Robert Walton’s purpose and character analysis (Frankenstein Video Project)

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My name is carson. Im onna. Im jason im davis and this this is our project over frankenstein.
Though robert walton as a character whos often in the tale of frankenstein. Theres a clear significance of his character within the frames story in which he is contrasted and linked with the main character victor frankenstein. Though this is seen in many ways too often to resemble each other adding a new aspect of significance to the novel robert walton is introduced to the reader as an outside character to victors experience.
And he is placed in the story in order to bring a different perspective rather than just victor telling. His tale on his own at the beginning of the novel shelley introduces four letters in which walton reveals a large portion of his story. As well as some of the more noticeable character traits that add meaning to the characters presence one of these is ambition seen in waltons relentlessness to pursue his ultimate goals.
A letter for walton says. One mans life or death. Were but a small price to pay for the acquirement when victor listens to his companions ambitions.
He is able to realize how similar it sounds to his own and old ambitions when he was trying to create life from inanimate objects when he declares unhappy man do you share my madness. Victor views walton as a mirrored image of himself that compels him to come out with his tale in order to somehow influence walton in a way to change his destiny from following the same path as his own when he exclaimed. But you are mistaken my friend.
If this thus you will allow me to name you nothing can alter my destiny listen to my history. And you will perceive how irrevocably.

in the story frankenstein who is robert walton-0
in the story frankenstein who is robert walton-0

It is determined the directed audience is also different for both victor and walton victors tale is directed towards robert walton. A fellow man that is experiencing the same joss to exploration and discovery as victor frankenstein. Causing him to want to understand each and every gruesome detail in a way where he could have possibly included exaggerated information in order to prove his point and persuade walton to think in a certain way and to change his initial thoughts on his exploration.
However in ones letters. The story is told to his sister and individual in his life. That is dear to his heart as he expresses it in his letter.
As he continues to refer to her as a dear sister. Which might cause him to not include all the information. He had been provided with due to his audience being a female that has seen it sensitive and fragile when we take a deeper look at victors own goals.
He too had an ambition for knowledge at least early on in the novel seen in the previous quote about his destiny. The object of that ambition changes from knowledge to vengeance phaedrus initial goals and viewpoints are similar to that of alton at the end of the novel. Yet by then victor has changed to a point of asking walton to seek after the monster.
Even though he realizes his poor judgment. Victor says. Think not walton that in the last moments of my existence.
I feel that burning hatred and ardent desire of revenge. I once expressed but i feel myself justified in desire at desiring the death of my adversary during these last days.

in the story frankenstein who is robert walton-1
in the story frankenstein who is robert walton-1

I have been occupied in examining my past conduct. Nor do i find it blamable. This instance is a window into both walton and victor as they pursue their goals.
The difference in their character could be why they chose the route in which they decided to explore more knowledge walton was trying to explore the north in the areas in nature. That were was not conquered before bunyan. However victor decided to go towards a route in which he was trying to obtain more knowledge about something that was not created by nature.
But something that would have to be created by man instead. He was trying to go towards an area in which mane was not entitled to go towards this creation. One that was not done before would be able to feed his ego in ways that would satisfy his desires for attention more than what he had accomplished before in his life.
His ego was not satisfied with simple pride from other people. He wanted and desired more so much that he sought to be a god like figure that would be able to receive praise from not only humanity. But also from this creation this pursuit of praise led to an iconic scene in which the monster cries over victors body as he has nothing left to fight against this scene portrayed from waltons perspective.
Clarifies waltons character as a window to the admirable qualities of victor that were used improperly and resulted in his fall. Wans additional layer of the story allows the reader to see a hope for the future. Just as romanticism did for the people in the wake of enlightenment.
An idea gone wrong through waltons person active as well as the areas in which victor in walton were similar and different the two different and enlightening perspectives. Allowed for a greater meaning of the story and the purpose. It failed to cause a normal person to question what he or she has read and this was our project over frankenstein.

in the story frankenstein who is robert walton-2
in the story frankenstein who is robert walton-2

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