How To Store Cigars Without A Humidor: Effective Short-Term Storage

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Welcome to the spoken tutorial on how to store cigars. Without humidor music. Hello.
My my name is paul anthony and im cp and today. Were exploring a that we get asked many many times and one that i actually see happen a lot to people where they get given an occasional cigar and not really a cigar smoker. But then they know that they should be storing cigars.
But they dont really know what to do how to do it what store in a cigar actually means and even what probably a humidor is so first off. You know cigars should ideally be stored. You know mid sixty percent relative humidity.
So sometimes the ambient outside humidity can be that or sometimes it can be way lower. So then we explore what is a humidor what a humidor. What we see it as is basically a microclimate where youre keeping anything stored.
In this case. Cigars. A particular relative humidity and or temperature.
Thats ideal for that particular item in question. So for cigars. Theyve people throw around the seventy percent raw wood to seventy seventy rule which is seventy percent are age seventy percent seventy degrees fahrenheit.
Twenty. Selfish yeah so you can go up and down a little bit preferably down it is better to store at sixty five sixty five then say 75 or 80. But anyway.
So now were kind of set the scene of like youve got some cigars youre in a pinch. Now these methods are technically recommended like weve got many videos below where weve got you know best cheap humidor option. How to best value for money how to build a tough a door in this example.
But just so youre given a cigar like this girl code for example. You dont have the ability to smoke it if its in the cellophane leave it in the cellophane. So.
The cellophane is gonna create an additional barrier to reduce any moisture exchange. So first off if youve got a cigar in the cellophane leave it in they have youve got none of the things you see on the table.

how to store cigars without a humidor-0
how to store cigars without a humidor-0

The best thing to do is store in a cool dry place such as like a drawer in your desk or kitchen or even in the basement thats probably like the bare minimum thing you do dont leave it in sunlight. Dont take the set off you thats probably step one now in mind that the seller is not airtight. So there will be moisturized and will lose moisture over time so that on its own wont do the trick.
This is actually kind of fun getting this video. Its like we were thinking about okay. What were gonna do so like the next step.
But before most people will have would be like a dip lock bag. So you know if youve got ziploc bags at home. These arent actually airtight surprisingly they will create a two way moisture system.
But you know again this is all youve got in the house and the next best thing to do is seal this up remove as much air as possible you know and put that again in a cool dark environment. And thats going to be kind of your next. Best option.
There good how long do you think me good for whatever again it depends on the outside forces. So like here in philadelphia. In the summer.
You know humidity. Reagan brinkley gets and stays above 70 outside so the inside humidity may be 50. So youre not gonna be putting much strain on this so you might go to store them for weeks.
Or even a couple of months oh well but in the winter when it gets very very dry. You might have like in a matter of like a few days again im not sure again of the exact moisture exchange from a ziploc. I know bovada make humidor bags that have a whats it called am very laminates of plastic so what he said battery of having a of plastic huge sail reduces moisture stains and the enclosure.
Its a very heavy duty zip. Whereas these are just snap. Theyre not theyre not gonna be airtight either.
Its not gonna be as efficient as these boger. The ones that are made before cigars so its another its another class. The other option.
We thought about again we were just on the fly like then if im somewhere and i dont have my travel humidor. I dont have my wooded numa door or my bogota packs like were thinking what could we use the next thing we thought we could use it would probably be around everyones house would be plastic wrap.

how to store cigars without a humidor-1
how to store cigars without a humidor-1

So then like cellophane you can just wrap this around the cigars again cool dry place hopefully. It sticks another option. We thought about was using any sort of glass container pop the cigars in again put in plastic wrap over so basically the general theme of this is to create an edge.
I seal to lock whatever. Moisture and whatever relative humidities. Our cigars are currently out to try and keep them in that same position.
Were not adding any humidification exchange. The next kind of thing you may have in the house would be what shawl has so youd have a tougher door tupperware sorry like this if you have a small one this is great this is a size of a cigar. So you can just pop them in there.
And theyd be okay for a. While if you got a larger one it was great about these is that theyve got rubber seals. Theyre gonna give you a much better airtight seal than this youll have a lot less humidity humidity exj.
We also have these like pyrex kind of sapa doors good but they dont have the rubber seal. Theyre just a closure again if you have nothing else. This is going to be good.
But this is not a long term viable cigar storage option and this is basically youve got nothing else as you say so for these big ones. We really like the ones by system because its bpa free plastic enough flat eights taillights. I dont know how to pronounce it.
But its basically their non toxic non toxic plastic. So its a reasonable solution. Theyve also got these really good rubber seals and clips all the way around to really close this down and prevent any air escaping if you kind of want to make if you live in a particularly dry area.
And you do want to add a little bit of humidity in there. Theres kind of two options. There are two options.
One is just getting a little container. Like this yeah and then two once again is it well they actually do this is jj fox in london. You know oh no because its so dry with low humidity.
Theyll actually put it. But they have a much smaller ziploc bags and these they should put a little bit of paper in there and spray.

how to store cigars without a humidor-2
how to store cigars without a humidor-2

It with distilled water and then put it in another bag and then leave it open and that like lids a little bit of ambient rh yeah. Im out of it theres the one option then i suppose your option would be another container. There you go like that so you again youre going to want to try and use distilled water.
Theres no impurities in the water after that maybe use mineral water because it does have impurities does have minerals. But its not as bad as tap water. Which has chemicals and also a you cigar well basically.
If youre going to be looking for the solutions like that wed probably just say look go on amazon and buy like a bow. De perak or you know. Its for five bucks.
And thats gonna if you put them in an airtight container that actually is effectively a tough at all and that is it can be your humidification someone again these might last a year in there yeah especially their tie container in a container. Like this you mind you get a couple of months out of them a cut like same with this same with travel humidors again. We do seem like we push bow at all the time.
But it still does work and the best solution. Ive gone through everything ive gone through pots of distilled water. Ive gone through gels.
Ive gone through beads. Ive gone through foam. Ive done everything.
But oh emily. This is the easiest and most cost effective solution. Where you take all the guesswork out its going to give off the relative humidity.
Youre looking for 65 or 69 packs are probably what id recommend especially in an airtight container. And there you can go so. Thats probably pretty much run run down so in reality.
What it boils down to is basically if you get a cigar keep it in a cool dry place and try and create an airtight seal around those cigars or whatever device or method you come up with thats how youre gonna want to store your cigars without a humidor. But basically what youre doing is trying to create a humidor. Yeah whether its wrapping these in plastic wrap or whether its putting them in an airtight subway.
Can tell youve got one of these your base and you across the finish line. Yeah.

how to store cigars without a humidor-3
how to store cigars without a humidor-3

Nice is fine so i hope that helps you guys we have if youre looking to take the cigar passion. A little bit further and maybe start collecting cigars like myself. And charles you between us probably have around 2000.
Cigars and we we have long term storage. Solutions. Short term.
Large travel everything all of these guides have been created here at the spoke unit. So you know please feel free to explore them here on youtube. And that bespoke intercom for slash cigars.
If theres any recommendations for in a pinch and cigar storage solutions. If you dont have your humidor. I love to hear those comments below.
We have a page as well over on the scope. You know that myself and charles l. The updating regularly so and obviously you can look down the comments to see those anything else to add on this point.
I dont know its just about it these again to reiterate these are really in a pinch. So i know that also going to use s out there if you start youre gonna tell us. I know thats not the way to store cigars is sending the wrong message totally get it we understand and we actually agree to an extent.
This is really for emergency storage short term ideally. But if you want to start collecting cigars like paul says head to bespoke unicom. See our other videos here and well help you find the right setup.
Those best adapted to your needs. We not only have set up stuff. We have how to properly light and taste cigars as well where is the initial experience.
But if you want to get into you know your own fact all retro halen etc. We have all these guides there which is my favorite as well so with all that being said you guys are part of here just to see how you can store cigars about going brittle. So weve hoped youve helped you with that please like this video.
If you did like the video also subscribe to our channel and turn on those notifications as you may be aware by now we do try and release as many how to guides as well as glides on specific cigars yourself so whether it is monte cristo or whether theres camacho or a gurkha. We have a lot of reviews around cigars as well as many other mens lifestyle topics. So.
Whether its sensory experiences like fragrances and champagne that shole particularly likes to cover or whether its watches suits and shoes. Which i cover please head over to smoking a hand see our other videos here on youtube to explore those topics as well with all that being said my names paul anthony and im sleepy and well see you next time take care music. .

how to store cigars without a humidor-4
how to store cigars without a humidor-4

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