Let’s Play Pokemon: Black – Part 50 – Zorua \u0026 Zoroark

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Look approved bandidos and welcome back to more lets play pokemon black and purple purple rodri in the last episode. We battled our rival and friend bianca for the time in todays episode as you can see there is a special pokemon named celebi in our party as well as an open slot. Because today.
We are actually gonna be taking care of the last remaining special events in this game. We are still here strike ten city but now were gonna fly our way back to cast elia city because we need to make our way back to the game freak building. Which is where this event takes place thanks to all you guys who actually gave me the suggestion to do this event.
I didnt even know about this until you guys told me so im actually quite excited to do it lets make our way up here. Then and see where exactly it is we need to go hey morimoto. Im coming for you again.
No no not really we actually need to be here on the first floor because remember the first time we walked in here. We were like oh who are these two random little kids chilling in the gamefreak building well if you talk to this little girl. This little boy got lost.
He looks lonely so please talk to him. She tells us to talk to this little boy. So.
Lets see what he has to say yep. What oh why are you you popping at me. Oh you got back at you.
And it seems like our celebi has popped out of the pokeball for some reason. And somethings happening here yep. Oh little boy was really surreal so cool.
So as you can see a zoo. Rua has appeared and this is one of those special events that you can only do you know from actually going give this special code in doing it you cant really do it anymore. It was in the past.
So the only way to do it now is by having a code it looks like so ruin celebi are really good friends.

how to get zorua in pokemon black-0
how to get zorua in pokemon black-0

Im sure suri wants to go with you and celebi. So will you add some ruin to the party. Yeah.
Sure why not draenor do you have a pokemon so cool. There we go we dont even have to battle this rua in order to add it to our team. Its just a matter of being like hey were were nice friendly people.
I like to tell myself hopefully. We are lets go ahead and put in a pokeball and with that it seems like zorua is going to join our party. There we go guys the ruin our party.
So very cool thats a really nice event. I wouldnt have known about without you guys im gonna go ahead and give it a nickname and it is a boy so thats pretty cool. I am gonna go ahead and call this pokemon aleut.
So there you go you lou welcome to our group of friends. Sir ooh. Ive been waiting for celebi here now i am relieved so you were just chilling.
You were yip yapping with a random little boy that could only say yep yep that makes a lot of sense. You know you do what you got to do at least. You made some good friends there okay so that is the first event.
We can do next up we are going to make our way to nim basa city. It seems like theres always something going on in mombasa so lets go ahead and fly there then and there are actually a couple little changes that i need to do to our team so once ive done those ill be back with you guys in a couple seconds. So now that weve gone ahead and done this rural event.
We are also going to be doing the zoroark event as you can see in our team right now. I have rory floater in fer. Nia.
As well as three new additions.

how to get zorua in pokemon black-1
how to get zorua in pokemon black-1

Who are raikou entei and suicune now these are special event pokemon that are here with us. They are all shiny you can only get them in the past. So.
If you have a time machine to time travel back and somehow get them that is the only way to do so or you can use some special codes in order to get them now we are here in ambasa city. And we are going to be going out the east exit in order to find where the zoroark event takes place. If i remember correctly last time.
We were here coming up on route 16. There was a lot of rain and a lot of stuff happening. So hopefully.
It doesnt happen to us this time it looks like were in the clear. It is nice and sunny out the summer has began and it just its very nice out here. Let me see if i can go ahead and just get us on max rappel.
Going so we can make our way through here. Where are my max repels. I feel like i always tend to lose them.
For some reason. I have the hardest time finding them okay. Now lets make our way up this path.
I cant know where were going also i like to tell myself. And i actually am pretty sure where im going you guys did give me a lot of tips. We found a big mushroom.
So that is always great lets keep on moving then and see where we are i know that the event is right up ahead. So im gonna go ahead and put no not floater. Im gonna go ahead and put burning up in front because thats why you have fur nia here and we are going to walk on upwards and see whats going on hey.
Whats up hey hows it going no theres a little trailer.

how to get zorua in pokemon black-2
how to get zorua in pokemon black-2

Ill grow back at you too wow. The suspicious woman attacked okay wait i think we need to get out of here this womans attacking us. She must be a zombie trying to rip our head off we need to go no no turn around lets go okay here we go rhodri versus zoroark what entei entei.
Ah. Something isnt going right here apparently an nk has a beard. We are okay this is nice.
Im gonna go for the false wipe lets see whats going on here. I am pretty sure that zoroark is the illusion pokemon and there you go wild zorro arts illusion wore off and zoroark can actually seem to you like its looking like other pokemon which i find really really cool it acquit on us and barely did anything you can see that its pretty much worn down at this point. Im gonna go ahead.
And just yeah. We can throw a pokeball yeah. We can throw a pokeball.
Its only level 25. You know what we got the saru on a pokeball. So how cool would it be to also get the zoroark.
I know that the catch rate isnt too crazy for this orc. But well see how it goes here. I you know im actually gonna throw an ultra ball.
Why not we almost have it here. Hey whats up zou ark. How are you doing.
Yeah. Yeah. Chillin chillin like a villain.
Thats good.

how to get zorua in pokemon black-3
how to get zorua in pokemon black-3

Lets throw the ultra ball in with this maybe well catch it hopefully that scary woman who attacked us wont keep ripping our head off or whatever. And there we go guys gotcha zoroark was caught so there we have it with that we have done the zero arc. Special event.
Now lets go ahead and read azure orgs data. It says or ark. The illusion fox pok mon.
It is a dark type bonds between these pokemon are very strong it protects the safety of its pack by tricking its opponent. Hey. Thats very very cool now.
We are also going to be giving the zoroark. A nickname now some of you may be figuring out what this nickname is uh. I dont know if you will but im gonna go ahead and call this zoroark usually now if you guys remember what ours.
Rula was called and you remember azure ark. Is called you might see a pattern. There and with that guys.
It seems like we have cuts or art. So. This was sort soul men suru or quiz using its illusion to trick people and pok mon.
He wanted to keep people away from its lair. I heard this place was suspicious so i came to have a look. But it looks like i was tricked as well zoroark really reacted strongly to the pokemon you have with you there must be some history there a quarrel or something such a beautiful field in a place like this its almost as if this lovely scenery is the illusion and isnt that something tricky to think about what if everything around us was an illusion and a zoroark was just causing us to think.
It was real you never know what could happen that thats kind of crazy to think about but with that it looks like we have cut the zoroark and it is time to make our way back. But not to any place. We have been in a while we are going to be making our way back to the pokemon league.
Because if i am correct that was the last of the special events. We could do in this game. So if you guys have any tips on anything else we should do let me know because if not up next we will be entering the pok mon league once and for all thank you guys so much for watching and ill see you in the next episode goodbye.

how to get zorua in pokemon black-4
how to get zorua in pokemon black-4

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