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On hey everyone hows it going this is going to be another tutorial on on clip studio paint. What i wanted to do was go over the selection tool. Some of the ways that i using now.
I just pulled up a blank canvas and drew this eyeball. And so i want to create another eye to the butt like a mirror image and so what im going to do is im going to use the selection tool here and you have different types of tools here you can do a square. Which is basically dragged from corner to corner you have the ellipse and you have a lasso.
Which is what most people use because it just lets you draw freehand or you can do the polyline. Which lets you select different points and then you hit enter and itll close it up for you you also have a selection pin. Where you can just pretty much color.
Whatever you want to be selected and the clear section. Im not entirely sure what that does because it almost seems like its doing the same thing as the selection pin and then the last one is to shrink selection. So if i circle this it will shrink the selection to whatever the the pin marks are and so what im going to do is im going to use the lasso thats what i used to know and im just going to circle this here and so this lets me know that this selection here is selected on this layer and so im going to go to my keyboard hit command c and then command v as in victor and what you see here it created a layer 1 copy so its a copy of this layer.
But it doesnt copy everything on this layer.

how to crop in clip studio paint-0
how to crop in clip studio paint-0

And only copied whatever is inside your selected section. Here and one way you can tell that its there is by you this option here which allows you to scale. But also allows you to move so if you see the little cross arrows.
There it lets you move your copy and remember were in the copy layer and this is the original so if you hold on let me hit enter and then i can close the i here and that makes layer 1 invisible. And so there it is now what i wanted to do was flip it so it looks like the other eye from the other side. So we go back to the the scaling scale up and scale down rotation selection here and you have this button.
Here. And that mirrors your image and now you can move it wherever you want hit enter and then this option here is to deselect and that removes your selection now once you have that and you have it thats exactly where you want it and thats how you want it placed. What you can do is come here and combine the layers.
So now both of these eyes are on the same layer so and theyre on the same layer thats one way. I use the lasso tool to copy and paste another way. I use the lasso tool is i select an area music then i want a specific color.
So i also want this side to be like this side.

how to crop in clip studio paint-1
how to crop in clip studio paint-1

So im going to hold down the shift button and that puts a little plus sign on my lasso. Which means. I can add more selections onto my layer and now these two sections are are selected on this this layer.
So now what im going to do is create a new layer. So now its layer two and what im going to do is come here to this is a gradient right here. And this has a foreground to transparent foreground being those colors here and again.
Its going to go to whatever transparent. So whatever colors your paper is its what the color is going to be so and this selection here means. Its going to be a linear gradient.
Whereas. This is more of a circular and this is more glitched and so what you do is you pull down your stylus or your mouse. Whatever youre using and you bring it down and youll see that they went across everything thats selected.
But it didnt affect the outside lets do that again so this line represents.

how to crop in clip studio paint-2
how to crop in clip studio paint-2

How the gradient is going to go so mostly dark and then the transparency was way down here so im going to do the undo and if you do it to slightly see its a lot dark and very transparent. If you do it from up here and if you stop here like a midway. Most of the dark was up here and then it got transparent here and everything down here was very transparent.
So thats one way. I i do shading on some of my artwork and then once you hit deselect you can see how that works out there and because i put it on a different layer it doesnt it doesnt affect so i keep my shading and my line art on two separate layers. Now that was just a real quick tutorial on how how i use the lasso tool or the selection tool to copy paste mirror images or that i want or when i select certain areas that i want shaded and then i use the gradient and it gives me that nice gradient shading.
So yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial hope you get something out of it. If you liked it.
Please consider giving the video a thumbs up and theyre free you know you can give all the thumbs. Well you can only get one thumbs up you can certainly create multiple accounts and creat and give me all the thumbs up if you want. But im not going to twist your arm on that.
But yeah i appreciate you guys watching. And ill see you guys in the next one .

how to crop in clip studio paint-3
how to crop in clip studio paint-3

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