MetroPCS ZTE ZMAX How To Root Fast Easy Free No PC

how to root zte zmax metro pcs This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you MetroPCS ZTE ZMAX How To Root Fast Easy Free No PC. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Whats up guys. This is john from magic. Tech review so i have the.
The. Zte zmax its unrooted right now. 444.
And i just wanted to show guys a quick tip on how to temporary group your route your phone. So i use this like lets say right now. Im using recordable the app like it it needs me the root access or access to eight pc usb things so like at home.
I dont have a i dont have a pc to connect to so basically if my phone restarts. Im screwed or if i have to power down my phone or for any reason. Then im screwed because i dont have a pc at home.
So i need root access so instead of what i do is i give myself temporary root so then i have root whenever i need it so and it doesnt really damage your phone and its temporary once you restart it the root goes away.

how to root zte zmax metro pcs-0
how to root zte zmax metro pcs-0

So this is a king root. So im going to do a live rooting for you right now. So basically you just hit the you download the program off the internet off key you just go to google chrome on your phone and then you go to king root when you download the program and then it starts to root your phone.
And it should you know it doesnt take too long pretty much a success rate 100. So far for me by the way is the zte zmax from metropcs. But i found that this can work on other phones as well so you know all you got to do is just try it out if it doesnt work it just fails.
And it restarts your. Phone its not a big. Deal so lets see here so 267.
So once itll just go higher and then it was just basically your phone will be routed. So theres a lot of applications that need route sometimes youll want to do the full routing and then you know youre stuck with the superuser and then you know you can mess your phone up really really bad so this way is kind of like a safe kind of routing. Its like its like untethered routing or tethered routing.
I should say so ive found this to be very helpful for myself.

how to root zte zmax metro pcs-1
how to root zte zmax metro pcs-1

I dont know you know you guys might need the full route or whatever you want to you know. But just like i said you know i have certain apps that require root access and but i dont want to mess up my phone. Completely or break.
It or do anything crazy. So i just this is how i do it so hopefully. This will show you guys im going to show you that i have wrote after them this is done so stick around there we go root.
Successful. Okay so basically and then it has has a couple other apps in here in that email you might want to use so route optimization your checker allow see its allowing the recordable so i just go lets it go so thats the app. Im using to actually record this with now im going to go to root checker.
Okay so its going to check if you have root its not will not install ruin on your device okay accurate okay so there we go so verify room check your basic pending authorization allow okay congratulation who access is properly installed on disturbance so and basically this allows you to do different. Things like i have let me see here i have movies in and mobizen also requires our root access. So i dont know this one takes a lot quite a little bit a long time so so you hit allow boom.

how to root zte zmax metro pcs-2
how to root zte zmax metro pcs-2

So now i can use mobizen without having to actually without actually having to get my phone to a usb cord plug it in do all this other stuff of the computer. Its just a quick way to get route real quick. If you need it so.
If you guys like this app. Let me know if you you know if you like this this kind of thing. Let me know as well okay guys.
And this pretty much ive used it on quite a few phones in the metro pcs family. So im pretty pretty sure theyll all work. And its pretty safe and you know if it just if it fails just restart your phone and try again alright guys.
So. This has been john from magic tech review. Thank you for watching and supporting me my son and my channel.
And i will see you guys in the next. One thanks a lot oh .

how to root zte zmax metro pcs-3
how to root zte zmax metro pcs-3

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