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Lets go guys welcome to a new video on dragon ball xenoverse hope you you guys are enjoying dlc pack 4. So far im loving it in this were going to be talking about how to get the new reinforcement skill 2x like a charging skill called divinity unleashed. And this thing is absolutely amazing.
When it comes to getting your key back music applause. See okay so first you get this new ability. What youre gonna want to do is go to the new parallel west number 110 heretics from a dark world so when conditions for this.
Very low quest are clear with rosy goku blacks help them set and your feet in there you get all this really cool stuff in a super saiyan. 4. Costume and a couple of our tutor soul and of course.
The divinity unleashed given action area. So the parallel quest is not that difficult to do all you got to do is keep super saiyan rose a goku black alive and hes pretty much a beat. So hes going to look after him.
So you got one or two people in there doing. It. With you it should be no problem to keep them a lot.
So its going to start out here in this little darkened aisle area right there and then youre going to go from here to the underground and the underground is where the skill is going to drop when you go for the expert on its the extra part to it toa mira are going to come out and you fight them and then this is where the skill drops in the fight between them at least thats what a skill drop for me if they drop somewhere different from you definitely let me know for this parallel quest. Id wanted to use the merge to moscow or zama sooo as they call them in this game. I think hes a really cool character and i will be putting some gameplay up of him later on the channel.
So if you definitely want to see some more gameplay featuring zomato or emerged almost definitely check back later so im going to show you the rest of this parallel quest.

how to get divinity unleashed xenoverse 2-0
how to get divinity unleashed xenoverse 2-0

The ultimate finish and stuff like that and then im going to actually. This is like the ultimate finish part keeping super saiyan drodze alive. So yeah looks like i just killed or they just killed toa and the skill popped up for me.
Thats the only skills youre going to get in this parallel quest and so once you see that youve gotten that youre golden. Just go ahead and finish it out i think you could even die at this point maybe. But i dont think its a good thing died.
A couple of things to get in here to is just a super saiyan. 4. Cos maybe grind it out for that super souls are coming super.
Easy youre going to get those back to back all right there we just killed the mira and now here comes. The ex via the expert be ultimate finish. I keep saying it once the expert finish here comes the ultimate finish they pop back up.
And you have to beat them all over again. So this is the ultimate finished part to this parallel quest. Thought we were done seeing these two alright so it looks like shes bolting.
But youre going to stay here and fight her lackey her henchman and hes going to go into his prevalent form and hes pretty much a pushover. I got an equipped right there you could go out there. But this is where you want to fight with mira all right boom.
I got to say using mirza matsu is pretty fun his triangle his heavy attack its just a a ranged attack.

how to get divinity unleashed xenoverse 2-1
how to get divinity unleashed xenoverse 2-1

Im not sure exactly how i feel about that. But i feel like they made this character with us in mind so that hes really easy to use when it comes to his combos and stuff like that so definitely take him in there to a parallel quest and burn through some stuff with him okay. So im just going to skip through this real quick to the end show you the ultimate finish.
Now. If you do want to see the entire parallel quest ultimate finish and stuff like that i will be uploading. It later probably will upload it to my second channel event.
Its sg in place. If you havent already subscribed to that channel do me a huge favor and subscribe to that channel the link to that channel is going to be in the description of this video. There it is super attack divinity unleashed and its a really cool animation.
When you do it he kind of puts his arms out to the sides. And he charges up the aura works with super sand. It works with regular are there it is charge your key after your charge for a time.
The amount of key you gain will temporarily increase. It took me a minute to figure out what that actually meant i played with a little bit and now i see so it does sort of act like a reinforcement skill. And it acts like a charged up skill at the same time so basically what it does is it charges faster than maximum charge and gradually as you fight you know how you gain ts like automatically through punching and kicking.
And you know attacking well when the reinforcements part of the skill pops up you will gain back ki a lot faster. Now how do you get the reinforcement part of it to pop up is you have to charge for about three bars. A key is a safe bet for bars is okay.
But once you charge three bars a key youre going to activate the reinforcements skill and its going to let you charge back up you look to gain back ki gradually a little bit faster.

how to get divinity unleashed xenoverse 2-2
how to get divinity unleashed xenoverse 2-2

So ill show you the difference. Im just using angry explosion to empty out. My ki and i forgot to turn off key recovery summit turn key recovery back to normal.
So you can see the actual recovery. Okay. So im going to go ahead and empty it out angry explosion by the way.
If you dont have anger explosion definitely get that because it helps with the grind on parallel quest like a lot okay so boom. Divinity unleashed it gains back a lot faster than maximum charge. You can see how fast its going back up now.
Ive activated the reinforcement skill part of it alright and looked how im going to gradually gain back key that is coming back super fast alright now. When you just use a regular charging move or are you when you dont use this move. I should say your key comes back hella slow and im going to show you the difference right here the empty out all my key and im just going to use maximum charge.
I know maximum charge doesnt have any added bonus that gives you anything back im just showing you maximum charge to show you how fast maximum charge range and key back maximum charge gains you key back fast. And i believe that divinity unleased is a little bit faster and look at the key recovery rate thats going on right here. I mean youve pretty much seen this the entire time youve been playing the game.
You use maximum charge. So definitely the bidding at least is a better charging skill to use theres no point to using maximum charge. Like anymore.
If this video was helpful to you please give me a huge favor and hit that thumbs up button subscribe to the channel for more genial more xenoverse to content. Ill be uploading some more videos throughout the day and coming days and stuff like that hope you guys have a great day to enjoy the dlc pack for because i am loving it ill see you next time guys im music. .

how to get divinity unleashed xenoverse 2-3
how to get divinity unleashed xenoverse 2-3

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