Is a 26f Program a Legitimate Investment?

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Keep seeing an ad pop up on facebook that says something like enjoy a reagan reagan retirement thanks to a little known tax loophole. So i thought id check out and heres what i found after i clicked on the app. I was immediately taken to a website with a headline that said something like this is a 100 legal tax savings.
Transforming everyday americans into millionaires it shows a picture of president ronald reagan with a caption saying that president reagan once fought congress to keep this little known tax loophole. Then when i click to go to the second page of the article. Another website pops up and it claims that on april 10th of 2017.
The federal government will use an obscure loophole buried in the labor code to issue what they call a retirement blackout now the rest of the website is a video that starts playing automatically. Theres no buttons on the video to start stop or rewind. The video.
How annoying and i think i invested a little over an hour of my life. Watching this video and nowhere did it actually explain this so called 26f program. It kept describing various stories of different people taking advantage of the program and of course.
If i want to get all the details all i have to do surprise surprise subscribe to this guys newsletter for i think around 300 bucks.

how to invest in a 26(f) program-0
how to invest in a 26(f) program-0

A year when i go to the bottom of the website. Where theyve got all this microscopic print with disclosures. It says that the company sponsoring.
This thing is a publishing company and doesnt act as a personal investment advisor and its a very entered disclaimer. I come across what i think is a very telling sentence part of which says we what we publish here may contain. Airs and you shouldnt make any investment decisions based solely on what you read here kind of ironic.
Dont you think subscribe to our newsletter. So we can inform you of all these great and wonderful investment ideas. But then theyre displaying disclaimer language.
They say whoops what we might tell you might have errors in it. And you really shouldnt make decisions based on what we write. And what about that obscure loophole in the labor code going into effect on april 10th 2017 creating the so called retirement blackout well.
I think what its really referring to is a department of labor.

how to invest in a 26(f) program-1
how to invest in a 26(f) program-1

Ruling requiring anyone providing advice to retirement plans including 401ks iras world reviews. Roth iras they have to act as a fiduciary placing their customers interest ahead of their own well this isnt a retirement blackout. Its good for the investing public product sales people are no longer going to be able to disguise themselves as advisors.
Theyre going to have to disclose that they have a conflict of interest and their customer is going to have to sign a letter called a best interest contract exemption putting their customer on notice that theyre working with a salesperson not an advisor and what about this so called 26f program well like their video. Said if you want to find out about it youve got to send 300 on their newsletter subscription. Which i chose not to do because my belief is if theyre going to misrepresent the department of labor ruling.
Theyre probably misrepresenting a lot of other stuff and im not going to pay for it and i hope you dont either well by the way. If you have information on how a 26f program works. Please feel free to send it to us well be more than happy to review.
It and share our analysis right here. So we can help as many people as possible really understand the so called secret investment program that only a select few know about but in the meantime. If you see an ad on facebook claiming to be the source of some super secret investment thanks to a little known tax loophole.
Dont waste your time oh music. .

how to invest in a 26(f) program-2
how to invest in a 26(f) program-2

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