Meeting MrBeast In Person (VERY RUDE)

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The video and subscribe in the next five seconds or this spider will be in in your bed tonight crawling around when you go to sleep. Hey guys at vinci this video. Well be taking a look at what some youtubers are really like in real life basically.
Im gonna show you guys clips of some fans meeting youtubers. Were going to see if these youtubes are the same nice people that they are in their videos. Or if they are rude in real life make sure you watch the video to the end see clips of mr.
Bates and dane tdm in real life trust. Me you wont believe how they act in real life. So make sure you dont miss out at the number 5 spot.
Weve got ninja so ninja was at an event one day. There were thousands of people there just the same and the ninja found out there was one of his biggest fans there at this event. He was actually sick this fan.
Then ended up telling ninjas that he was sad all the time and watching ninja actually made him feel better ninja couldnt believe what this fan was saying and he was so happy that this fan came all the way just to meet him keep watching. Though because after this ninja does something to this fan. Which you wont believe trust me.
Its insane. So dont miss out go over to her see guys you are absolutely correct. I have the pleasure of speaking with gage and stacy who is gages mother.
So i thank you guys so much for taking the time to speak with us do you mind telling us. What is it mean for you to be able to be here and see him in person its just crazy he inspires everybody in the world he inspires me to feel better be able to go to school. I know when i can get home.
I can be able to just relax and watch his stream. So after this ninja then actually invites his fan onto the stage in front of thousands of people. He then gives him a hug and says thank you to him ninja didnt even gives his fan.
An exclusive jersey that no one else in the whole world has as a gift to him they then even did ninjas pom. Pom dances. All which is awesome to see this was just an emotional moment it shows that ninja is the same last person that he is oni streams in real life.
Lets check it out thank. You so much. Dee dee.
I appreciate it so cool. So cool. Thank you so much for coming.
We got it we got to give you guys im gonna get you a chair. See we have a jersey. Im gonna give you i have a jersey.
I think personally though yeah can we have somebody bring it jersey jersey would take three man thank you so much i appreciate it.

who is the solitary boy left at the school-0
who is the solitary boy left at the school-0

Oh my god were looking up to the pompon real. Quick little quick skill. Thank you so much for bringing him here.
Thank you so much appreciate it thank you for coming buddy absolutely absolutely do we have the gear. All the gear is coming right now yeah. This is yours now watch duty until the end for 48 hours of good luck next.
Weve got sunday. So sunday end up going to a youtube event one day at this event. There were thousands of fans there waiting to come and meet him.
He ended up meeting. Three boys who are all huge fans of sundy sundy. Asked these kids their name and then when they told him sunday starts to troll them.
He kept on messing their names up on purpose and these kids were super confused. These kids asked sundy to sign some of this stuff is oh. And then sundy actually ended up doing it they then took a photo together as well.
Which is awesome sundy looked pretty happy to say these fans. And he was acting like the same funny person that he is in all these videos in real life. These kids didnt realize that sunny was joking around with him.
But overall. This is a pretty funny clip. Lets check it out wait youre like youre lucas.
And youre lucas. Im so measly yep anything for you ladies nor anything a picture will do that are you guys brother all right new crazy face all three crazy faces thank you very much next. Weve got dantdm so dantdm ended up doing something one day.
Which was amazing. He was invited by a charity called make a wish to come and meet some children who are ill these kids could have wished for anything in the world. But they decided they would wish to meet dantdm.
When dan was invited. He was honoured and actually couldnt believe it when he got to the event. All the children were so excited to see him and some couldnt even believe.
It was real danced out with all these kids and actually talked to them and got to know them keep watching. Though because after this dance or something which you wont believe trust. Me.
It will blow your mind. So dont miss out music applause music. It was really good because im i had that name i came up your own youtube channel.
And i have a way to wanted to be on use to you music.

who is the solitary boy left at the school-1
who is the solitary boy left at the school-1

Im planning to make youtube channel. Yeah so after these it was time for dan to go home. But instead of going home dan decided that he would actually stay for a few out to spend some times with these amazing kids dan didnt have to do this.
But he did it anyway since hes such a nice guy he ended up playing games with these kids and just had an awesome time this just shows us that even when the cameras are off and and isnt recording videos for his channel. He still loves these fans a lot and loved to spend time with him as well. Which is so awesome to see lets check it out wait a second since.
I signed a lot of their stuff. And gave them some cool merch and stuff they gave me this. Which is a big minecraft creeper head.
Obviously. But they signed it too so this is from all the kids that i met today so uh. Thank you guys thanks again that is i really really appreciate that ill cherish that for forever.
Thank you so much yeah we hung out its a mean greens played some games. And i filmed the gameplay for you because a very very funny game. Indeed next.
Weve got mr. V.s before we get into this one.
If youre a fan of mr. Beast be sure to leave like on the video and subscribe also comment below that youre a fan of mr. Beast.
So i know who the real. Mr. Beast fans are ill be liking and responding to all the comments.
Who say this as well anyway so mr. Bs end up going to a youtube event. A couple of years ago.
Called vid summit. Know many people knew that mr bs was at this event. So when one of his fans found if he was super.
Excited these fans sat down next to mr. Beast and started having a conversation with him mr b seemed like a super nice guy and by the way he was talking you wouldnt even be able to think that he was a massive youtuber youd think that he was just some regular nice guy. This is awesome and actually just shows that even though mr.
Beast has millions of subscribers. Hes still the same guy that he was before he became a youtuber lets check it out so im actually here with mr. Blue recording with im using an app called spark know so whats neat about this editing.

who is the solitary boy left at the school-2
who is the solitary boy left at the school-2

Is that it actually will string all your clips together. So if like you are really lazy. And youre not the type of person who likes to edit after the fact it will string all your clips into one consecutive.
Video and it only cost like a maybe like a 300. Yeah finally weve got jelly. So jelly ended up going to a special event.
One day that was held just for him this event was in ireland. So jelly flew all the way there just to see his fans. But when he arrived hundreds of fans wedding.
Theyre ready to see jelly when jelly walked out onto the stage. All of his fans are crazy and they couldnt believe that they were seeing their favorite youtuber in real life. They all started cheering her jelly.
But then one of jellies fans actually ended up booing him jelly just laughed at this kid. Since he knew he was joking keep watching though because after this clip jelly ends up doing a meet and greet and talking to a lot of his fans you wont believe what he ends up saying to one of these fans though trust me. Its insane so dumb as hell all right.
I was upstairs go all right so this is where were gonna sit down. And then theres supposed to be some people on here. Applause music.
Oh hey how dare you alright. Josh. Where we going were going to a meeting great a hour meaning clean so no ones left for you though fortunately okay so what happened on stage.
Were going in the elevator. Awkward down. What happened on stage josh so after this jet that meets a lot of his fans.
There was a huge line of people waiting to see him. But jelly still took his time to meet each and every single one of them jelly then sad to joke around with one of his fans as well they were basically talking about how everyone should unsub two jellies friend and then subscribe to jelly instead. This was awesome to say because a lot of people think that jelly is not the same person.
He is in real life that are years in these videos. But hes actually super nice and funny person that he is in these videos. Lets check it out alright so like josh said at this time for our meet and greet whats up guys.
Im really purple. Why is this like not hey who do you need to subscribe to this man right here jelly. Me and who do you need to unsubscribe to 200 subscribers to me yeah look at that man jelly hat.
Chill ut and pikachu. But do i see jelly shirt. As well are you wearing a jelly shirt underneath.
Oh. My goodness look at that its peeking through its leaking through shout out to you man thats awesome anyway guys thats it for what youtubers are really like in real life if you enjoyed please be sure to leave a like on the video and subscribe. If youre new this has been adventure peace .

who is the solitary boy left at the school-3
who is the solitary boy left at the school-3

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