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s question is is there an angel of death in this video. Ill answer answer that question from a biblical perspective. Then afterwards as always ill share some resources.
So stick around until the end. The idea of an angel of death is present in several religions. The angel of death is known as samael sariel or azrael in judaism as malak almawt in islam.
As yama or yamaraj in hinduism and as the grim reaper in popular fiction in various mythologies. The angel of death is imagined as anything from a cloaked skeletal figure with a sickle to a beautiful woman to a small child. While the details vary the core belief is that a being comes to a person at the moment of death.
Either actually causing death or simply observing it with the purpose of then taking the persons soul to the abode of the dead. This angel of death concept is not taught in the bible.

who is the angel of death in the bible-0
who is the angel of death in the bible-0

The bible nowhere teaches that there is a particular angel. Who is in charge of death. Or who is present whenever a person.
Dies second kings. 19. 35 describes an angel putting to.
Death 185000. Assyrians. Who had invaded israel some also see exodus.
Chapter. 12.

who is the angel of death in the bible-1
who is the angel of death in the bible-1

The death of the firstborn of egypt as the work of an angel. While this is possible the bible nowhere attributes the death of the firstborn to an angel whatever. The case while the bible describes angels causing death at the command of the lord scripture.
Nowhere teaches that there is a specific angel of death. God and god alone is sovereign over the timing of our deaths. No angel or demon can in any sense cause our death before the time god has willed it to occur.
According to romans 6. 23. And revelation 20 11.
15 death is separation separation of our soul spirit from our body. Thats physical death and in the case of unbelievers everlasting separation from god or eternal death death is something that occurs death is not an angel a demon a person or any other being angels can cause death and may be involved in what happens to us after death.

who is the angel of death in the bible-2
who is the angel of death in the bible-2

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who is the angel of death in the bible-3

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