Make Your Snowblower Throw Farther and Never Clog. Install A DIY Impeller Kit.

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Ladies john welcome back to garage gear. Im jb all right so do you you have a snowblower that maybe doesnt throw as far or clogs up well im gonna show you how to install an impeller kit on it so that way you could be the envy of all the neighbors. All right so ladies and gentlemen your snowblower after follow.
These instructions well throw snow twice as far and never clog up even in the heavy heavy wet stuff that you may get during the winter. All right lets get to it okay. So here let me show you on a quick little drawing a little tutorial here.
What an impeller kit is and what it does all right. So lets start off with the tube. That is located pretty much in the middle of your snowblower.
All right so you have like this chute here that sticks out of it right and inside you are going to have either three or four impellers that spin around all right and they spin around and then the snow exits out your chute. Which you rotate and the snow spits out that way okay so what youre gonna do is theres always a gap right here right here right here right here. And it has this impeller is spinning around what happens is you start to get snow built up on the edges around the outside round.
The outside round the outside and eventually it just clogs up and then thats what slows everything down and your snowblower doesnt quite throw snow as far as it could or your machine might just come to a complete grinding halt. And ive had that happen to me a couple of times. Once i did this i never had this happen again so here let me show you what you do you take a little piece of rubber.
You could take the sidewall of a tire you could take i use a piece of a conveyor belt and i basically bolt. It to each of the impellers and i usually put two bolts in each one and i put it pretty much right up to the edge of the housing of this tube or i may put it maybe like mmm like really really close all right and then im gonna put one here. Im gonna bolt.
It down so as its going around its actually going to wipe everything on this edge completely clean and its going to throw it right out. And actually if you have any water sitting in there itll throw that out as well so any slushy wet snow will come right out clean clean clean on the inside of this tube ladies and gentlemen all right so the next step. Ive actually taken off the spark plug wire here so i should i shouldnt have any problems with this thing starting up on me or anything like that and when i look at the impellers on the inside of this snowblower heres your impeller all right and as it comes around and you can kind of see that there is a gap right in here.
I almost put my finger in there a gap right inside. And thats where all the snow tends to get clogged up especially. If you have a rusty set of impellers or if you have like a rusty pipe.
Everythings gonna kind of start to bond up in there really quick. So what ive done is ive taken these little pieces of rubber okay. Its pretty thick probably a little wider than a quarter inch.
And what im gonna do is im gonna put this right up to that edge. This is about three and a half inches.

how to make my snowblower throw snow farther-0
how to make my snowblower throw snow farther-0

This piece right here kind of curves up so im not gonna really worry about that. But what im gonna do is just get this right up to that edge pretty much maybe about a millimeter away and im gonna bolt. It down with two bolts here and here and then im gonna do that on all four now some people say you only have to do two one across from another thats fine.
I like to get really crazy and really have this thing just unload snow. So what im gonna do is put one here one here with a bolt and im gonna do this eight times. Because theres four impellers.
So this is gonna take me about an hour and a half and then well get it going so. The next question is do i drill through this impeller piece of rubber or do i drill through the impeller itself first. I like to actually drill through the impeller first and then ill match the holes up with a marker on here and then ill play so cuz.
Then i can kind of figure out exactly where i want it if i try to drill through both at the same time. And that can get a little messy and these things kind of go flying all over the place so thats gonna be my first step is drilling through the impeller so here we are back at the workbench. I can actually cut out my four rubber pieces one for each impeller and i also got two bolts ready for each impeller as well now these are just like some old junk bolts that i had laying around.
I got two washers one for each side of the rubber piece and a standard bolt to put on the end or enough to put on the end now you could use lock nuts. Thats getting a little overboard. These will stay on just fine.
Ive had my impeller kit on there for probably the better part of five years and i have not had a single one come free so if you really wrench it down. Tight. Youll be just fine.
So these bolts are about a quarter of an inch. And what im gonna do is actually take a drill bit that is slightly wider and im going to drill into the impeller to make the hole just slightly wider. So that way these fit in nice and easy.
And i have actually have a little bit of play side to side or front to back so i could really wiggle these things into the right spot on that impeller so today. Were actually gonna go a little old school. Ive got my quarter drill because if i try doing this and ive done this before if i try doing this with a cordless drill.
Youre just gonna burn through two batteries in about 20 minutes. So or less than that i should say so im gonna use my old school corded drill to drill through these impellers and get the holes. Now i actually have something like a three eighths size bit here something a little bit bigger.
I want to have a little extra play room so i can shuffle. These impeller pieces around and get them exactly where i want them all right so just finished drilling through the first impeller.

how to make my snowblower throw snow farther-1
how to make my snowblower throw snow farther-1

You can see i got two nice little holes. There about 3 8. Inch in size.
And thats gonna allow me a little bit of play so i can move the ball top down. So i decided wherever i got to put them to place them once i just drilled the holes through the impeller. So were looking pretty good any metal filings that you may see that are tiny.
Ill just vacuum those out later when im all done with that every single one of these impellers so looking good all right ladies and gentleman. There you have it we have on one impeller. We have tools slide to the next tools slide to the next two holes two holes two holes okay so we got all four impellers drilled out i got tons of metal shavings down at the bottom.
Im gonna vacuum those out clean out as much as i can and then were gonna get down to business. Pretty much matching up the holes on to these which is a little tricky. But i think the hardest part is now over drilling through these impellers is no joke that is definitely solid steel that youre trying to drill through and if you dont have a sharp bit.
Its gonna take you a while so that took about 15 minutes to get all those drilled out on to the next step so the next step. Were gonna take our rubber piece or impeller and were gonna kind of start to match things up with the edge. I try to go about right to the edge or maybe a millimeter away.
And thats looking pretty good on that piece right there. Now the question becomes drawing the dot through the underside of the impeller with a sharpie so i know where to drill my holes all right so im gonna get it pretty much where i want it and then im gonna reach through find it draw find the next hole and draw and you shouldnt have two dots. I hopefully hopefully that comes up on camera hopefully you can see it but theres my two spots to drill.
Im gonna do one at a time because if i do all four. Ill mix them up each holes drilled just slightly further apart than the last. So.
This is going to be the best way to go about it music and that ladies and gentlemen is ready to go so. Now you can see ladies and gentlemen. I got daylight coming through both of these holes.
Because i matched them up perfectly all right so drill. The holes through the impeller drilled the holes through the impeller pieces that im putting on so. Now the next step is to take these bolts match them up with the right size socket because were gonna need to get these locked in by the way.
Im gonna do a whole review probably on this 225 piece socket set from harbor freight. These pittsburgh tools.

how to make my snowblower throw snow farther-2
how to make my snowblower throw snow farther-2

Oh my god this is for a hundred bucks. This is a solid solid set that has everything you need its got the wrenches. Its got the deep sockets or deep wells.
Its got metric sae. Its got everything its got quarter inch 3 8. Half inch.
Oh. My god i should just do it right now but back to business. So finding the right size one nope half an inch perfect thats our guy.
Were gonna take that and run all right this one is officially locked on so these bolts look good you can see how much a gap that that is there now i mean that is pretty much right to the metal maybe a millimeter away. But thats good thats right thats right where we want it thats gonna throw. So much snow.
All the snow is just gonna pile up here. And it is just going to be pushed out before it can even bond to this metal tube right here. So.
This is gonna be a great running machine. So im going to repeat this step now four times. I got a do or three more times.
I should say new piece new impeller holes are ready for us im gonna reach under mark the holes drill them out hole come on and repeat. There you go so now ladies and gentlemen about 20 minutes after that bolting all these on putting nuts and bolts on the back side these and colors. Now come about one millimeter away from the inside.
Theres two good fair warning. You will get your hands a little dirty in the process. Youre okay dont be afraid so impeller.
And it does you will notice when you do this it does make the impeller stick a little bit more alright and the motor will take care of that the motor will do the math all right pushing it around there you go so one thing. I didnt notice about all this when ive been doing these over the years is it does put a tiny bit more strain on the belts underneath. These covers.
I have not i dont want to say i have snap belts. Ive only broken one belt over the years.

how to make my snowblower throw snow farther-3
how to make my snowblower throw snow farther-3

But if these are really tight to the wall. All four of them are all three of them depending on how many you have it does put a little bit more strain on the belts. So just kind of watch that always check your belts at least once or twice a season just to make sure that theyre doing okay if you do break a belt.
Its not that hard of a fix. Im probably going to do a video on how to fix those anyways down the road anyways also make sure that these bolts are snug down. Very tight.
So that way they dont go flying loose and ladies and gentlemen. Were about ready to get rolling here so im gonna give this a test make sure it all sounds okay. And im gonna put the chute back on and we should be good to go so.
Now that the impellers are all setting in place and right now were at about 45 maybe 50 minutes into this whole process. So were not too far in and i mean. This is this is really not a hard job impellers are looking good everythings tightened down before i put the chute back on what im gonna do is actually grease around the outside edge.
And i like using this marine grease. This is by lucas oil know this is not a paid sponsorship. But maybe in the future if you want to consider it guys marine grease.
This is good stuff. Its not afraid of water so what im going to do is just load this up all around the outside edge that way our shoot can dance around without a problem looking good all right so. This snowblower.
Ladies and gentleman is ready to go the impellers are in place. Everythings bolted down the shooters back on were going to get this engine running. Were going to get it ready to rip all right so without further ado.
Lets give it a pull and get it going well ladies and gentleman. There you have it all right. We have an impeller kit ready to roll for this upcoming winter.
The impellers are in place theyre bolted on they do make a little bit of extra noise just because there is a little bit of friction going on inside that pipe all right. And then there is also a little bit of a small smell of burnt rubber and thats from the impellers breaking in and that will go away after another use or two. So this is ready to rip for my friend and this thing.
Its gonna be one awesome awesome snow blower especially with a new engine this things gonna throw snow so far probably at least 40 feet and thats yours all right as always ladies and gentlemen please like this video subscribe to our channel garage gear alright. We got lots more videos coming out on how to handle things around your garage. Alright cool things to try out and do alright again.
Im jb thanks for watching and have a good day .

how to make my snowblower throw snow farther-4
how to make my snowblower throw snow farther-4

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