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Everyone its avinash covered up from five minute language welcome to my channel make sure sure you subscribe. If you havent already and give this video. A thumbs up todays video is another one in series of is x language.
Difficult to learn. So ive made similar videos like this one about french german and other languages as well so make sure you check them out this one is about spanish. Because spanish is a very popular language up many many people are learning and im sure that you guys are probably considering learning.
It as well because youre watching this video. So lets get started so first. Im going to tell you why spanish is an easy language to learn so relative to english and i assume you speak english.
Because your hair and im speaking english. For english speakers spanish is a relatively easy language to learn. Its got a lot of similarities with english so for example.
Its got similar vocabulary. If you just google spanish english comments. You will be able to see a list of vocabulary.
There are very similar in spanish and english. So that will obviously help you memorize some of the words that exist in spanish. It can also be tricky because sometimes there are some false friends so words that look the same and sound the same in both languages that actually means something very different.
But overall. There are a lot of words.

how hard is it to learn spanish-0
how hard is it to learn spanish-0

Which are very similar and they actually mean the same thing spanish pronunciation is quite regular so if you learn the rules. Which there arent too many of you will know how to pronounce spanish words. There arent too many exceptions at all so once you know the rules.
Itll be quite easy syntax in spanish is quite similar to english. Its quite simple by syntax. I mean the word order in a sentence.
So subject verb object. It works in in a very similar way in both languages. So you dont have to worry about word order like in german or japanese.
Its quite simple tenses in spanish are quite similar to english as well so its quite easy to kind of understand the concept behind the grammatical tenses for example. I am dancing estoy bailando. Its a similar kind of idea s.
Toing being the helping verb and bailando being a form of the verb to dance in spanish. Which has an ending. Which indicates is a continuous tense like in english.
Maybe this didnt make so much sense to you if you havent learned a foreign language before but once you start learning about spanish tenses. You will see the similarities between the two languages. Very clearly the next one is very very important there are a lot of learning resources.
Because its a very big language. Its spoken by so many different people and its a very popular language to learn so by resources.

how hard is it to learn spanish-1
how hard is it to learn spanish-1

I dont just mean textbooks and books for learning spanish. I also mean real life resources. So because there are so many countries that spanish is spoken in there will be a lot of things being produced by this country so literature newspapers tv shows you name it when youre learning polish.
For example. Its a small country its a small language as only spoken in poland. You will only be limited to having resources from that country.
And it might be difficult for you to get hold of them because they will only be stocked by specialist book shops for example so when youre learning a language like spanish you will have a lot of learning resources like textbooks. But also a lot of real life resources. Such as newspapers magazines childrens books.
And so on so now lets move on to the difficult aspect of spanish. I dont want to say theyre difficult because i dont want you i dont want to put you off so im gonna say theyre relatively difficult so in other languages. Some of these things are easier in spanish.
Theyre more difficult so the first one. Im going to mention is spanish is spoken quite quickly. Im sure if youve ever heard.
A spanish person. Speak or a spanish speaker. Speak they speak quite quickly so it will be more difficult for you to get the gist of a conversation as opposed to for example speak latin when someone is learning english.
Where english is tends to be spoken more slowly okay. There are some letters in spanish which are not pronounced like theyre written.

how hard is it to learn spanish-2
how hard is it to learn spanish-2

So the majority of the language is pronounced kind of how its written. But there are a few different letters. Which are not and that maybe confusing to you for example.
The letter j. Which is pronounced and the letter. The double l.
Which you know depending on the accent is not announced like in english. Then there will be the zed. Which is pronounced differently in spain.
And in south america and also very differently to how to pronounce in english. So you will have to learn those rules. But once you learn them it will be less overwhelming.
Then there are different accents in spanish. So theres the spanish spanish and the south american spanish and then obviously within each of these there are multiple different accents and multiple different varieties. So it might be quite confusing so to speak because of the differences in pronunciation and vocabulary as opposed to learning language.
Which is quite consistent such as italian. Which is spoken in italy obviously there are dialects within italy. But if youre learning italian.
Most of the resources that you encounter will be spoken in kind of standard italian. So with spanish thats not the case you might come across listening material.

how hard is it to learn spanish-3
how hard is it to learn spanish-3

Which is made by a person from mexico. And then a person from a specific region in spain and they will sound. Quite differently okay so the final one is conjugation.
Which is not a problem. Which is specific to spanish its a problem thats well i call it a problem. Its not really a problem.
Its a concept that is not uncommon in english. You dont really have conjugation. I mean when you when you say you know either we go you go go is the same.
But in languages like spanish french polish german. The the verb changes depending on what pronoun youre using so you will have to learn those conjugations and there are different conjugation patterns in spanish as well so not all verbs are conjugated in the same way. But there are differences.
But there are also some rules that you can follow to learn that obviously there are a lot of exceptions. So you will need to memorize. Some of the forms by heart.
And that can make learning spanish a little bit more kind of time consuming than learning. Other languages. That dont have conjugated verbs.
So thats it i hope i didnt put you off learning spanish spanish is that business. Fantastic language to learn so if you have any questions put them in the comments below and let me know how long youve been learning spanish as well and thank you for watching. And ill see you next time bye.

how hard is it to learn spanish-4
how hard is it to learn spanish-4

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