrite hot knife to cut along that line now were transferring our marks to the fabric that we wrote down on paper.
And we are using the clear acrylic ruler to mark the fabric. With our chalk pencil here top notch 9. Fabric cuts beautifully with a hot knife.
And the edges. Dont typically unravel once. Its been cut with a hot knife.
That way we can create a single hem rather than a double hem around the perimeter. The chalk marks come off of the fabric easily with a wet rag. The sailrite edge hotknife heats up in about 3 seconds.
And cools down in about a minute on the underside of our fabric. We have the tempered cutting glass for hot knife. Which helps to protect the tabletop and also makes for a smooth surface for the hot knife to glide upon and because its glass it transfers all the heat to the fabric so we get nice clean crisp edges if you dont have the sailrite tempered cutting glass you can cut on top of a metal ruler as well or use the included cutting foot with the edge hotknife next.
Well create hems and sleeves for the cording now that our rectangle is cut to size. Were going to place marks. That are 2 inches from the raw edge of the fabric to do this were using the sailrite canvas patterning ruler.

how to measure for replacement swing canopy-1
how to measure for replacement swing canopy-1

Weve placed our chalk in the 2 inch hole of the patterning ruler in are running the metal edge along the edge of the fabric to make a mark thats 2 inches. From the cut edge. Then well use seamstick basting tape.
Part number 129 and baste it very close to the raw edge of the fabric. We want to first baste the edges that do not contain a rope. So both the long edges for our canopy to help adhere the basting tape well to the top notch 9 fabric.
Were using this area canvas patterning ruler and pressing down on it this helps to secure it well then well peel off the transfer paper revealing the double sided tape. Now we simply fold the fabric up to the line that we struck on the material and crease. It once the hem is created were gonna use the sailrite canvas patterning ruler increase it very well and this also helps to stick the double sided tape to the fabric.
We did not show creating the him for the second long edge. But it was done in the same manner now were working on the short edges. These are the edges.
That will contain the rope and that mark is two inches away from the edge just like it was on the long edges. Well peel off the transfer paper. And we will create our single hem.
Which is actually going to be a sleeve for the sling cording or rope. We leave these edges for last. So that we have an opening at the end to insert our sling cording.
Well do the exact same thing to the second short side then were gonna mark it rope. Its really sling cord. But rope is same sort of reference to that and well mark the are on the other side as well so we know what sides will contain the sling cording.
We take it to the sewing machine. And we wanna sew. The sleeve ends first in other words.
The short ends thatll contain the sling cording and we do some reversing at the beginning here to lock our stitch in place. Were gonna be using the deluxe five and a half inch magnetic sewing guide here it works like a fence on a table salt to keep our stitch. Nice and straight.

how to measure for replacement swing canopy-2
how to measure for replacement swing canopy-2

This straight stitch is about 3 4. Of an inch away from the folded edge of the fabric this sailrite ultrafeed lsz. 1.
Sewing machine is a straight stitch zigzag sewing machine and its set up in the industrial sewing table at work for several motor package. It has extreme slow speed control and power at the end do some reversing to lock your stitch in place. We flipped the panel around and are now the other short side.
This is the other short side that forms a sleeve for the sling courting following the same exact procedure. We are sewing this with the size number 20 needle and sailrite lifetime guaranteed thread formerly known as profilin now on the long sides. We want to follow that same procedure.
But we do not want to sew the end of the sleeve shut so im starting my stitch right where i started sewing and do some reversing there as well and then was so down the long sides in the same manner. The sailrite lifetime thread is a little bit expensive if you dont want to spend the money on a lifetime guaranteed thread. You may want to use b92 polyester thread.
Available from sailrite as well now here when we get to the stitches that on the other side that contain the sleeve. We want to stop sewing right at the stitches and do some reversing so that sleeve end is still open will insert the sling cording and then install the canopy. Well be using the old sling cording from the old canopy and inserted in the sleeves of the new canopy.
If you need new sling cording. You can find it at sailrite. Now we can run the cording in the channels of the rails that support this canopy.
These rails have a curve to help give the canopy top some shape and hopefully help water to run off the edges of the canopy you should notice that the hems are facing down away from the sun. Now well just simply slide the end caps back on to the ends of the rails and our canopy is complete all we need to do is install it on our sling swing. Well reinstall it with the hardware that came with the swing.
And now your canopy top is complete up next is a materials list and the tools that we use to make this canopy. The sailrite carries a large selection of outdoor cover and awning fabrics. You can check it out at the sailrite website this style of canopy is easy to make for a swing.
However the ones with balances are a little bit more difficult we have a video covering how to do those as well click. It here. We also have a video showing how to make the sling fabric for a swing click the link above.
Its your loyal patronage to sailrite that makes these free videos available. Im eric grant and from all of us here at sailrite thanks for watching. .

how to measure for replacement swing canopy-3
how to measure for replacement swing canopy-3

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