How to wake up Lithium Battery from the sleep mode?

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You know everybody were back here at bm pro headquarters. And i still got got ryan hammond with me from spd. So thank you ryan for continuing through the with us from so today.
Were going to work a little bit more technical than our last one were going to work through understanding voltage yep are with the lithium batteries so a big thing. Weve had of bm pro. Have been pushing for a long time is voltage is only one indication of you know your state of charge in your state of health and we know that voltage drops off and it can drop off really really quickly and you know with our lead acid batteries that weve had for many many years.
We see a gradual decline and then all of a sudden drops off the off the edge of the cliff. Youve got nothing left. But with lithium.
Please explain. Its a little bit different yeah correct so on the discharge curve of a lithium ion phosphate thats very flat yeah so its holds that voltage all the way down to about ninety percent deficit discharge and then drops off very quickly. So the benefit of that is that as you discharge the battery.
The voltage holds above 12 volts right up to that 90 percent depth of discharge. So youve really only got about 10 percent left yeah before it drops off so the benefit of that is batteries deliver power to power your device power equals volts times.

how to wake a sleeping lithium ion battery-0
how to wake a sleeping lithium ion battery-0

Amps. So if the voltage isnt dropping off as the battery discharges. Then youre not using as much of the available capacity youre not drawing as many amps as you would quiver an agm.
So therefore its got a more efficient use of the available capacity lithium ion phosphate which in the end gives you longer runtime and when compared to an equivalent agm. Because im the agm obviously as that voltage starts to drop off. We have to bring the amps up on the other side to keep the power at the same level correct for whatever device.
Which were actually going to be barring exactly yep. All right so now what happens to a lithium battery. When we get down too far.
And we drop off that edge and the battery then it can go to sleep callan correct. Yeah. So the the bms as we spoke about before is a protection device and protects the cells against the misuse.
One of those is over discharge okay so with the invicta range. The bms will protect about ten volts.

how to wake a sleeping lithium ion battery-1
how to wake a sleeping lithium ion battery-1

The people shouldnt be relying upon this as a low voltage disconnect could they correct. No. It is not there as a lv d or low voltage is taking it its there to protect the cells yeah against low voltage.
Yeah sure so if you discharge a lithium battery and it gets to that stage. Where its gone below that threshold youll owe that 10 volts. There has been issues out there where people cant bring these batteries back.
They cant recharge them back the other way can they what happens. When its in that protection mode or sleep mode as soon as you put a load across the terminals. The voltage will drop to zero yep now as you know with some smart charges they need to see a voltage before they start to charge yep.
Okay. So therefore they wont charge one of those around six volts. Nine volts correct.
Yeah. I dont see anything below anything around that level or higher.

how to wake a sleeping lithium ion battery-2
how to wake a sleeping lithium ion battery-2

They wont even activate it turn on there correct. And so one of the big benefits of the being pro charger range with the lithium profile is that youve got a power supply mode. If you like which doesnt need to see that voltage yeah and thatll wake up the lithium batteries yeah thats its quite unique in the in the being pro range is and then we just flick it back across into the lithium mode and get a fully recharged up again correct and thats done in your on your lithium setting yeah.
Its done automatically yeah it wakes it back up it back up and i think its going so itll can get back under way now the other thing as well is that i get asked especially you know with lead acid batteries and people store their bands a lot of the time over winter. The lead acid battery they always go and recharge it first because its got a reasonably high self discharge and so you know three or four months later theyll come back five months later. And they might have lost ten twenty thirty percent capacity out of that battery.
But you dont have that with the lithium battery dont you can you can store. It sitting in like a 50 percent discharged but yeah no problem so the the self discharge rate of lithium ion phosphate is very low and compared to to our gm yeah i can sit unused for an expended for an extended period of time. Yeah they come in and charge it up and away it goes right like what are the big benefits lithium iron phosphate over your ogm yep alright so there you have it hopefully in this episode.
Were giving you a little bit more knowledge on understanding voltage with lithium thats another one of the reasons. As to why we get that extended life and a lithium battery. Because of the voltage side of things so.
Hopefully. Youve been able to understand that and well see you in the next episode music. .

how to wake a sleeping lithium ion battery-3
how to wake a sleeping lithium ion battery-3

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