Requesting a Letter of Recommendation in Naviance

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This video will show you how to request a letter of recommendation and naviance. The the first step in requesting. A letter of recommendation is to speak to the teacher.
The counselor first to let them know that you would like to request a letter from them let them know where that letter is going to be sent and also prepare your resume and naviance so that your recommender has all the key information they need to write a letter of recommendation your resume should show who you are as a person and as a student both in and out of school after youve contacted your teacher you must then log in to naviance to complete request if the school which you are applying to requires a letter of recommendation from your counselor please email them directly youll need to make sure that you have your colleges already listed so that when that letter is uploaded by the teacher. Its automatically sent to all of the colleges. Youve chosen to apply to to do this youll go to colleges click apply then click letters of recommendation youve used then the drop down to choose the teacher.
So here you will select your teacher. Then you have an option to either send that letter to a specific school or all schools for example. If you are applying to a school that a teacher went to they may want to write a personalized letter for that specific school in most cases.
Youll probably want your letter to go to all the schools youre applying to so youll choose the second option be mindful and deliberate when selecting who will write the letter and where to send it to as some schools.

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how to request a letter of recommendation on naviance-0

Only want one letter. The third step is to send a note to your recommender. It is a nice touch to write a message.
Thanking them for writing your letter. You can also include the deadline. So that when so that theyll know when the letter needs to be submitted by after youve written the note and submitted your request you can check the status of your letters of recommendation in other words.
If my teacher told me that they had uploaded my letter. I could return to the letter of recommendation request page and instead of saying requested itll say uploaded or received. So once you submit your request itll show requested here are canceled or that it was received as always please contact your assigned counselor.
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how to request a letter of recommendation on naviance-1

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