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Everybody im here to talk about the drug convenien you fractured by pfizer. It its a long acting antibiotic. Which is used in cats and dogs it stays their system for 12 days.
And as an active drug and then for 64 days. Non active after that so its very dangerous on that basis alone. Its not good to use an antibiotic type of drug or really any drug.
Which cannot be removed from the system. Because if you have a reaction to it a severe reaction you cant do anything about it once its in the body. Its going to be there for that period of time.
There have been many adverse events with convenience go to the facebook page and read about it cats and dogs. But particularly seems to happen more in cats. For some reason you have terrible rashes convenience of speculated that its because what it does is it aggressively kills off both the good and the bad bacteria in the dogs and cats system.
And they go into a trauma.

how long does it take for convenia to work in cats-0
how long does it take for convenia to work in cats-0

Especially a cat or dog who is immune compromised. Who maybe has felv or fiv. Or some other immune you know illness and they cant react normally and if this does happen to your cat or dog.
Please. Read the facebook page read cheek oaths page about how to possibly counteract that you can use probiotic therapy to try and build up the bacteria thats killed by canina. But of course.
Consult with your veterinarian you know before trying any of this my cat angelina. Who passed away on september 26. Was given a shot of kami nia.
Six days. I believe it was before she passed away and she just went into what seemed like a terrible rash and she developed a high fever. She stopped eating she became very lethargic and totally out of it and doped.
She was hiding in the closet.

how long does it take for convenia to work in cats-1
how long does it take for convenia to work in cats-1

And she was very ill. Im doing anna crop see on her at cornell hospital. Upstate.
New york and they found that they believed that she had lymphoma of her pancreas and liver. She may have also had felv. This was all a total surprise because she seemed like she just had a cold and then two weeks later she passed away in a very traumatic way.
But i do believe in spite of the fact that she was very ill. The conveniently a big role in that it caused her an anemic reaction in her which was not apparent in her bloodwork before the convenient utans wide in fact that she had no lymph. Though probably lymphatic cancer or lymphoma.
There was no nimi that was apparent before the convenient it may never be able to be proven that the community affected her and contributed to her death. But i will never really believe that it didnt play a role from what i personally saw it from what ive read now that reactions in convenien pfizer did two studies on convenient forum. Our could study and study in this country in the study in this country theres no severe adverse events.
You know that are we reported.

how long does it take for convenia to work in cats-2
how long does it take for convenia to work in cats-2

Anyway in the foreign market study. There were severe events reported ataxia seizures death. Severe diarrhea anapa tains lethargy neurological problems.
And many other severe problems that were caused by convenient and i just dont believe that theyre being honest about what theyre reporting because i dont think its possible to use the same drug and not have you know bad reactions in both studies. Done in this country and in foreign market studies. Its just not possible.
I also believe that theyre not informing veterinarians about the severe reactions and i believe that theyre not properly reporting to the fda when people are reporting to them either your veterinarian or you reporting to them about an adverse event. I dont think that reporting that to the fda. Which theyre required by law to do so.
If your cat or dog has had a rash to this number one you need to do a necropsy particularly if theyre a healthy cat or dog and see what happened and then you need to request that your veterinarian report that in need to report it yourself both to pfizer in to the fda because i believe this drug should be taken off the market. It doesnt matter that there are many cats and dogs that dont have a reaction to it because if there are the number that i have seen from my reading online and at facebook. But if there are hundreds of people that are having reactions with their cat and dog it needs to be stopped being used and we need to start being honest about this if this happens to your cat a dog youre going to feel really horrible so please do as much reading as you can about convenien dont use it if you do have it given to your cat or dog you know either without realizing that something bad could happen or without your permission.
Which has happened also try to try be on various therapies of people who are trying to counteract the convenien.

how long does it take for convenia to work in cats-3
how long does it take for convenia to work in cats-3

Which is probiotic therapy. And also ive heard of people using apple cider vinegar. Too.
But the main thing is just say no to condemn you stop using the drug. Then they wont be able to continue using it you know they will be able to make the money that they make off with this drug so please inform yourself and form everybody that you know thats what im trying to do now. I dont want anybody to go through losing their cat or dog you know their beloved cat or dog or having terrible reactions.
You know. Which can be long. Standing and permanent blindness neurological problems seizures and you know lethargy.
Some cats have gone into a total state of lethargy you never really come out of it after using this drug good luck. Everybody take care when i get more information about the necropsy. Well post the final report of that so far.
I just have the initial report. I dont have the histology yet. But ill let you know what happens with that take care.

how long does it take for convenia to work in cats-4
how long does it take for convenia to work in cats-4

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