How to Use Virtual Copies in Lightroom

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Im going to show you how to use virtual copies. In lightroom. Hey guys guys and welcome to phlearn my name is aaron nace and you can find me phlearn dot com.
Where we make learning photoshop photography fun in todays episode. Were actually working in lightroom. Were gonna be showing you guys how to work with virtual copies now these are incredibly powerful basically you can make copies of your photos that exist in lightroom.
Only now you can edit multiple copies of your photos. And then export them out as individual jpegs. So this is insanely helpful for those of you guys who are shooting events portraits weddings things like that often times.
Its a great idea to deliver your clients. Heres a color image. Heres a black and white image heres a sepia image.
And you can basically make copies of your images in lightroom and then apply those adjustments and export them out so your clients will be able to get multiple versions of the same files. Which is great for you because you can say well ive delivered you 300 pictures instead of 100 so you can look like youre providing more value and it doesnt take a lot of time not only that but your clients have a lot more images to choose from alright lets jump in well show you how to work with virtual copies in lightroom so jumping into lightroom. Were gonna go ahead and take a look at our image.
Today now this is just a stock image. And there we go we can zoom in this is a jpg. Ideally youre gonna be working with a dng raw file.
That youve taken from your camera. Ok. Now what were gonna do lets go ahead and hit.
Were gonna be in our library view lets hit g for a grid. View or you can click right here on grid view. And im going to make a couple of virtual copies here in lightroom so very easy to do simply right click on your image and go down to create a virtual copy okay and were gonna do the same thing again were gonna right click here and go down to create a virtual copy.
So we can see we have one image here thats copied a couple times. Virtually now im gonna go ahead and right click. And im gonna go to show in finder.
Okay now lets close down everything else.

how to duplicate a photo in lightroom-0
how to duplicate a photo in lightroom-0

And were gonna take a look here is my finder window so you can see its not actually making duplicate copies on my disk. This is all within lightroom on my disk. We still have just this one image okay.
So thats basically the start of it really simple here just right click and go down to creed virtual copies. Now lets go ahead and jump in were gonna start making adjustments to the individual layers the individual images rather and then we can export these out as separate files so our first file. Were going to leave as is now our second file here lets click on develop in this case.
I want to say i want to make this image black and white now. I can scroll down here to my black and white mix. And i can choose my different sliders.
So we can choose our red slider. The orange slider lets go ahead and there we go our skin looks great right about there all right and green and aqua. We really dont have much of that in this image.
So i think this is looking really really good so lets go back to our library. Here. And this is gonna be our black and white version.
You know what lets go back to develop. I want to add maybe a bit more contrast so were just gonna click here or contrast and were just gonna bring that up a little bit there we go great so weve got a color version a black and white version and now lets add a sepia version. So this image here.
Lets go ahead and hit develop. Okay now here we can click on black and white again and im gonna scroll down to our black and white mix and im gonna take a look at our split toning now here. Im actually gonna put some color into my highlights.
So we can bring in some saturation and then the color. We want to choose were just gonna slide this a little bit to the right there we go just a little bit of sepia to color in to our highlights and then im gonna put a little bit of red in to our shadows. As well.
So lets go ahead and bring up our saturation. There and were gonna go alright. I want to find like a nice reddish orange.
There we go were just kind of bringing our shadows.

how to duplicate a photo in lightroom-1
how to duplicate a photo in lightroom-1

And you can actually click here on your color. And you can find the actual color that youd like alright that looks good lets go ahead and just bring our saturation down. So just a tiny bit of saturation.
There so we have the same image with basically a sepia tone. So if i hit our library right. There now i can see my original image.
My black and white and my sepia toned image all right and were looking great so now were going to show you how to create presets as well as sync images all right so jumping back in weve got our main image. Our black and white in our cpf now. Im going to go ahead and import a new photo.
So we can basically run the same thing on our new photo so im gonna hit import here and in this case im actually going to go were gonna add our image from our from the apply image tutorial. There we go that we just released so lets go ahead and import that and im gonna click on all photographs so now lets say that you know these were of the same model same photo shoot or whatever and we wanted to include a color version. Which would be here and here and a black and white and a sepia so i can simply right click here and we can go to create a virtual copy of this photo and we can do the same thing again so right click and go to create a virtual copy so again when were delivering our images to our clients.
Lets say we want a black and white version of each photo well we can do that really easily either using presets or syncing settings. So in this case lets start off by syncing settings so im gonna click here ok then im gonna hold ctrl or command and click on my second image. So weve got our first image selected and then our second then im gonna click on this sync settings icon so lets go ahead and click there im gonna go to check all so were gonna check all of our settings and hit synchronize and there we go so now we have a color version and a black and white version of this image and a color version and a black and white version of that image.
Which is cool ok so now for our sepia. If i were just wanted to control or command click here and sync that i can do this here. Synchronize.
And now were able to deliver multiple images to our clients. Each get a color black and white and a cpf now in this case. Lets go ahead and click on our sepia.
Im gonna go to my develop tab and im gonna go back to my create virtual copy so were basically gonna undo this syncing okay going back to our library. Lets show you how to create a preset so here we go lets click on our image. Where were going to create a preset im gonna hit develop okay and then here we can see these are all the adjustments that ive made to it i can add a preset by clicking the plus icon here okay.
We want this to be in our user preset and im just going to call this cpf and hit create so here. We have a user preset called sepia great so now i can go back to my library. I can choose this image lets hit develop and instead of doing the sync.
All i have to do is click right here on my sepia.

how to duplicate a photo in lightroom-2
how to duplicate a photo in lightroom-2

And its going to apply that preset all right so if we go back to our library. Basically it just did the exact same thing as syncing the settings. But we created a preset in the process.
So you can do it either way. But now what we have our original image is here and here. We have black and whites here and here and we have our sepia images.
Here in here. Which is really great because well it makes it look like we took a bunch more pictures than we actually did and your clients can choose you know if youre happy delivering them a color version and a black and white and a sepia version. Theyre gonna be thrilled to get that because theyre not gonna spend the time.
And its gonna look like you did a lot more work and then they can go like oh. I like the color version of this one. I like the black and white version of this one alright well lets go ahead and show you guys how to export these images out so jumping back into lightroom.
Were gonna go ahead and export these files out now im gonna choose to export out my color images separately from my black and whites separately from the cps so lets hold ctrl or command and im gonna click on both of my color images to start were gonna right click and go to export okay and over here to export now im gonna click on rename we do want to rename these and im gonna go to custom name sequence. So lets just type in color here. There we go we can start on number one so this we can see color one so this will be color 1.
This will be color two okay and were gonna choose a folder later which is useful for a preset so choose the folder later lets hit export and now in this case. Were just gonna go to our episode. Here we have and there we go up our chill copies episode.
And were gonna create a new folder in here called color and hit open so its going to put those images into my color folder. So well have a color one and a color two now i can hold a controller command and click on my black and white images here okay. Were gonna do all the same settings.
Except for here in my in my name. Im going to call them bw for black and white alright and lets choose it were gonna create a new folder called bw and hit enter and im gonna do the same thing with my cps. So were gonna go to export.
Ill call this sepia and hit export there alright and were gonna create a new folder called sepia great so i really like this way of exporting our images out because if i go back to my finder window here okay. Were gonna go back and now we see we have a few different folders that we can just zip these folders up and deliver them to our clients. So they can click on the color folder and theyll.
See color.

how to duplicate a photo in lightroom-3
how to duplicate a photo in lightroom-3

1. And color. Too.
There we go black. And white folder. Theyll say bw.
1 bw. 2. And our cpf older theyll see cpu.
1. And sepia too so its really easy to send send these the entire folder and now again it looks like youve got three times as much images coming their way with very little additional work. So thats why i love working with virtual copies in lightroom.
If you want to work with virtual copies just follow these key steps to create a virtual copy of your image in lightroom simply right click on the image. And go down to create virtual copy in this case. We did this twice for each of our images next youll want to develop your images separately.
We made one of our images black and white and one of our images sepia next. It came time to sync those settings with multiple images in a series. So you can simply hold ctrl or command click on the first image.
And then the second and go down to your sync settings icon make sure to hit select all and itll make sure for instance. If you click it on the black and white image. First itll sync the second and make it black and white using the same settings.
You can also create a preset go into your develop tab click on presets and hit that little plus icon create a user set and call it whatever you want in this case. We created a sepia preset. Then we clicked on our second image and went over the developed tab clicked on presets and clicked on sepia and it applied.
It instantly now we have three versions of each of our images. So its time to export these out what i prefer doing is exporting out the color with the color black and white with black and white and scipio with sepia. So simply hold ctrl or command click on the first two color images and go to export you want to click on rename your files in this case.
Im going to click on custom name slash sequence and were gonna type in color choose a folder later for presets and hit export you can create a color folder and its gonna export those images out as color one and two and we did the same thing with black and white and sepia so all of our images are sorted perfectly within folders really easy to do and your clients are gonna love you for it guys if you love photoshop photography and lightroom as much as i do go ahead and click on your screen right about now were gonna send you free episodes every single week and if you have an idea of something youd like to learn in photoshop photography or lightroom go ahead and tell us in a comment right down below. Wed love to hear from you thanks so much guys ill phlearn you later bye. Everyone that way you can just charge three times as much funny if i gave you three times files.
I give you all black and whites 200. But if you want color .

how to duplicate a photo in lightroom-4
how to duplicate a photo in lightroom-4

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