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Yoshi favorite video. If you or your grandma or your brother. Your sister.
Your auntie auntie or even you if youre on probation. And you want to know how to violate their probation state. So whether its a video violations could be many many many things and when i tell you many things get written first things first of course.
If a person gets arrested or if you could arrest. It while youre on probation trust. Me that is a violation that you are going back to jail.
Obviously like come on dont be surprised when you come to the office and you violated last month. And you went to jail. But you didnt call me to tell me that you went to jail.
But of course. I found out and then you got arrested at the office is it my fault. Oh.
The one whos gonna miss it though thats you easiest way to get your probation violated is to get a new offense. Okay secondly drugs and alcohol hmm. My favorite topic lets talk about thc or marijuana or weed or whatever you want to call.
It you know everybody in the grandma smoke weed now literally people grandmas look we its crazy. I dont smoke weed business. I dont smoke weed thats what your personal choice.
You know im not into that but a lot of clients or probationers smoke marijuana that is illegal in the state of texas.

how to find out who your probation officer is-0
how to find out who your probation officer is-0

You cannot smoke marijuana information even if it were legal. I mean they still wont let you smoke marijuana. Now.
Theres this whole cbd oil thing people think oh i can use cbd no that thats the violation. The reason why most people violate their probation is for using drugs or drinking alcohol like those things are two of the fastest things that can get you put back in jail as far as violations. Though a violation could be you not being home during curfew or violin could be give me false information.
Yes and believe it or not if you give your pee up off information. That is a violation of the court order. So dont lie tear peels of course.
A lot of yall. Like to get away with that a lot of people think they cant get away with that okay you want to try your luck. This final.
Me try it look okay. It is what it is but im just letting you know what the violations are and how to avoid them just be truthful keep it real lets keep it real thats the motto on my channel. Lets keep it real of course you want to fabricate some things because you dont want to get in trouble.
But in the end you only hurting yourself like you could lie to me all day. But im going home at night. Im gonna be home my family.
But are you going to be hmm hmm of it another way you could by licked your probation. I still not pay the fees okay do you have probation fees to pay you have supervision fees you have port fees those fees fees fees and some more fees if you feel to pay those fees in a timely manner to which youve already agreed yeah. Its a violation.
Its also a violation if you do not have a job and i dont care.

how to find out who your probation officer is-1
how to find out who your probation officer is-1

What state youre in a most probation departments. They do require their dependents to have a job. It must be a legal profession.
Yes you must provide me with proof of that legal profession that youre in please please please. Stop fabricating check stubs please please public service announcement stop fabricating taxes and giving them to your pm. Baking drug tests okay lets lets get into this there is a few things on the market that people use to try to dial in the day.
They try to trick the system and say that because theyre on drugs and they cant stop you know it miss i dont have a problem. But every time i test you your drug test comes back positive. But theres no problem okay then thats a problem if youre willing to risk your freedom over some marijuana thats a problem.
Okay you might not want to admit that. But thats the problem. So theres things on the market that people use to try to fake the drug test or beat.
The drug test. Let me tell you right now. Those do not work.
Okay. If your hearing comes back dilute because you drink 50 million gallons of water thinking okay im just gonna piss water okay thats also a violation no those specimens thats clearly we dont youre trying to hide something clearly we know something is not right like were not dumb of course. People are going to try to beat the system.
Hey do you think you can get away with as long as you can pay thats on you. But at the end you only really hurtin youre lying to yourself wait come on this is your probation. If you want to do this we can do this we could get you through this successfully no problems.
Me you can have no rapport.

how to find out who your probation officer is-2
how to find out who your probation officer is-2

You know and you come into the office. We can have my little chit chats and it could be thick. Youll be all gravy.
But no you want to see here youre lying fabricate drug tests. And come to me look at my face. And tell me.
Oh okay. Im gonna keep telling yourself that another popular way that you can violate the probation is to not be a community service. I dont know if they have this in every state.
But in my area. We do require the clients on the defendant to perform community service hours any month that they dont do that that is a violation of probation community service could be them picking up trash on the side of the road. It could be them i dont know cleaning parks.
Theres a lot of different things that they have them do. But if you dont perform your community service. That is violation of program that can lay you back in jail.
But not to say that every violation is gonna be followed by you going to jail. Because its not but if youre gonna stack with im not paying stacked with im not doing community service. That way.
Im using marijuana every day. Oh yeah. You probably will go back to county.
And you cant be mad at me with that like thats not on me.

how to find out who your probation officer is-3
how to find out who your probation officer is-3

Thats on you at some point you need to take more responsibility for your own actions. And thats a part of probation. Were there to help you see what you probably dont see you probably see marijuana or smoking marijuana as regular daily life like you probably grew up doing that your parents probably doing it with you.
But theres so many situations that people can be in and when they come to the office. We expect them to just cut it cold turkey when in reality. Thats thats hard for somebody to do like honestly.
If somebody asked me to stop eating for our chicken like its not gonna happen overnight if i take a little bit but we understand that but if youre honest and youre up front with your pio. Thats the best best way to get through your probation. Successfully be honest.
I cant tell you how many times. Ive helped clients not go to jail. Simply because they were honest with me like if that goes a long way if you go to court and your pio stands up for you saying okay this client did this isnt this.
But they were up from me. I was able to work with them. The judge is more likely to be more leaning on you versus you ryan every month.
Said oh i didnt do this or you just stopped coming to probation like okay you dont want help you dont want to be on probation. So whats the alternative county or prison in some cases you dont want that so deal front with your pio try to get the help that theyre there to offer you because i know probation easy probation is not for everybody some people cannot do it some people prefer to go to county some people prefer to go to prison and sit there timeout. Im not the type of chick that can go sit in prison.
But if thats what you want to do by all means go do that but if you want the help be honest with your peel being successful on probation is going to require you to be honest with yourself first and foremost. But secondly be honest with your peel. As always if yall.
Have questions. Please leave them in the comments below and they say music. .

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how to find out who your probation officer is-4

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