My MOM LIED To Me About My FATHER – Real Story Animated by TrueTales

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Hi. My name is barbara and what im going to tell you might sound sound strange. But yes.
My mother lied to me about who my father is when was growing up. I looked completely different than my father my brother it was so noticeable that often when my whole family was out somewhere someone would often ask how i ended up with dark brown hair and brown eyes. While everyone in my family.
My dad mom and brother were all blonde and blue eyed. My mom would often laugh. And say something like must be somewhere back in the family line.
Hes definitely her father my parents didnt have that great of a relationship. I can remember many times when it seemed like they were on the verge of divorce. The entire year.
I was in the fifth grade they slept in separate bedrooms after that they moved back into the same bedroom. But more often than not id come down to get ready for school and my dad would be sleeping on the couch in the living room after my mother passed away when i was 29. My dad mentioned something that jumped out at me we were having problems and going to divorce right before you came along and i dont think we were intimate around the time your mother got pregnant with you i looked at my dad.
And i thought about all of those times people have pointed out how i looked out of place dad do you think youre not my dad. I asked tentatively honey. Im your dad you will always be my daughter.
He said he had raised me so i couldnt imagine anyone else as my father. But i still decided to get a dna test to find out the truth. I had to know whether my mother had lied to me all of those years.
The dna test confirmed that my father wasnt my biological father. I dont know who is but my mom must have cheated during her marriage to my dad and gotten pregnant with me. When i told my dad he gave me the biggest hug and repeated that i was his daughter and always would be im so glad that he didnt turn on me just because of my mothers poor choices since my mother had passed away before i knew the truth.
Theres no way i could confront her. But i still cant think or remember my mother without remembering her devastating betrayal. Shed lied to me and the man.
She was married to for my entire life. I dont know if ill ever be able to understand why she did what she did or be able to forgive her for that but im glad to at least have the dad. I do have in my life.
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The end hi. Im chloe and today. Im going to express the painful truth.
Ive been carrying for so long. Its about me. And my younger sister anna.
Anna. Was born. When i was four years old she was really cute and for me.
She was a new maid to play with i loved her tickled her and played with her all the time as soon as i got home after school. I would sit with anna and tell her story after story about my entire day everything was good back then as anna grew up though we all started noticing abnormalities in anna yes during my moms pregnancy. The gynecologist had informed my parents that anna would be different and not like other babies.
My mom was against abortion and so she decided to deliver anna on annas 3rd birthday.

my mother lied to me about who my father is-0
my mother lied to me about who my father is-0

We were all busy with the party preparations. I was blowing balloons and my father was putting them up on the walls. My mom was looking after anna.
When my granny arrived mom got. So excited when she saw granny that in her rush to greet her she ran down the stairs forgetting she was carrying anna. Then mom slipped on the staircase and fell badly on the floor mom and anna were both injured and immediately admitted to the hospital.
My dad was a wreck and granny tried to console him i just pray to god to make the situation better we all waited for the doctor outside the emergency room. He eventually came out and said that my mom and anna was safe. But that annas abnormality put her in danger.
The doctor informed my parents that they had to be very careful in how they raised anna any further injury could result in her death or falling into a coma. Her senses and nerves had become weaker from then on everyone in the house was preoccupied with looking after anna. My parents had no time to talk to me even though somehow i got spaced from them anna.
I never could quite. I felt that everyone was forgetting me there was a time when only one voice was heard chloe chloe chloe chloe. But no it was anna anna.
Anna. Anna. Anna.
She was the cherry of that cupcake girl before i got what i wanted without question. But now my wishes had become an unnecessary demand and burden all my friends had three wheel bikes they used to ride to the park whenever. I visited the park with granny they tease me because i always came on foot walking my granny was not financially stable.
So my useless ones were difficult for her to fulfill. So. I asked my parents for a three wheel bike.
But as usual the answer was a big fat no i got upset. I stopped eating food. I stopped talking to everyone seeing me so upset my mom and dad felt bad and decided to buy a three wheel bike for me the following month.
But my bad luck persisted and anna went through mental trauma. She was not behaving. Normally just kept on shaking and banging.
Her head. And so she was admitted to the hospital again and this time. She was there for a fortnight and my dad got a huge bill as a result buying a three wheel bike was not important anymore days passed by and then it was my tenth birthday and my parents refused any kind of party.
I remembered my fifth birthday. Id wanted to celebrate it with family and friends at home and my parents actually organized it anna was just a year old when my fifth birthday was celebrated my birthday party was full of entertainments and acts. It was a magic show dancing juggling even a comedy show and thats not all because it was my fifth birthday.
I received five gifts each from mom dad and granny what an amazing birthday. It was but after annas third birthday tragedy. No celebration ever took place at home and now.
Even my tenth birthday would be an ordinary day. I wanted my tenth birthday to be celebrated in a grand way. But my parents refused i was a very sad i cried i shouted i started throwing tantrums but as usual my parents were more interested in their younger daughter and they just scolded me i had always resented anna for stealing the happiness.
I had with my parents. But that day. I actually hated her on the day of my birthday unexpectedly my parents didnt buy me a cake.
Nor did they give me a present.

my mother lied to me about who my father is-1
my mother lied to me about who my father is-1

They didnt even wish me i was rent with anger and just left home without informing anyone. And surprisingly. My parents didnt bother calling me.
Nor did anyone wait for me or shout at me for coming home at such a late hour. I planned to move out for further studies. I went to oxford leaving everyone behind my parents often called me sometimes i called him back.
But we never met on my 18th birthday. I saw my parents standing outside my university. I was happy to see them but my happiness turned into sadness when i saw ana with them my so called sister who was 12 years old they wished me and asked me to come home with them.
But i couldnt make up my mind then ana came and she insisted a lot although. I hated her i dont know why i eventually agreed and went back home with them all the way. I was silent.
I had no words to say no thats not it i just didnt want to say anything finally we reached home and as i came out of the car. I saw granny granny welcomed me wish me happy birthday and we all went inside together as i entered. I saw.
The house had been nicely decorated and there were people there including some of my school friends. I was clueless and trying to figure out what was happening. And then i heard a loud chorus happy birthday.
Oh yes. That was a grand birthday party. Thrown and all organized by my youngest sister ana.
When i left home and went to oxford ana. Always asked about me when she was 11 years old granny told. Her the whole story lo ana was not normal and used to behave.
As a kid. Much younger than her actual age. She understood that i left home because of her and because the grand party.
I had wanted so badly was never thrown so with the help of granny. She planned and organized a grand party to get me back. I feel like such a stupid girl for never trying to understand my parents problems and for not realizing that my sister needs me i was so selfish and i truly regret it i apologize to my parents and now we all live happily together and i dont hate my sister anymore.
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Everyone my name is sally and im 17 years old. Ive been through such a ridiculous situation. Let me tell you about it.
I attended the most reputed university. And my mum recently joined the same university and teaches literature. Dave and i are students of literature and attend my mums lecture regularly weve both been dating for the past five months.
But we didnt let her know about our date. My mum was 40 years old but unlike. Other professors.
She was quite young looking beautiful and hot and vigor after month. My mum joined the university organised the annual event for which all the professors were asked to perform some or the other act. So my mum had decided to play the keyboard dave was very popular for playing the piano and my mum knew about it.
She knew that he is my bff.

my mother lied to me about who my father is-2
my mother lied to me about who my father is-2

So she called up dave at home for teaching her piano. It didnt bother me much as i was happy that i would get some more time to spend with dave next day. Dave came home in the evening.
Mum joined him in learning piano and sat beside him that moment dave asked me to leave while teaching piano. He wants space. I was so annoyed but looking at mum.
I just left quietly this continued every day. Dave used to come. And teach mum in my absence.
And i started bothering me as being at home. He was not giving me much attention. The day before the annual event.
Piano classes were going on and i was passing through the room where i saw dave holding my mothers hand saying you look younger than your daughter. Im fond of you i pinched myself wondering if its a nightmare. But it wasnt i started losing my temper and dave.
But more than him on my mum dave was 20 years younger than her i started feeling ashamed of my mum. I wanted to go. And ask why i was hesitant and just let it go next day at the university.
All day dave tried talking to me. But i refused to talk after the event. He came and asked about the problem.
I told him that i saw him flirting with my mum dave panicked. But smartly lied. Telling me that my mum forced him to date her l.
She will give him less grade in literature. Really that doesnt sound weird. I started feeling more ashamed of my mother.
That moment. My mum was announced as the best performer of the event. So she called dave to the stage of course credit goes to his teaching on stage.
My mum. Confessed saying that there was a reason behind performing as a pianist she wanted to know about dave and his character she knew that was dating him and from somewhere. She came to know about this.
She said. She dated dave my boyfriend secretly to know how honest he is with me. But he failed to do so my mum showed all the recording and the pictures that they took to everyone the reason behind telling all this publicly was that in the future.
Dave should not play with any of a girl after listening to all of this i went onto the stage and hugged my mum. She is the true caretaker of mine. And i was feeling ashamed of her.
I too confessed about what i felt for her and decided that well never hide anything from her again. If you also have such experiences in the past you can share it in the comment section below hit the like button. If you like my story and subscribe to this channel to watch more with such videos in the future hi.
Im kenny and im feeling de stressed you might find my story funny or you may get confused my mom hid. The biggest truth of her life from me for quite a long time and it made me upset. When i realized why she hid it my life was going smooth as any other teenagers life.
A happy family hanging out with friends college fun everything was going fine until one day.

my mother lied to me about who my father is-3
my mother lied to me about who my father is-3

My parents came to me. And said son were getting a divorce. I was puzzled hearing this but well that was my parents decision and i accepted it life will go on in any situation.
If its pleasant or unpleasant. My parents were reasonable and i was sure their decision would be the best for them. But it was my right to know the reason behind them getting divorced.
So i tried asking them the reason because everything seemed to be perfect in front of me. But they still remained unclear well i didnt force them i started living with my mom. But spent half of my time at home and half at my dads place normally on the weekends this continued for some time and then one day.
I noticed something strange when i returned home after a long weekend. There was two empty coffee mugs in the kitchen sink someones sunglasses lying on the couch and even a toothbrush in the bathroom my mom removed it quickly thinking. I hadnt noticed anything but i had usually when two people get divorced they spend some time thinking it all over and feel very sad.
I thought to discuss this with my dad. But when i did he still remained unclear. I was shocked by his behavior.
Because in my whole life. I saw him showing transparency now my urge to know the reality got stronger. I was irritated with my parents behavior and i went back home i entered the living room and saw my mom along with another woman on the couch.
Watching a film. I greeted them casually and went towards my bedroom lost in my thoughts then i stopped for a minute and saw them holding hands and she was wearing a night scene. Which meant she was sleeping there immediately my mom came to me.
And asked how come i came home even. Though. The weekend hadnt been over yet.
I didnt bother. Answering and instead directly. Asked her mom who is she oh.
Shes my friend ruby. Who came to visit me. And thats when i interrupted her as i hate lies in the people who tell them your friend.
She visited you in her knight suit. My mom was embarrassed then she sighed and sat down on a chair. And said okay son listen.
I was boiling with anger. And i directly questioned her oh come on mom cut. The crap you really cant answer straight away that shes your girlfriend.
My moms face seemed confused yet embarrassed and relieved too well finally she accepted that shes her girlfriend and just because it would have been hard for me to take it she hid it from me now i finally got the reason behind my parents breakup. My mom fell in love with ruby and the only solution she found was divorce. She felt that i wouldnt understand this and hate her for it so she begged my dad not to tell me anything i told her to live her life the way she wants my mom introduced me to ruby and then she started spending lots of time with us.
Ruby is a very nice woman and now theyre living a normal life. But i feel bad for my dad. But these things happen in life no one can avoid it friends.
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my mother lied to me about who my father is-4
my mother lied to me about who my father is-4

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