Should Men Shave Their Legs? | What Women Say May Surprise You….

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Men shave their legs 0 00 00. So apparently there was a study over at at womens health where 30 of respondents said a man should trim the hair his legs. 22.
Said. A man should shave his legs. Thats 52 of respondents saying a man should do some type of legscaping.
Whats a guy to do come one. I know youre confused now antonio. What do i do dont worry i got you covered todays video.
Im breaking out the advantages and the disadvantages so we can once and for all answer that age old question should a man shave his legs music reason number one to shave your legs. Do what you want to do who should stop you from doing anything you want to do in your life. And why stop at your legs guys go ahead and shave your backside lets shave other parts of your body shave.
Everything reason number two to shave your legs. Youve been mistaken for sasquatch you are so hairy that you make children cry. If you were to shave your legs all of that excess hair.
You could sew a sweater in that case if you want to do it go for it reason number three the psychological edge. So i did an informal poll in my facebok. Group which im actually going to reveal at the end of this video.
But i had a number of former swimmers. I had a number of athletes triathletes. They said that hey i used to shave when i was competitive athlete because when i would hit that water it just felt great it put me in the right mindset in that case.
I can actually see hey why not shave. Reason number four you want to show off those muscles youre into bodybuilding youre going to be up on that stage in front of the cameras. All oiled up you want to look good.
Oh yeah. What do you guys think you think i got a future in bodybuilding maybe reason number five youre going to get tattoo on your calf might as well give the artist a clean canvas to work on all right guys. Those are my five arguments for a man to start shaving his legs and if i convinced you to start shaving your legs or you need to shave any other part of your body to include your face guys check out the dollar save club.
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how long does it take for leg hair to grow back-0
how long does it take for leg hair to grow back-0

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Realmen down in the description of this video is the link over to the dollar shave club guys take advantage of this great starter set. Now lets get into the disadvantages of shaving your legs. Reason.
Number. One that a man should not shave his legs. Its a lot of work.
So there are multiple write ups out there of men going to the process of shaving their legs. Yes. Theyre actually out there and the theme that i saw across all of these write ups is men could not believe how much work how much time.
How much effort they had to put into the actual process of shaving their legs from how long it took one guy talked about two hours from how many razors one guy talked about going through two razors. Another person talked about he didnt know actually where do his legs end does he keep going up onto his backside. So as you can understand guys.
It is a process. Its something that if you had to do this every other day youve got to maintain those nice smooth legs.

how long does it take for leg hair to grow back-1
how long does it take for leg hair to grow back-1

Thats a lot of work thats a lot of effort so if youve got someone in your life like your wife your girlfriend your significant other and they are shaving their legs. And you like those shaved legs. Maybe you should thank them for all the work and the effort they put into that reason number two to not shave your legs.
Its expensive youre going to go through more razors. If you shave your legs at home just think about the amount of surface area. That youve got to be shaving.
You will go through one razor a day like i talked about that one guy said he went through two razors in a single shaving another thing to think about youre going to a professional salon. Lets say you decided to get your legs waxed well youre talking 75 to 100 to 125 per treatment. 0 04 55 reason number three and i didnt even get into this with the waxing.
Lets talk about pain. So yes waxing is painful. If youve never had it done guys well i guess you can go out there and try that experiment.
But lets also talk about shaving about cutting yourself about ingrown hairs. Yes ingrown hairs. You think theyre painful on your face.
Well wait til you get one on your backside or you get one lower there on your leg. These things can get bad and a lot of people because theyre trying to save money theyre using razors. Which are actually a little bit older and they can lead to small cuts.
Which can lead to an infection guys if youre going to be shaving your legs or if youve got someone in your house. That shave their legs do them a favor buy them some nice new razors. Theyre going to have less pain issues reason number four you dont want to shave your legs.
Because if you decide to ever let the hair grow back out. Guess. What guys you are about to experience an itch.
Like youve never had before this is very similar to actually if youre growing a beard. So if youre cutting your facial hair and you try to grow a beard. What happens is the end of those hairs are sharp because theyve been cut and its not the natural end of the hair.
The same thing for your leg hairs. When they grow a little bit longer theyre going to turn in theyre going to really cause a lot of irritation reason number five to not shave your legs.

how long does it take for leg hair to grow back-2
how long does it take for leg hair to grow back-2

A lot of people find it weird. So there was a flipside to that study. I talked about at the beginning although.
52 apparently said men should do some type of legscaping. 48. Said it was just weird that men were looking to shave their legs.
Now i was curious about this number because i didnt really agree with it so heres the poll. I conducted at real men real style thoughts on men shaving their legs. 270.
Said no 98. Said i dont care 63. Said trim 58 said do what works for you 14.
Said yes and i went ahead and put myself on there. 13. Said.
Only if youre an olympic swimmer. 10. Men.
Said that they would but its way too hard to maintain and they would rather be hairy. 5 men said that they trim their upper thighs. But not their calves.
5. Said that they dont care if others do it but not for them 3. Said that a little bit is fine.
But the skin is just weird. 3. Said that you should apparently get your bleeping sound kick for asking this question.
2. Said only if youre a professional cyclist.

how long does it take for leg hair to grow back-3
how long does it take for leg hair to grow back-3

2. Said really. 2.
Said waxed 1 man said that his legs have noticeable bare spots anyway. 1. Said.
Only in the summer time 1. Said use hair removal creams. I dont know about that 1 man suggested shaving your coons and sticking the hair on your chest and legs for added manliness and finally 1 man just said eww all right guys if you want to check out that survey in more detail.
Im going to link to it down in the description of this video. And if this video convinced you to start shaving your legs or you just need to shave your face youre going to be traveling like i am here very soon go check out the dollar shave club. When i travel.
I like the dollar shave club because yes. Ive got safety razors. Ive got straight razors.
But can i take those on in carryon no i can take this though. And thats why for me. It is just simple.
Its convenient. Its a great deal thats why i test. And i use everything i talk about here guys so go check them out theyre a good company.
Im proud to support them thats it guys i appreciate you i appreciate you being part of my audience hopefully you enjoyed this video. I tried to have fun with it i love it when i can work with a company that likes to have fun. And yeah.
Let me know in the comments. What you thought of this video. Take care guys.
Ill see you in the next one 0 08. 14 end of audio. .

how long does it take for leg hair to grow back-4
how long does it take for leg hair to grow back-4

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