Revelaton 5 verse 1 worthy is the lamb that was slain

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Title of the sermon is a lamb as it hadnt explained and the text text begins in revelation. Chapter five verses 1 through. 4.
Which says and i saw the right hand of him that sat on the throne. A book. Written therein and on the backside sylvan seventh seal and saw strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice.
Who is worthy to open. The book and to loose. The seals thereof.
No man in heaven on earth. Neither end of the earth was able to open the book need to look thereon and i wept much because no man was found where they joke read the book even to look there on all the events in human history. Our character courted god keeps a record of what happens.
The book mentioned here is associated with the events that will invoke gun great tribulation. The events that unfold during the great tribulation is the judgment of god on the nations in the world considering. It is the judgment of god to be no wonder that no man is worthy to open the book in the judgment of god as we will see in the next.
Few verses something that only god is worthy to me down there a relation chapter 5. Verses. 5.

worthy is the lamb who was slain verse-0
worthy is the lamb who was slain verse-0

Through. 7. Says one of the elders show them to me weep not we hold the line to try.
And do this the root of david has prevailed to open the book into loose. The seven seals thereof and i beheld low in the midst of the throne of the four beasts in the midst of the elders did lamb as it has been slain. Im seven of wands and seven eyes troy.
The seven spirits of god sent forth into all the world and he came and took the book out of the right hand of him and said upon the throne. The key phrase to notice here is student lamb is in heaven slang. Why is christ worth.
It when no other men is well price is god and christ was slain for the sins of the world. Thats why christ is worthy to open the book into the media out the judgment of god upon this world during the time of the great tribulation christ became sin for christ with the judgment of gotham sins in the world. And therefore christ will give up the judgment of god upon the world lamb is it had been slain their relation chapter.
5 verses. 8. Through 10.
Says when he had taken the book to four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the land having every one of them parts and going viola voters. Which are the prayers of saints and they sun a new song saying thou art worthy particular looking to open the seals thereof that was slain and has been deemed this to god by thy blood out of every kindred and tongue and people and nation has made us unto our god kings and priests and we shall reign on the earth once again these verses. We were told why the land is working without was slain.

worthy is the lamb who was slain verse-1
worthy is the lamb who was slain verse-1

Yes. We deem mr. God by thy blood.
The great tribulation will be a time of answered prayers. Who are the prayers of the saints are mentioned in these verses. If there are many craters that christians are frayed which are yet unanswered prayers prayers who justice and judgment because of those who have suffered in this life by reason of ungodly men and those who have died for the name of jesus penal systems of governments cannot bring final justice and fast most governments of this world have caused great injustice towards christians and their oppositions towards the truth.
But one day of the end justices of the world would be brought to justice and all those who have suffered and lost in this life of jesus. Receiving prayers and the christ with restitution and even their desires. We just vengeance and see revelation.
Chapter 5 verses. 11 to 12 says and i beheld when i heard the voice of many ages round about the throne and the beasts and velders and the number of them was ten thousand times. Ten thousand and thousands of thousands saying with a loud.
Voice worthy is the lamb. That was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing for today is the land that was slain this is the third time in these verses that gene is mentioned as we worthy for having been slain. There is an emphasis here in the fact that jesus died for your sins in mind.
Here. As the seals are about to be open and doesnt begin on the nations in the world. We still see the burden of the lord that the lost people before this he was a message for these the land that was slain.

worthy is the lamb who was slain verse-2
worthy is the lamb who was slain verse-2

But we no excuse when judgment comes everyone wore. Ive had their chances to repent of their sins. Everyone will have heard the message worthy is the lamb.
That was slain revelation. Chapter. 5.
Verses. 15. 14.
Says and every creature. Which is in heaven. And on the earth and under the earth and such as youre in dc.
And all that youre in denver gosh. Saying blessing and honor me more empowered. Me nd candices on the throne.
Now to the land forever. Endeavour and the four beasts said amen and the four and twenty others fell down and worshiped him that liveth for ever and ever blessing honor glory and power belong to god optimmune felt recognizes this your dig that what would happen when a person here is amazing wonderful true story jesus died for their sins. You think that they would respond.

worthy is the lamb who was slain verse-3
worthy is the lamb who was slain verse-3

And say blessing on a boy and power will be entered in that suit. The common room and then to the land more often than not that is not what happens here at the beginning of the great tribulation just before the antichrist rises to power every preacher. Which is in heaven and on new york and under the earth such as were in defeat.
Will say blessing on and going now being didnt insist upon throat. What a gospel witness. That will be to the world.
Why would god have such a thing occurred. Perhaps in one final word of testimony try and get those on the directory pin. Before the judgment comes.
Yes. The day. The lord is coming.
It has been two thousand years since jesus suffered and died on the cross that is two thousand years of im you can send on the nations in this world. Today is coming. And god yes.
The nations of the world. Theres only one who is worthy to mete out the judgment of god and that is jesus christ. The lamb.
Who was slain before the foundations of the world turn from your sins today to the loving savior and escape the judgment of god. .

worthy is the lamb who was slain verse-4
worthy is the lamb who was slain verse-4

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