Sims FreePlay Romance in the air?

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s going on guys hope youre all having a good friday or if you you see this tomorrow. A good saturday. So i dont know if i did this on video.
But i did reach level seven think it was i think. He said. I havent been on in a while thats why everythings basically read if you delay my home uh uh.
Im goin pauses imma get on the wi fi real quick that might help i just can work actually. Im just getting new stuff so just deep. I get though all right.
Im gonna go ahead and claim the money or whatever. It is on like the party boat like all right so all of you is just getting money. I mean go ahead and make stuff curry uh goods and he pissed good job.
All right so were gonna make him take a shower for about five minutes. But um hope you guys did enjoy my last video. My last.
One was the i think. It was a storytime wasnt yeah. Storytime yeah.
We need to build warm house. So let me collect all this and and let me just make it no real estate homes real estate. I dont fall into twelve thousand one or not thousand.
One okay just one not aint too bad okay. A new sam. I will make a girl this time.

how to unlock be romantic in sims freeplay-0
how to unlock be romantic in sims freeplay-0

Were just gonna keep going back and forth back and forth uh just do random blue three times one two three um. So i dont know if you guys like the sentence like washing it off. Its a good thing.
I dont know if yall. Just dont watch it like i need. Some suggestions of what games to play as like i spit what was it about an hour just looking through the app store looking for games that would be entertaining to watch and thatd be fun play i feel really find any that i dont already have so let me know if you guys want to see me play anything and on the ps4.
I can stream. But the thing is i got this account is kind of connected either account. Its just like to watch youtube on this ones actually make the videos on so alright.
Oh boy see soon i like whenever i make like it can i whistle. Dont mean to do that on purpose or anything it just comes out of my mouth. Like that then it can be very loud.
But um also talked about oh. Yeah. The videos wont upload to this i call the uploads mother accountant.
I dont really but up now or yesterday gotta know be the shuttle 16 yeah. But it again but i cant get a run and diamond that diamon damn they meant dynasty i cant even speak diamond dynasty. Yeah yeah i couldnt even get a run on that i can get on base.
I just couldnt actually score like it just anything so china. Sucked lion o. So these two are exactly the same either looked exactly the same yeah.
Thats what i was thinking. But i wasnt too sure ours home uh where that though there that though pterodactyl those are are at night. Did you know that all that you didnt hit tomorrow.

how to unlock be romantic in sims freeplay-1
how to unlock be romantic in sims freeplay-1

I dont know liking a video like i dont know if ill be doing gameplay because uh. When my for two of my friends are coming over and im not sure what were gonna do exactly like i just dont know what were gonna be doing okay. He needs he needs some shower.
Who take a shower. You know what i mean oh um. What are the tests.
I need to do make a double shot of coffee all right lets go to them. She priority has a coffee maker you would think anyways here and i didnt mean click on that toys how much longer is it gonna be frank at 1 second. Or i can go ahead and make him eat a nice price in this first and then ill make him eat those eggs time and then ill let him go to sleep ok grab plate because i think thatll make him starting to actually feel better cuz.
I dont know if he got had both sleep. It and yet eat either or you know kind of get what i mean ok. So i gotta buy tea maker.
The kitchen scroll over to the there s. Place right there. Okay double shot.
Okay um. Go ahead and pause. The video.
My late guys know when this is finished and were back alright so she finished getting the double shot alright so think im automatically gonna make like a hundred bucks no matter what um wheres it at is it under this yep okay. I just go put it out here. Okay yeah.
Im gonna make at least 100 bucks and matter. What happens does i remember this oh come on alright 592. Yeah wait every four hours its williams brought his bed okay complete this quest to unlock the ability for sims to get married okay like rats in the shower.

how to unlock be romantic in sims freeplay-2
how to unlock be romantic in sims freeplay-2

And the one done. Yet um. All right just go over here look at that car.
Though my cars amazing dont you think like thats got to be like the new 2016 bugatti. I said before bugatti is my favorite car its all oh daddy like ill take it over a lambo go get to sims and the same house and theyd be lesbians. Im not even kidding either cuz.
These guys are doing something much longer for him. Paul ii lariat. Okay all right so hes flushed.
So let go over here and they can come come over here. Like john cena. Come over here just how you do it okay.
Were yet though be romantic. Okay mmm. Oh.
She needs some food on the curve go over here. So i dont have free cooking. Why okay im gonna.
But hes not even sitting. I said hes just standing in the corner in this room a very dark corner. I said how it likes to do it and judge him steph curry oh yeah early i did get two.
I dont know guys even play nba or not like 2k16. But uh. I didnt get two all star five.

how to unlock be romantic in sims freeplay-3
how to unlock be romantic in sims freeplay-3

So i was kind of happy about that lot of you probably dont know what that is but sorry it means. Im sure you know what nba is zero seconds come on saturday now she was all. She said.
Who can understand that now is lose i lose yeah im pretty tired. Its wood 23. In the morning and i gotta be up kind of early not not very early.
But mean it earlier than i like just say that um after this video for her single bed. I dont wanna do this. But i like making late night videos better than the ones like 10 daytime flirt with another side bar that.
But um. I dont feel like taking forever. So.
Im just getting. The video here and once i gotta hey can i buy any buildings. Oh yeah.
I was gonna buy this last time. Oh wait no im gonna go over here. And buy that i remember that okay so we got the wizards.
Little thing building number all the quests who do that that wasnt too long ago that was still about sometime in the fall. I did that thats kind of fresh in my memory. Its not very.
But i can still remember it alright guys. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did thumbs up comment and please subscribe. I guess.

how to unlock be romantic in sims freeplay-4
how to unlock be romantic in sims freeplay-4

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