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Im gonna run through real quick here the process. I went through earlier just just this morning when i obtained an ein number for my grandmothers estate. The that im the executor for simple process easy to do it only takes maybe 10 minutes or so to do it.
But there are a few tricky places that ill try my best to explain to you how i handled them alright first thing went to google estate tax id number first and now a lot of these people are advertising because they want to do it for you and charge you for it or they want to tell you how to do it and charge you for that im going to tell you right now for free. And youll be able to get an estate tax id number easily quickly in minutes online for free now youll city there are you know not telling you im not a lawyer. Im not giving legal advice and im not telling you to do it on your own without a lawyer.
Thats up to you you kind of have to make the judgment call as with all these things whether its worthwhile to pay the lawyer or not sometimes it is but especially if you have a big complicated estate. But anyway. Ill try to point out the issues as i solve them first.
I do click on the irs. I go there plan for employer identification. Number click apply online now oh you might have noticed on that screen talked about hours of operation.
I ran into that last night tried to apply at 11 oclock at night for whatever reason. Even though its all done online. All automated theyre only open certain hours.
I think its between 7 00 in the morning and 10 00 at night or something like that eastern time so an only monday through friday. So just be aware of that all right click begin application you want an estate tax id not a corporation. One not a trust one estate.
This is for probate property that im taking through probate for my grandmothers estate. If i want to you know get closed out one of her bank accounts.

how to get a tax id number for a trust-0
how to get a tax id number for a trust-0

Im gonna have to give them an estate tax id number. So thats why im getting one this just talks about what it is what in this state is all right here. The first thing youre going to do is enter information about the deceased person their name and their social.
Im gonna pause because i dont want my grandmothers or my personal information being put out all over the web. So ill fill this in out click continue and turn this back on we get to the next screen alright. The next screen and im again asks whether who is the trustee of the irrevocable trust and thats me im an individual so i click that of course.
If it was a law firm or something it would be an existing business here again i put my name in and then down here im gonna click that i am the grantor in this case. Im the trustee for this trust by the way two screens ago. There was a question it asks whether i wanted to file we rather to separately as a trust.
But rather with the estate. But then if you click that on youll see that only applies with a revocable trust not an irrevocable so you know youre going through this there are helpful tips. I guess that you know these these underlying places that you can click and get some helpful information youll see as we go along that it doesnt give you all the information that you need.
But it is very helpful all right were at the next screen now. This is an interesting screen first of all you put the name of the irrevocable trust. Which is going to be you know the name of the person you know persons name is sally smith.
Its gonna be the the sally smith irrevocable. Trust county. Where the trust is located again in my case its not prince william its fairfax since thats where my grandmom lived they trust fund.
It now this is a tricky thing and i actually messed up when i did this i put the date that it was first funded. Which was in january 2012.

how to get a tax id number for a trust-1
how to get a tax id number for a trust-1

That was when we first set up the trust we moved my grandmas house into the trust the fairfax county changed the title of her house in january 2012. The trust so thats what i told him i told that that was the date. It was funded and and if you click here it doesnt really it just tells you the date that it was you know.
Its not not really very helpful here just telling you the date is fun. It is the data fund. It is basically what it says well the problem is what they really did a little bit tricky because theyre looking for the date.
It was funded as an irrevocable trust. So if i had really thought it through maybe i would have caught this mistake it you know its its basically a new trust. When my grandma died.
And it becomes an irrevocable trust. Thats the date. Theyre looking for so i put the date.
It was first funded while it was still a revocable trust january 2012. I should have put the date she died in july 2013. Because of that mistake at the end of this whole thing when i printed it out.
And i got my number and i and i print out a letter that you know write your own line. Youll get a pdf and you print out your letter. It said.
Oh. Our records show no no tax return has been filed on this trust for the income earned by the trust so a tax returns do please send us your tax return by and it gave us a date like you know a few weeks in advance.

how to get a tax id number for a trust-2
how to get a tax id number for a trust-2

A few weeks from now so once i figured it all out actually at the last screen here. It says. If you have any issues or problems.
Please contact the irs at and it gives you an address. So i sent a letter to the irs and said look guys sorry i messed up the day that trust was funded is the day that my grand mom passed away july 2013. Not january 2012.
Therefore. Theres no no no income was earned on the trust until after she passed away. Therefore no tax return.
What we do until next year. So that clarified it and took care of the problem for me. But just so you know dont make the same mistake.
I did the date trust is funded at least in my situation. And in a common situation is the day that the owner of the trust passes away and the trust. Then becomes an irrevocable trust next screen.
Do you expect to have any employees nope and there you go then you just click this boom. Were see letter online click continue and you will get your ein confirmation letter. Its as easy as that youve got any questions.
Please post them below thanks bye. .

how to get a tax id number for a trust-3
how to get a tax id number for a trust-3

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