Meatloaf – The Basics

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Youre going to make meatloaf. There are three things you want to think about about first of all you want to think about the flavor secondly. The moisture and the texture.
So lets talk about the flavor first first off what meat are you going to use you can mix your meats. Were going to use today beef because it has a nice bold meaty flavor pork because it has a bit of a sweet note to it and veal because it adds tenderness. We also want to add some flavor in the form of some vegetables here.
Ive saut ed. The onion. Garlic and carrot ahead of time.
I like carrot and a meatloaf because it adds a little sweetness. But its important to cook. It first because its not gonna have a chance to get cooked.
Once this meatloaf is formed and put into the oven. Then were going to need some herbs to add some flavor as well so ive got some dried thyme. Some dried oregano some fresh parsley.
Some worcestershire sauce and one teaspoon of salt now if you think about how are we going to keep this meatloaf moist i like to use milk milk adds obviously liquid. But milk is also a tenderizing agent. So its also going to help us with the texture now ive actually put my milk here with some oatmeal you can put bread crumbs.
You can put oats in here.

how to tell when meatloaf is done-0
how to tell when meatloaf is done-0

I soak them first they absorb that milk and then they give that moisture back to the meatloaf. As it cooks and those oats are actually also going to help keep this bound together. Which means.
Its not going to fall apart. When you bake it what else are we going to use to bind it to eggs lightly beaten. We need a good grinding of pepper and now we just have to mix it up so once its well mixed up.
We just have to wash our hands. If youre not a huge fan of the crust on meatloaf and you just want the crust on the top go ahead and use a loaf pan. But i do recommend using a special meat loaf pan that elevates the meatloaf from the bottom of the pan.
So that its elevated out of its own fat. I like the crust on meat loaf. So im going to go ahead and make it right here on the sheet.
Pan. So take the meatloaf mixture out and place it onto the sheet. Pan.
If you over pack. The meatloaf. Its going to be more dense you want a meat loaf that is held together nicely.
But its sliceable and still tender.

how to tell when meatloaf is done-1
how to tell when meatloaf is done-1

I like to make it as high as i can it will come out a little flatter but thats okay were gonna transfer this now to a 350 degree oven for just about an hour so its been about an hour in the oven. We have to make our glaze. Which is super easy.
It is simply some brown sugar mixed in with some ketchup. There are variations on glazes. But this one.
I think is the easiest i come across lets take that meatloaf out of the oven spread that glaze on pop it back in here. It is its looking beautiful just this glaze spread across the top cuz. The meat looks warm it will start to melt a little bit and drift down the sides on its own.
Which is great so after about 15 minutes of glazing time it should be ready. But we have to check a temperature to make sure thats done so where do we stick the thermometer in order to take the temperature. Thats the most important thing to know.
It is right in the center. So stick that thermometer all the way in this way it needs to come to 165 degrees. Once its there and it is its ready to go.
But as with all meats this meatloaf needs to rest in order to really retain its juices when you go to slice it so simply let this be for 10 minutes. Its too hot to eat right now anyway then slice it up serve it up and make people happy thanks for watching. If youd like to see more of the basics click over here.
If youd like to see more about the bowls that i use to mix everything up click over here. If you have any questions comments or suggestions for new basics put them in the comments below. .

how to tell when meatloaf is done-2
how to tell when meatloaf is done-2

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