Madden 17 Best Unstoppable Defense How To: Defense Basics

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About just late whats going on everybodys king wolf welcome to todayss video now this video right here is just a defense basics video for people are new to madden. Believe it or not every year. Theres thousands and thousands of new players that have never played madam before and are looking for help as far as defense goes.
And what plays the pic and what not so this video right here is for you guys advanced users can skip this video. If you already know what the hell. Im talking about before we start this video man just go ahead and give it a light thats all i ask i dont charge for nothing on my channel man just drop a like on it man it helps me tremendously.
So lets go ahead and get into this right here. Now whenever youre playing defense and youre playing someone you know online you want to wait for them to pick their offensive play because that information that they give you in this little box that tells you what theyre coming out with is very important youll see itll be a little box. That says one running back to tight ends.
Two wide receivers. You want to look at that box. And you want to look at the wide receivers.
How many wide receivers are they going to come out with thats what you need to know and the reason for that is this if theyre coming out with less than three wide receivers. You want to run any of these formations against less than three wide receivers. You want to run the four six the four three the five two three four and the four four any of those formations or any set.
Within those formations. You can run a formation is the three four the set is the bear okay or or the even or anything. Within that playbook with three four playbook.
Three fours and formation over and these plays inside. Theyre all set okay so lesson three wide receivers. Remember four six four three five two three four and four four now the reason were doing that is because were matching our backs to their wide receivers.
So if they come out with less than two i mean less than three wide receivers in chances are they may run the ball. So you need some linebackers that can stop runs okay if theyre coming out with four or five wide receivers.

how to play defense in madden 17-0
how to play defense in madden 17-0

And you need to match your defensive backs to that speed and thats what were doing right here. We are matching. Our personnel to fit them to to them okay because if youre using slows linebackers out of a four four and theyre running five wide receivers.
Guess what your ass is gonna get smoked on the field. You know as far as past plays go so remember lesson three four six four three five two three four and four four three wide receivers. If they come out and its three wide receivers.
You want to run anything within. The nickel formation. So nickel wide nine nickel double a gap nickel normal now in madison.
There was a big nickel. But i havent seen it yet in madison teen. Im not saying it doesnt exist on us and it does but nickel is four three wide receivers.
Okay anything more than three wide receivers. Whether it be four or five. You want to run dollar quarter dime.
Okay dime let me do it again quarter in dollar. Now this matches. Your backs to match their speed.
Youre gonna have fast and backs as far as a dollar quarter and dime are concern so thats what you want to look for now for mobile. Cubies man. Theres you know oh one more thing.
Im sorry in long passing situations whenever youre fixing someone. And you know they have to throw the ball long like whether it be like toward the end of half time or towards the end of the game and you know theyre gonna go downfield.

how to play defense in madden 17-1
how to play defense in madden 17-1

You want to run out of the quarter defense. Whats called three deep. Its a set within the quarter defense called three deep you want to run anything within this and that pretty much pushes everybody back and covers a large part of the field and tries to prevent people from scoring touchdowns in one play and just use this whenever youre facing long passing situations now for mobile cubes.
Youre gonna face someone that just likes to roll out with the qb and just gain yards on you you can put a stop to that okay. And what i mean by that is youre going to come in to like say they have less than three wide receivers is two. So you want to run a three four bear say.
Im going to run a three four bear theyre only running two wide receivers. So theres a play in here. Its called the qb contain you see it right there cover.
1 qb. Contain look at the art. Right there those ends.
They circle around on the defense to keep that quarterback in the pocket. Now will look dumb. You dont necessarily have to run a qb contain it thats listed right here you can create your own qb.
Contain on any defensive play so if i press cover to invert like im gonna do right here. Its a zone play. But i can tell my defensive line.
Too. Run. A queue be contained by pressing lt.
And then our b let me do it real fast. Because im going to get the ai in it theyre not slowly just run play after play.

how to play defense in madden 17-2
how to play defense in madden 17-2

So. Remember were going to come. In run random play.
Hold lt. Press. It and in rb q.
Be contained that puts the defensive line in the qb. Contain and keeps them in the pocket. Ill show you again remember.
Its lt and then rb. Theres a play art. You see what theyre doing.
Thats just a quick tip you can do it on any deep into play. Lets get this play over with and there it is man thats how you stop mobile cubies. Now sues new play now youre gonna come across people.
That love to run screens. Whether it be halfback a wide receiver screens. And you can put a stop to that by running something out of the dime you know anything like it there.
Theyre gonna be running either three or more wide receivers. You can run it out a nickel. But if youre facing something thats running a lot of screens.
I recommend the dime formation run man defense like cover to man you can run cover to man cover to man is very good against screens. Halfback screens wide receiver screens.

how to play defense in madden 17-3
how to play defense in madden 17-3

Its good ok another thing you can run is cover to defense. I know i got it in here somewhere will you at cover. Two lets cover two zone defense like right there cover to carry or cover to hard flat.
Theres a new defensive play in a matter. 17. Called the cover to hard flat run that if theyre running a lot of screens.
And you want to keep a zone defense like there it is right there im sorry. Im im not even know why paint stitch dime normal cover. Too hard flat is a good play to run against like wide receiver screens or halfback screens last thing.
I want to go over with you guys is outside runs. So if you have someone thats running on the outside you can run whats called a wide 9 defense. I think i got it in here wide 9 defense that pretty much sets.
The defense you spread them out you know toward the outside of the field and you can stop outside runs. Now youre weak up the middle. So use it you know cautiously if theyre just running a lot outside all you need is one good stop on the outside run.
You know to take the series over so use it with caution. Theres one of the 4 3. I know theres one in the nickel wide nine.
Yeah so there it is man. I hope you guys. Enjoyed.
The video man. This is just defense basics for you to use you know as far as your playing madden and whatnot. And ill be going into more advanced like shading and you know you know past commits and run commits and like that well get into that later.
But this is just to get you guys started hope you guys. Enjoy the video drop a like subscribe you can ill check out the next with peace. .

how to play defense in madden 17-4
how to play defense in madden 17-4

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