Minecraft Tutorial How To Enable Biomes O’ Plenty Biome Generation On A Multiplayer Server

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Everybody and welcome to a new video in this video. Im going to show show you how to enable the biomes o plenty generation on your minecraft server so can be your feet to be server or just your normal vanilla server. With this bot add a tool so make sure before we were going to follow the steps please put your server offline.
So all the changes can be made what were going to do okay. So as you can see im at the moment using far cellular remotely remote my open my server. I got it hosted on a company so i basically are in my zone surf right.
Now because i dont have to on my computer class. I if im going to do that its going to be a bad surface id. That.
s why. But yeah so when i use the dime of. 20 point.
164. Edition. And as you can see i got to fall over here.
So lets open that now you can see here a whole bunch of folders and we only need one im just going to use this one cuz. Its its just more you guys can see better. We hope.
The quality is good just for some reason. My recording software doesnt want to record my screen. That well as its supposed to be so yeah.
Im sorry if you guys cannot see it clearly when im going to say step or step. What youre gonna have to do so you want to go to the config file. So if you have the oh.
Im im doing wrong already. Im sorry ice and okay so what youre going to do is go to d. We get the tent.

how to enable biomes o plenty on a server-0
how to enable biomes o plenty on a server-0

There we go we want to go look for the biomes o plenty folder. So this is the folder. Where you gonna where were going to change.
The configuration file. Okay come on the oh click on that okay get over. Here.
Lets get this thing. Over here. Okay there we go so now we want to right click on the turbo engine that cfg config file.
Okay now want to choose third one thats the read edit you want to click on that now we want to go to choose. Local foul reopen. Okay.
We want to click that lets open this one up we hope you guys can see it clearly yo maybe is this better okay so what you want to do is you just scroll all the way down till you see biomes settings okay and this year. Whats best for you guys is its hard to see for myself. But yeah.
This a little bit clearer. But im sorry about the quality guys. What we have to do with it right now okay so young goes for the biome settings in the biome settings.
Okay now you see here add biomes to default world so that means youre going to enable your biomes o plenty that will used when youre going to generate your new world. Okay. What its normally going to do is you know equal to share for this are always offline or false.
I mean okay so what is just can do its gonna use default worlds in your new map. Okay. But if were going through this one.
Enable it its going to add the biome generation of steve times of plenty so lets put the logo for so you want to edit this so it you should be a false as default. But we get it entered through in here. Okay like that no space just next to each.

how to enable biomes o plenty on a server-1
how to enable biomes o plenty on a server-1

Other okay so when we did that thats pretty much everything okay we got by the way here all the files. We have to need. But yeah.
We dont going to use that you can enable some things you like. But yeah so when we did that you want to go to file. And then save youre going to save it its going to say something just click ok.
And it will change the file that you changed okay now if you already generate your wealth before what you want to do is go back over here you wanna delete the world folder. Okay thats too important you can be more specific and go for the tick. You see a third now doesnt seems to be a total value used to be or specific ones just to clearly overall.
But it doesnt seems to maybe they changed. Now okay. So just delete the whole world map okay make sure again have your server off okay.
What were gonna do now is youre going to close your file. Sara you can keep it on a doesnt really matter that you wanna turn on your serve. Now okay so i get just that now we want to open our feet.
The beast. Lets go computer. The the fdb feed beast launcher.
There we go just going to put up my feet beast. So im using the dial of 20 packs. Im going to launch that of course.
So yeah lets open that lets have a wait for a second so when you did turn on your server and delete that folder to generate a new world a so edit it and its going to open my feet to peace right now and then when i show you my server in a second and see that we got biomes o plenty in our minecraft server cause that was the first thing. It was really hard to find how to change it. But i finally got that just easy step.
But you you know you just have to come up with so yeah. I almost done with doing his stuff to open my feet. The beast.

how to enable biomes o plenty on a server-2
how to enable biomes o plenty on a server-2

There we go lets open my visit there we go now go to multiplayer and this server. I have hosted lets click on that okay so now you can see my acting okay so were just a little microphone on the server. But can we lets just go to creative mode real quick.
Im able to do or have the right to do it thick. We have to go we can fly okay. So as you can see here.
This is a three from biomes o. Plenty you can see us from the mod natura. Oh.
Wait oh long thats the wrong mod this one should be pams of blood. I guess now lets have a look if we can find something from biomes. O plenty no that just normal minecraft.
It actually is not. But lets have a look think those are from im so plenty yeah there we go so you see we got sent flowers from bio 20. So that means we got now at biomes o plenty on our server.
Okay. So thats pretty much. It is pretty easy step.
And yeah just tone in a few minutes. So. If you found this a good thing.
Please let me know im happy to hear if it helps for you also if you have any questions just leave me in the comments below or send me. A private message. I will answer all your questions.
Okay and please get to like if you like and subscribe to see some more tutorials and some lets place of mark 1 2. Kate one everybody and happy xmas. .

how to enable biomes o plenty on a server-3
how to enable biomes o plenty on a server-3

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