How to Sell Items on the Steam Marketplace

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And welcome to low budget gaming and in this video. I wanted to show you you how you can sell items on the steam marketplace now most of you already this but recently. Ive had a few people ask me people who are new to steam and who havent sold items before so i just wanted to make a quick basics video showing you how its done you would need to have a steam account obviously and some items in your inventory to sell and you would need the steam app on your smartphone you can get there from the google play store you need to log in to both places.
Now first head over to your inventory. And well find an item to sell item items. So these are some of the trading cards that i have for some of the games.
Also there are items from specific games. Like bob g. Has a lot of great so in try selling some of those as well so out of this lets pick this card.
This is lady stephanie of town burg. This is from kingdom come deliverance and as you can see this card is currently on sale for 9 rupees 9 rupees. Would be about 12 13 cents roughly so lets put this one on sale so it clicked sell and you have to pick a price whether you want how much you just want to receive or how much you want to sell it for so.
Lets say we put it for lets say a fogies so if i put it for 8. Ill get 697 so maybe lets just round it to seven now steam takes a small cut and the game takes a small cut. So its roughly about 15 percent less than 15.

how to sell pubg items on steam-0
how to sell pubg items on steam-0

So about five of it goes to steam and 10 of 10 percent goes to the game itself. So you can agree here and put the card up for sale. Now.
The percentage is not exactly. 15 and the way it works is lets say you are selling something for 100. If you were to receive a hundred for it you would sell it for hundred and fifteen.
So it doesnt mean that if you sell item 400. You would get 85 out of it its a little less than that you will still get about 87. Something so its about thirteen point something percent to be exact lets see if we can find a few more items you can sell them to this card here chadwin of the encounter this card is selling for 584 rupees about nine cents.
So we put this up as well so well put this for five. I agree now when it says agreed next step is to confirm it on your mobile app. Ill do that once im done making all the cars that i need to sell and lets sell one of the crates from properties well.
I have a lot of press and most of them on our suleiman. These desperado crates. They are worthless right now so and hold onto them.

how to sell pubg items on steam-1
how to sell pubg items on steam-1

But ill sell one of these survival traits. So this is going for twenty two and a bit so about thirty five cents. So well put it for lets say twenty three lets make it twenty one just to make sure it sells so this is the price that you are setting it doesnt mean it will sell immediately while this is the price that is currently on right now.
So ive put three items next step is ill go over to my phone and run from it so here we are on my phone as you can see ive got certain apps here i click on steam and itll open up the friends list etc. So we open up the confirmation. We need to go into confirmations and well see the three items that we listed here.
So we have the survivor grade. The encounter trading card. And the lady stephanie card from kingdom.
Come deliverance. So. The prices are set.
And it also shows in brackets. How much ill receive after the cut from steam and the game. So.

how to sell pubg items on steam-2
how to sell pubg items on steam-2

All you need to do is just select take them and click confirm selected and thats it the cards are now listed on the marketplace. So i can go into my market and see if the cars are still listed or theyre sold now as you can see the encounter card is still here. But the other two are sold.
So if we click my market history. Youll see the survivor crate is sold to buyer is two seven seven zero three six four one seven somebody and i got 1832 so this is just over 30 cents. I would say and probably just under actually and then lady stephanie has sold seven and somebody bought it as well.
So thats how easy it is to sell the items on the steam market missing and buying is even easier you dont even need to confirm anything so yeah. Thats a quick look for anybody who is new to steam. Now if you are very new to steam.
You will need to have the app installed and you need to use the app for seven days before you can buy and sell items instantly what they do initially is if you dont have an app or if you just started using an app. You need they will put a hold on your trades for fifteen days. So to be cold once you have used their for seven days.
Then you can buy and sell instantly. So that is the only requirement for first time users. But if you are using it for a while then you wont have that problem so yep so hopefully.
That was useful to someone and thank you for watching see you in the next one .

how to sell pubg items on steam-3
how to sell pubg items on steam-3

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