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how to crank torsion bars on chevy 1500 This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Lifted My Truck For FREE | How To Crank Up Torsion Bars Silverado Sierra. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Hey. Whats up guys welcome to this week. At promotions channel and welcome to to another edition of a project.
Rust bucket. Today. What were going to do crank.
The torsion bars up in the front. The torsion bars basically acts as your spring in the front of truck like this you dont have a coil spring like you would on an older vehicle or i guess. Even some newer cars with the coil overs got one here and weve got one right here and both of those run back into this kind of crossmember here.
And that as a key attached to it and then you can see the bolt right here presses up on that key so by turning that bolt in itll push that key up rotating that bar clockwise and pushing that tire further down and believe it or not this bar actually twists and that gives your spring. I got too much junk in my garage. But as you can kind of tell youre obviously weve got a lot more room in the back wheel well than we do in the front over time those bars just kind of wear out so you kind of need to give them a little bit of a little bit of a boost after a while so thats what were gonna do what im gonna do is use a breaker bar.
And it looks like the bolts are on 18 millimeter. So well get to cranking. But just before we do im gonna do is take a tape measure and measure up my wheel gap here.
And it looks like this is about six inches and passenger side is also were really pretty close to six inches.

how to crank torsion bars on chevy 1500-0
how to crank torsion bars on chevy 1500-0

Surprisingly. So now that we know that theyre both pretty much even. Im gonna just do even cranks on either side.
Ill probably go two cranks up on either side. Then back the truck out drive it around a bit pull it back in and measure. It and see what we ended up with also it does help the jacket up it makes things a bit easier.
I dont know if you have to what what my jacks leaking. I dont you have to do it. But it definitely helps out its the reason we take it for a cruise other than just the fact that we love driving our chevy pickups gmc.
I guess is that we want to for one thing just kind of get everything moving in there. The changes that we made we want to make sure that everything is kind of in its final resting position. So driving it around a bit.
And maybe going a little bit of crazy will will help kind of situate everything and then when we take our measurement. Itll be accurate the other thing that were kind of looking forward to is just to make sure that we didnt jack it up so much that we end up with kind of a weird ride quality and just to make sure that everythings still steer straight. We will more likely have to do an alignment after the fact though do shut up okay.
So i think im gonna try to go a little bit higher at two cranks didnt quite get me to looking like what i wanted to look like.

how to crank torsion bars on chevy 1500-1
how to crank torsion bars on chevy 1500-1

But well take a measurement. Anyway just to see what those two cranks got us for height looks. Like two cranks is maybe you half inch that same thing on the passenger side about six and a half though all right so were gonna do how about three more turns on either side and well see what that gets us hopefully.
It is still a smooth ride over here where are we probably getting close to bottom. Dont know hopefully still get a smooth ride alright. Some of the lowdown ticket for a cruise bring it back and then well measure it up and see what we ended up with all right so were back from our little cruise.
It seems like its still handling just fine. Were definitely not level. But were getting closer anyways.
We will take a look and see what our last three turns got us here. Looks like we are now up to 7 inches. And 7 inches.
On the passenger side as well so now that ive got this lifted up like this i actually am liking my rims a lot more i was really thinking the last couple days that i was gonna get rid of them and get something that was either like 50 50 black silver or maybe just all chrome. Im not really entirely sure exactly what i want yeah. But i dont know now that shes sitting a little bit closer to level.
I actually kind of like the ballistic rims.

how to crank torsion bars on chevy 1500-2
how to crank torsion bars on chevy 1500-2

What do you guys think let me know down in the comment box below. There what are your thoughts. I should i keep these or should i get something else.
And what else should i get. Im gonna do is take the passenger side one up as far as itll go and just kind of figure out how many turns that was do the same thing on the drivers side. Which i think the boat was a little bit longer yet just so theyre both even take it for another cruise take another measurement make sure.
Its both the same and just call. It good god. I think another full turn out of both of them.
So i did. 4 full turns got me from six inches up to like seven and a quarter about so about an inch and a quarter not too bad for just turn on two bolts. A couple times really pretty easy to do but like i said you want to make sure you dont go too crazy and over crank.
Them make sure you pay attention to that what what your eye was look like when youre done if they they look like matt. Thats thats not good. And if your arm looks like that for the doctor.
So even though were not completely level.

how to crank torsion bars on chevy 1500-3
how to crank torsion bars on chevy 1500-3

I have to say this makes the truck look a heck of a lot better i dont know what it is maybe its just me. But if the truck is drooping in the front. It just i dont know if it does not look right to me.
I like them close to the level as possible and with my my baby helper springs in the back. I think we didnt do half bad at least. It it looks like its close to level.
I think it was definitely a big improvement. If you guys think so too make sure to give this video a like if you dont like the video. You think somethings wrong with it give it a dislike so you guys like to see more videos like this feel free to hit this button up at the top here that will take you to a playlist of all the videos that ive got done on the truck.
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Some informative led light review videos check out the puss to your upper left. Otherwise. Take.
Care. And stay. Safe.
Stay swanky get out and draw this beautiful world that we live in and take care. .

how to crank torsion bars on chevy 1500-4
how to crank torsion bars on chevy 1500-4

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