Hydraulic Oil and Filter Change on a Zero Turn Mower

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Everybody right polo tech. Here today. Im doing a video on how to change.
Change. The hydraulic oil and filter on a zero turn mower now this particular mower. A bobcat mower.
But most brands and models are very similar and the process is about the same guys if you find this video helpful please hit that like button for me also hit that subscribe button and check out my other videos alright lets get down to it so. The first thing. I want to go over is some of the tools and materials that im be using to do.
This. Hydraulic fluid. Change the oil pan floor jack jack stands 15 w.
50 synthetic motor oil filter safety glasses gloves shop rag adjustable filter wrench 3 8. Socket and adjustable wrench. Check your manual to see how often you should change your hydraulic.
Fluid and filter. I have a little bit older of a bobcat zero turn and it says in my manual that every 500 hours of use you should change the hydraulic fluid and filter. It also says in my manual that after 200 hours of use you should check it and top it off if needed after getting my safety glasses on in my gloves on now.
Im going to jack up the back of the mower and put the jack stands in to get it up high enough off the ground give these two tires off the ground and be able to get underneath to the drain plug thats on the bottom of the hydraulic fluid reservoir. Now the floor jackson let me show you what were trying to get to here underneath. The seat here thats a hydraulic fluid reservoir and on the bottom of it theres a drain plug that we got to take out its underneath the deck down here get under here.
Ill show you what were looking at there.

how to change hydraulic oil in zero turn-0
how to change hydraulic oil in zero turn-0

It is right there so the next thing. Im gonna do im put the oil paint under there and im gonna pull that plug out i dont know if yall noticed it in that last little video piece. There was a belt that looks like its on its last leg.
Hes got a big chunk taken out of the side of the belt or whatever. So ill be doing a video later on showing how to replace that belt as well. But for now.
Were still doing this hydraulic oil change. One thing. I suggest is to take a rag and wipe off that drain plug and kind of clean it up a little bit so it doesnt contaminate any of it when you go to screw it back in so theres no dirt or junk kind of shoved into the hydraulic system.
So anyways. Im gonna take that plug out now but before i take that plug out underneath. Im going to unscrew this lid to break any vacuum or suction that might be causing side the reservoir.
When i take that plug out the bottom holy moley king. Kong must have put that drain plug in there. They didnt not want me to get that thing out apparently so i tried to get it with the adjustable wrench and i just could not get that thing to budge.
So i cheated. And i used a socket deep well socket here seventeen millimeter to get around all the way around that square plug. And i finally got a crack loose and then now ive got it to where i can just finger loosen it out and then drain the oil out now.
Im gonna put on a new glove. Because i when i took this drain plug out here. Obviously i got a lot of oil over my hand.
And i dont want to get my tools and stuff all dirty with oil.

how to change hydraulic oil in zero turn-1
how to change hydraulic oil in zero turn-1

So im gonna go ahead and replace this glove and put a new glove on all right so as you can see now the hydraulic oils draining out. I have taken the cap. All the way off on the top because it was still kind of gloup gloup gloup glugging a little bit on the bottom.
Because it was trying to suck air in from the top. There so i went ahead and took that cap all the way off and it just poured out streamed out so you got out a lot quicker when i took the cap. All the way off alright now that i have the hydraulic fluid reservoir completely drained.
Now i need to get down in here and take off the hydraulic filter. Ill probably come in from this angle over here with that adjustable filter wrench in my 3 8. Socket.
I got a turn a tiny bit now. Its loose enough that i can take it off rest away by hand next thing. Im gonna do is im gonna take my shop rag.
Im gonna take the plug and im gonna wipe it off to make sure theres no dirt or crap or grass or whatever on it because i dont want the thread tie back into my system and get contaminants in my hydraulic oil. Im also gonna go over here to the reservoir and wipe off around that those threads in the top of the reservoir here try to keep it clean before i go and put any of the new oil back in it also wipe the cap off here too all right now. Im gonna go put that plug back in what i like to do is take a white paint marker and then write the date on the bottom.
Its five 2619 the day before memorial day. I want to take a second to thank all the veterans out there that have served and gave their lives to protect our freedoms and everything so thank you everybody for that now also take a little bit of the hydraulic oil and put it around this gasket here to make a good seal against when you seal it back on now this one says hand tighten it down hand tight all the way and then turn it 3 4. Of a turn tighten it down 3 4.
Of a turn past hand tight. I know on regular oil changes for regular oil. I typically just tighten them down hand tight.
But for a hydraulic.

how to change hydraulic oil in zero turn-2
how to change hydraulic oil in zero turn-2

I actually like to take my wrench on there and actually tighten it down 3 4. Of a turn after a hand tight because you got a lot of pressure in the system. All right and just get here and tighten it down make sure you put it on nice and square.
We definitely do not want to cross thread. This thing so take your time and just get it on there nice and square and start threading it in nice and slowly at first then once you know youre in there you can speed it up music all right thats as tight as i can get it by hand and i left my tool. All the way on the other side.
The shop over there so anyways yeah im gonna take it and im gonna tighten it down about another three quarters of a turn to get it nice and tight on there all right the plugs in nice and tight the filters on tight and were ready to put hydraulic oil into it now i know everybody says this. But consult your manual for the type of oil that you should recommend itll. It also is sometimes written on top of the reservoir.
Like this this one. Says. This is a bobcat.
And it says. Mineral base oils. 15.
W. 40. Or 20.
W. 50. Or synthetic.

how to change hydraulic oil in zero turn-3
how to change hydraulic oil in zero turn-3

Oil. 15. W.
50. Im using mobil 1. Full synthetic 15 w.
50. I know mine takes somewhere around 3 quarts. But my manual says to theres a tube that goes all the way down into the reservoir and you should fill it up to the bottom of that tube.
So im going to put in a little by little with my funnel and keep checking it until i get to the bottom of that tube and then im going to start purging the lines after that so right now. Im gonna go ahead and fill it up all right so that is now right at the bottom of that tube. I was telling you about and im ready to start purging.
It obviously i spilled a little bit on my like my funnel here so im gonna wipe that off up around here so that the crap doesnt get all stuck to it im going to go ahead and screw the cap on once again dont cross thread. It all right all right now to purge the air out of the lines and out of the oil filter. While i still have it jacked up off the ground the tires off the ground.
Im going to turn it on and then im going to move it forward. While its on idle speed and move it backwards and forward and backwards and forward and backwards until. We have a nice solid smooth rotation of the tires all right so there you have it thats how you do a hydraulic oil change.
I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did hit that like button for me feel free to leave your comments down below and also hit that subscribe button for me and check out my other videos. I got a lot of videos about this mower right here.
Including oil change and spark plugs and air filter and everything else so check it out also share it with your friends. Id really appreciate it and ill see you guys next time say you you .

how to change hydraulic oil in zero turn-4
how to change hydraulic oil in zero turn-4

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