Madden NFL 17 Tips: How To Beat Cover 3!

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Good sports gamers and welcome back to our defensive tutorial series and in this video. Video. We will be going over how to be covered three defenses.
And theres additions. This year to cover three match play lose ability to man up on the flop can make your once nice cover three beater dead on arrival one of the weaknesses of cover three is because the inside linebackers. Dont have middle read assignments that drop them deeper to their zone.
Unless. Hes being using a huge void is left for the office to attack behind the linebackers and in front of the safety. So im going to show you ways to get into this area with as little trouble as possible and another area of note to attack is the sidelines with the flat defender whose job.
Youre gonna want to make as hard as possible the problem. Were going to tackle figure out how to be covering three consistently this year is making the cover three match plays non existent because if your opponent is running a match play if you havent received it lined up by himself or have a slot receiver make any sort of threat vertically. His defender.
Who will have the new seen flat assignment and the corner next to him will man up both receivers and blow up your play entirely if youre expecting zone. So how can we get them to not do that a couple of ways actually runner to drag with the inside or outside receiver. Seems to be the only route the defender will stay off and play as the player suggests.
Another is formations with no outside receiver.

how to beat cover 3 madden 17-0
how to beat cover 3 madden 17-0

I want to play as is and they play me straight up. But as soon as i motioned the guy to the outside its man defense once i motion the back a straight zone play again lastly our regular sets to have three receivers on one side like why trips. Where the defense cant afford the man of somebody in fear flow.
Our concepts one play ill show you to demonstrate as many of the ideas. I just went over is a familiar one sorta. Its not quite be a wide receiver in but close enough.
Its called pa draw shot out of the patriots playbook. I street too tight in to run directly at the deep safety so i can attack the area in front of the safety and behind the linebackers like i mention earlier next to curl to running back to keep the middle linebackers. Honest so even if one of them is being used that he cant just take off deep and with x.
Ill just run a drag. So the corner doesnt follow him because remember the corner on the lone receiver side also has their ability to convert the man and match plays. If the receiver wants anything other than the drag wrap and were in a set with three receivers on one side.
So we dont have to worry about man coverage on a strong side. As you see the slot defender. Who has the same flat assignment is in a two on one situation that he cant win.
I have to run the backs curl hold the linebackers get dragged running to the empty side caused by the 3d props and finally the poster.

how to beat cover 3 madden 17-1
how to beat cover 3 madden 17-1

I buy b is open because the tight end running off the deep safety and underneath routes holding the linebackers causes. The huge gap of the defense for the b to run through. Do be wearing in general though going to gets covered rematch.
Play sometimes mid play defenders will switch assignments with each other to give better angles on receivers. Crazy right alright guys hope you liked the vid and i hope i helped you improved your game stay tuned for our next video will be tackled cover for defenses. And the new zones attached to it thank you all for watching and be good ok.
So you now know cover 2. Works on the wrenches man. 17 is thrown into the mix with allowing defenders.
The ability to man up on the fly. So now im gonna go over how to beat. It knowing all of this one of the ways to be cover two is by attempting to isolate one of the deep safeties on our receivers.
With a two man route combination all the ways. I showed you outer defense trap is a cheap to give the two deep safeties as much help as possible while still technically playing a cover to defense you want the diva to play more honest and highlight all the reasons cover two cannot be played it gives you and the way to do that is by utilizing at least one slot receiver to spread the defenders and cause the middle linebacker to cover more ground. If you wants to defend a deep middle.
Its a lot easier to cover a streak and tighten down the middle. But not so .

how to beat cover 3 madden 17-2
how to beat cover 3 madden 17-2

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