Let’s Play Sims 4 – Ep 4 – Going to Work!

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Is happening here is through here time here presenting you with some more sims. 4. 4.
We are here and jessica seems to be miserably hungry lets go get food just time stop. When youre in the fridge still hook. It up get time stops immediately.
But um. What well lets see if im hungry first. I am.
But you know ill cook for myself. And i get so lets cook her um. What should be easy scrambled eggs sounds good said all we have scrambled eggs bits ah single oh theres three different servings thats cool okay so caleb is still sleeping.
After a long night of wooing. And im sorry. I laughed creepy.
Yet that is okay. Im still exploring stuff. Hi.
If you and comments from episode. 2. Are still watching these oh look at that she dropped her salt shaker in the pepper shakers and oh my gosh shes bad at it.
Please i need to give her a massage. He loved me to give her a massage. If she works at 11 00.
Yeah. If youre still watching i hear you loud and clear and to me it sounds like youre saying. Ill talk about the game.
Enough act young to me random tangent so i talk about random stuff. But while im not gonna completely quit talking about random stuff. I will try my hardest to talk more about the game.
Although there are dull points already you know because you a lot of the sims is just waiting like now im gonna wait for her to eat. I guess i could speed up. But yeah a lot of it is just waiting something oh look at that four dollars be nice to your moneys already my calebs gonna get up because he needs to give her a massage.
Oh wait that oh oh my gosh. They really make the emotion sound like you know urgent. Its bad deal is there no carpool.
Theres no carpool. Oh. My gosh caleb needs to massage her gestating.
You quit. Eating oh. No.
Shes okay. Wow. You know she got a big shower.
Kale can massage her first. I thought she showered already its massaging. An option so because shes sore so um you guys see it hmm friendly.
I dont think its a friendly thing to massage. I would think that would be romantic. I wouldnt let any friends massage me.
But i mean you know its just me all right well okay well. I guess you just can go shower and then shes gonna go to work lets take a brisk she needs energy. She needs to be energized for work ariane caleb you know what you should clean up for not yet you know cook first good yourself good eggs and toast eggs and this is a great idea.
I love egg dish. Oh look. He has more options.
Hes always little okay all right. I forgot that we had cooked already it has now i recorded the first three episodes of this in one day. It has however now been more than one day.
So its its been a couple days since i last recorded. Ive been wanting to play again though. But i havent had time at all actually so its actually.
This is the one game. Where my youtube schedule is working out incredibly with my times. Quite nice.
We going to work good get going all right look. The carpool dazeem ahold of that shake.

how to go to work in sims 4-0
how to go to work in sims 4-0

Shes running and then she did push ups. Oh. Thats crazy all right.
Im very entertaining guys all right so it looks like shes gonna have a horrible day at work cuz she had bad food. Yeah. Shes gonna have a bad day oh well she had a brisk shower.
So she has minus one or something looks like but this will be gone soon okay. Thats about one so i may show a good day at work lets see can you not open. Although if you cant open her things im like it worked.
Oh here we go work hard take it easy study. The classics. Socialize with workers.
Those work. Performance. Includes social.
Need increase right bank. Salos work. Performance offers chance at granting an inspiration mood that the work front increase fun.
Its a fun social increased skill reduces fun. Shes too shes too stressed already okay all right we can work hard cause. Shes about to lose that me.
But and she still has a good mood look so hopefully. The energized vote will still be good do you push oh we saw somebody do push ups. I clean up the house yeah a big so true the the bro that said the hero.
Im serving numbers today here that said. Im talking too much about random stuff. Im you can already tell probably ive tried my heart.
Because normally my lets play games. Did she take this the dish into the bathroom with him. Wheres it just me what happened with it.
Oh. He said beckham um. To me.
Ah. What is made very impressive. Yet.
But just going with her career to move a little faster should she just be honest about not having much experience or punch up her resume with some things that arent totally won her all right what jessica be honest so but shes been working on on buffing up her actual real life resume because were in pharmacy school. So itd be nice to have a very good looking resume and shes been talking to people about how to make your resume look nice so i feel like she thats why i think jessica would be honest. But then again part of life is making your resume look better than reality.
Actually has it suddenly jessica seems so much better on paper anyway open by checks those references performance gain. Small okay. So the fact is that very few people actually end up checking their references.
If youre going to be a pharmacist er surgeon or something like that they will but if youve never be a journalist. They might call one reference or something. But all right enos go work on his programming.
Because tomorrow caleb as work and he is a little i dont like that you cant open their things while theyre at work because it used to be that you can see their needs and stuff. But i can do anything about that so i was saying to you who thinks i go on to me random tangents. I will try my hardest not to go and read and and its any longer not not not any longer.
But a lot less now than i did before because i guess i understand how to be known. But its my style and ill still slip into at times. Like i am benny all right all right i got computer was all right one of the things.
He said. Also is im not pointing stuff out or it sound like if im getting this wrong tell me. He said.
Im not pointing stuff out enough so ive tried to read stuff off last time a lot. But i thought that was giving. I know about do it more bones.
You thousand eyes with the village on satisfaction. Oh. Because okay im working on practicing my programming.
After satisfying. Whims and aspiration bill simms. Their incest section.
Purchase rewards for your sins. Using satisfaction. Weve given you a little bit of sass section.
So you can buy something open the sections. No i thought i can get rid of those tips for the life of me and lets see what there is instant hygiene be good.

how to go to work in sims 4-1
how to go to work in sims 4-1

I guess. This is confidence sleep replacement. A heart will be more at home.
When other residents you know thats fine gym rat. Its a scary looking picture speed clean okay here we go. This is why i like i like these things are permanent speed cleaner in storage okay mentor they reached level 10 answers to the mentor interaction becomes available they can help others in the school morning.
Some no night owls me speed reader not me free services. Yeah thatd be good marketable. Yeah.
I want to do that i like to make i like to freelance. So something opera. I have is jessica working and after i reach 10 in my job.
Ill pry quit and ill just garden and i do experiments is this i like to the onion and hack people okay. So theres a lot of things i wont look at them all right now okay. So he needs to keep working.
There are some streets. Oh yeah level. 2.
Lets see what you can do for those. It can now make plugins oh sweet using using java right. I think plugins are java gay charisma cooking fitness man.
Hes got a lot of stuff. This is not me well. I mean that may be level one him that in your life may be level.
6 in that in your life. Probably level. 4 or 5.
And fitness probably those eight in seven or eight and cooking probably level one basement. I see and my job is pharmacy not not computer stuff. But i would like to do something computer related that would be if i didnt do pharmacy.
I would probably do something with computers. I was active quickly if you to geek adventure. What is this oh look you have your me at all i so cool look at that are so meals cooked to showers taking to bathroom breaks.
Three go here so be well because i guess sims ignore the go here. Thanks about sia. Okay okay.
Thanks. Sure opening the door are there all right so. We.
Thanks. Appreciate it im so tired of these things. Oh.
My gosh is that possible again. Im a thermic of united swear how long does jessica work. I cant see it soon dont show me.
Because i can click the thing hmm. Who cant be helped again. But this guy hes sitting through all right.
What will turbo for you oh whoops. It was so nice. Lets read a little bit.
Lets put jessica doing something first what if she needed it she is absent fun. Watch channel. Lets watch.
I feel like she would watch action. Yeah. Yeah.
Jessica would watch action. She on our first date. She asked me to take her to expendables.
2. So figure that one out jessica has been wrote wrote it already half of it. She will not make an additional 7 per hour in total.
Oh. A 32 per out. Oh wow.
32 per hours of bottom line she has also received the following bonus 407 milton word processor. What the heck is that her next shift is wednesday at 11 00 shes tomorrow.

how to go to work in sims 4-2
how to go to work in sims 4-2

No its not tomorrow. Oh look just she works three days a week on thats horrible. Thats all cuz.
Shes good pitt gets paid more now but can now mod games. Yes. Its again i love it keep working buddy.
Whats your thumb since brain fred do its time trying to program. A break. Okay.
Lets play some games. And play game. All sims forever for the win.
Yes. Yes. Sir.
All right all right. So lets play for emotion. Side.
Moving on on the skys limit on earth period chat with someone click on the phone select chat all right lets call someone lets chat with ill try to do these emotion. Things more all right i dont know. Which name is you say the game is motion soon all right.
Ill try to center our lets play on the emissions. Okay. So that was it meet someone new all right you know what jessica wouldnt want to meet someone.
I felt like this guys been to somebody so totally all right lets go lets go out this. Good. Lets go out all right um golf tv.
You get off the video game thing were gonna go were gonna go somewhere were gonna go yell some people wheres a good place to yell hmm. Oh. No lets see i think id like to go to the library and yellow people.
I guess you could yell people at the park. What is this night blue velvet nightclub museum look i found out it you can like you can change what a place is oh no you have to be in a padded mode. Okay yeah all right lets go to the library.
I dont know if theyll be open still go with all right there look last time. I missed that some i dont know i it thats my phone all right jessicas text me because shes trying to come here. Shes cant find pledged apart.
Its bad deal alright lets go in here. I want to meet someone new they might not be open all their yeah. Alright um.
How do you go upstairs. Yeah right. There you go lets go upstairs.
Theres no nothing no matt dont go sis. Where there by at how do you go down. Oh yeah.
All right theres nobody here. But thats okay we need to explore the books read what should we read it bad. We shouldnt even read because our people are tired lets go to a restaurant.
Okay where are you at what he went home that click the home thing. Makes it fresh is gone go home with them yeah go home with them. I mean like these.
Oh jeez you have to go all the way out go all the way home. Oh. My gosh thats gonna be funny all right oh.
Hes doing push ups on the concrete thats cute all right you know lets make lets make some dinner go back to watching your your channel. Watch the cooking channel. Because your your food sucked earlier.
Hey alright thatll make boy it was that in the pond. I will make something for both of us. I will make fish tacos family says that sounds good.
I would eat some fish tacos right now wouldnt you i would though stop jessica watching tv. But shes hungry lets not hungry. Yeah.
Shes okay shes hungry kids working on hes cooking. Hes got begin hungry. Im not gonna fit.
Unfortunately adversary. I guess i can then jessica thats what your spouse is for right.

how to go to work in sims 4-3
how to go to work in sims 4-3

Thats why they call a spouse. If i watch show your brothers room. Okay leave a.
Please. No. No grab.
Serving off the table. You do ghriba. Oh.
Wow. Ya. Hate.
Phones. The autocorrect. He thinks okay.
Lets get freaking out about surfside texture got it grab stirring. Totally alright. Am.
I still fried yes. Oh my gosh. Im liking.
A promotion. Because oh oh look oh. All i had to do ah.
Id play video games. Before i was not programmed for four hours you dope it i lets take a shower. Now lets go bathroom first.
I keep forgetting to go to bathroom. First the bathroom take out thoughtful shower sounds good um so these are your emotions right yes. These are your emotions.
These. This is your inspiration this is your emotion. Thats your inspiration.
So thats what youre inspired to do by your emotions. These are just things you wanna do kind of what was it bad food. I mean sorry yes terrible food jeez you work on that movie im gone rivers tattoo.
Yet i need to see yeah see theres a tattoo. I never noticed i never even looked for it im thinking about it good bathroom. And youre getting a shower.
Too hop on in there please look at her shes like dragging myself. I thought or walking saw. Oh okay drag it up oh bad buddy little bit do not try her baby will have a baby one of these days.
But wouldnt you be higher what oh i thought she did get into the shower with and i was like my hey okay. She can just go bed. I guess cuz.
She dont work tomorrow. Anyway. She can shower in the morning.
So shes going to bed. Then calebs gonna come to bed ah. She now were getting through.
Were getting through days. We get to days boys all right when we get the morning chart. We shall may be called an episode.
I guess we can just call it an episode now and when we get back. Ill have to be morning soon as caleb you tell jo. I want to see what he thinks after a thoughtful shower must take a long time my guess take talk.
I think that brisk and 10 showers take a lot shorter than that i got in bed kiddo. Okay. Lets meet it there they are all right so you teams all right sleeping soundly brain fred in spanish.
Im achievement. I thought we dinner together. Though that makes sense oh look at it all right well hope you guys have enjoyed next episode.
We will continue on with our lives living our lives and everything. And it will be great hope you guys are enjoying this comment. If you have anything to input.
And i will see you guys next time bye bye. .

how to go to work in sims 4-4
how to go to work in sims 4-4

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