Quick Fix for Beard Fly Away Hairs

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Whats going on a shack melaka for beard brynn today. Were gonna talk talk all about flyaway hairs. And what you can do to prevent those suckers.
So hairs about those pesky little things in your beard and your head hater. They tend to just kind of go in a direction of their own. They dont listen to the oil.
The wax the pomade whatever you put in your hair. They just tend to do their own thing usually you can tame those guys with a little stroke of a comb use a brush whatever. But there are always those times.
When youre out and about and you dont have your stuff with you luckily. Ive got a little secret technique that i can show you it involves a little bit of this mustache wax this stuffs awesome it comes in a real small little tube real portable. So i like to carry this r in my pocket pretty much every day.
Ive always got my pocket comb on me.

how to keep beard hairs from sticking out-0
how to keep beard hairs from sticking out-0

But there are those occasions when i dont have it and you can probably see right there im already getting flyaway hairs. While im recording this video that wasnt even there when i started these things just tend to pop up on their own whenever. They want theres really no rhyme or reason to them you can try and train them with a brush or a comb.
But no matter how hard you try were all going to experience. These things so when youre out. And about get a little bit of the moustache wax wax whisker up bobs your uncle.
Youre good to go meet. Any man. There has been so many times.
Ive been out you know most recently. I was at the airport and i didnt have my comb on me was in my check bag just popped a little bit of this stuff out carried your pocket. Its like chapstick size just put a little bit of on the beard.
You know even works in your hair.

how to keep beard hairs from sticking out-1
how to keep beard hairs from sticking out-1

Honestly weve got gals in the office that use it in their hair for flyaway hairs. So one problem that you might run into using wax. Though is it might harden up a little bit if its really cold outside.
I know during the winter months. Its a little tough to keep the wax nice and spreadable. But one way i prevent it from hardening up is i keep it in my pocket usually that keeps it pretty warm.
If i were to keep it in my bag or something like that thats not as warm. So put it in your front pocket thatll keep it pretty warm. If however after keeping in your pocket.
Its still really hard maybe. Its really cold outside. I find that going into a public restroom holding it under that hairdryer for a second theyve got in the bathrooms.
That will actually soften it up really well a lot of people do this with a hairdryer when theyre at home.

how to keep beard hairs from sticking out-2
how to keep beard hairs from sticking out-2

But this is more geared towards when youre outside and you dont really have access to a hairdryer so i like that so if you can find a public restroom with one of those hand dryer things just stick this underneath not too long you dont want to melt the stuff. But you just want to soften it up so that you can spread it real easy because if you try and do when its real cold youll get somewhere. But let me tell you youll get a lot farther.
If you heat it up just a little bit. And hey i know the name is mustache wax. But its really not just limited to your mustache.
It works really well in your mustache and you can pull off some sick curls with it. But its also great to hold down the beard hairs out here. I know ive used it especially in my pesky areas over here sometimes when im sitting at my desk.
My hair will just unfurl a little bit grab a little bit of this rub it in im good to go that will hold it down pretty much until i have access to a comb or a brush again. So thats my quick and dirty. Little secret that you guys can take advantage of whenever youre out.
And about pop on a little bit of mustache wax and youre good to go awesome thank you so much for watching guys always appreciate the views and ill see you in the next one beard. Brain is a premium mens grooming company with products not only for your beard. But also your hair and body do yourself a favor and head over to beard brand calm and take care of yourself or you can stick around and watch a few more of our awesome videos.

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how to keep beard hairs from sticking out-3

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