Secret of Mana – Magic Leveling Guide / Fastest Way to Level Magic

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Folks and i managed over here and today. Were gonna go over secretive manner. Manner.
The remake and also for the previous original version how to level up your so its gonna be pretty basic. Its gonna be the main thing you want to do is youre gonna be doing spells of a the ones that are going to use the least manner and be im not gonna basically one shot an enemy so the more spells you can get in to kill enemy the better because it means that you dont have to go and find another enemy. Were gonna have to go to an area where you have to respawn all the enemies.
So as you can see here. Im just gonna quickly bring up the magic level screen. Once youve got a manner seed synchronized.
I believe they call it similar to the weapon orb sort of magic. Its completely about these mana seeds that you have gone and youve collected or they get synchronized with once youve done that youre going to be able to level up to the next level so when you set out the water palace. Youre gonna get had the first level and then the next seed you get the second level.
The third is the third and so on and so forth up to eight now each of these levels. The spells going to get stronger and more powerful more effective have more i guess status effects and stuff like that so its something you want to be leveling up constantly. Because its gonna help you out in a bind also once you reach level eight of magic.
Youre gonna be getting super magic.

secret of mana how to use magic-0
secret of mana how to use magic-0

Where the fireball is gonna turn into flame dragons and all those kind of cool things so its definitely something you do want to be leveling up because endgame. Its awesome okay so the easiest person to level magic walk. But theres not much thinking about it is gonna be the girl because its literally just doing the spills that gonna use the least amount of mana and because she is an indirect and mostly a healer just have some attacks both later on but youre gonna be going for those abilities that are not gonna be really destroying the enemy.
That its gonna be buffing the kardi or healing. The party or even with this sylphid identifying what enemies weaknesses are so thats the easiest part dont have to worry too much as focus on the lowest mp or mana points. And youre gonna be good as gold.
However for the sprite. Youre gonna be focusing on the spells that and i guess gonna be the lightest on enemies. Im not gonna destroy them so for undine or the whenever they call it in the current voice acted game freeze is probably the best bet youre gonna be going for it does pretty decent damage is not going to do either defense.
So yeah your other cards are going to all gone whack them. And its not gonna take all the way all their hp lay and stuff like that then moving on to gnome speed down is the best because that is the one spell of gnome for the sprite that doesnt actually do any attack damage. Then for sylphid you want to do silence.
So. I believe it might be mistranslated currently where its called confusion. Its actually silence it does confuse the enemy.

secret of mana how to use magic-1
secret of mana how to use magic-1

Which is i dont know its a little bit weird. But that is the best one because again that is not gonna attack. The enemy.
The salamander. The flower element you want to use lava wave. Because this is more of a.
I guess a debuff kind of attack spell compared to pliable and exploder pretty simple does have three mana competitive liable. But theres the better option for shade. The dark elemental you want to go for dark force.
This one has the lowest mp basically whereas if you were to use the spell magic its going to basically be double the mp for what youre gonna be going for for luna. The moon elemental you want to get for magic absorber cuz thats definitely not gonna kill the enemy. Its just gonna remove that their mp and you give me a bill over and over which is really good and finally for dryad or the live elemental sleep.
Just you sleep flower and youre gonna be good as gold you have to worry about much else. Its basically pretty simple otherwise the other attack spell because theres only two betrayer is burst because later on youre gonna be getting a special spell towards the end of the game. I wont spoil that for people who havent played it before.
But theres the basics for magic.

secret of mana how to use magic-2
secret of mana how to use magic-2

So if you keep doing that over and over as you get each seed what ive been doing is ive been leveling up all my magic so that to that level. So currently im at about level 4 in magic. Im still working my way through the game just trying to record everything as i go along.
But at level 4. Ive got four elements that i can choose from because basically theyre all tied to a seed and im gonna be going up you know undying to level 4. So ive got that heal for when im going into battle and then you know its so good for i guess some of those thunder spells.
Which is really good answer minotaur. Just as a little tip there so as long as youve got these spells constantly leveled up youre gonna have a very good astin of attack and heal magic. So its definitely in your best interest to keep it leveled up and also you dont want to get to a boss later on where you know say you havent been using the fire element and then suddenly theres this boss and the best thing to do is to cast by ourselves.
And maybe attacks dont work so well or other magics to next to nothing youre kind of gonna be in a bit of a bind. If you dont have that levelled up so its better to have it leveled up just so that you dont run into these situations. Okay so best practices for leveling magic.
Always make sure youre in an area. Where the weapons are drawn otherwise youre only gonna get 50 of the magic experience. Then what i recommend is when youre casting over and over now pull up the ring.
Choose the school you want to cast press right to choose one character then choose the ring again in the spell.

secret of mana how to use magic-3
secret of mana how to use magic-3

Then choose right again to choose the other coat and keep alternating that way you can also do this with enemies. But thats the fastest way to go over the magic. And i guess level up each different thing.
Id recommend maybe depleting all your magic. When youre leveling up each element and then go and use a warner or go back to an inn and rest. And you should be good as gold for getting those magic levels up.
Now thats basically if the magic. Theres not much else to really mention. I just thought id go over the best spells and abilities to use to graze it without having to run back and forth to town or use walnuts to heal that magic point.
But anyway as always im animating juby. I hope youve enjoyed this guide. If you have give us a like if youve got a comment or maybe.
Theres a better way to level off those magic spells maybe pop them below otherwise subscribe. If you want to see more videos like this anyway. I hope you enjoy the rest your day morning gaming or night.
Wherever youre on the world. And ill catch you next time bye music. .

secret of mana how to use magic-4
secret of mana how to use magic-4

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