Social Security Card \u0026 Number Not Coming After Green Card or EAD

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Gasps i got my work permit 45 days ago. But i still have not got got the soldiers to care number didnt lie well this is a really important were seeing this all across the board usually when you file for a work permit from i 765. Theres a question on there.
They asked you on a social security. Number as well. If you say yes theyll send you one and typically you know you get those around the same time in the mail.
But because of cop n. 19. The social security office is understaffed so whats happening is people are getting the work permits or even gained the green cards.
But no social security. Number or card is being sent to them typically in these kind of cases.

how long to get ssn after ead-0
how long to get ssn after ead-0

I would say when things theyve lost a mill or something go to the social security office. Mean a person and request it but those in person requests might not be happening because of corner bar shut down. So call them up see what you can do ive had people tell me that the social security office.
Says well send us your green card or send us the work per minute. So we physically see it and then well issue the social security card. Thats very worrisome to do something like that because it can easily be lost or it could be in their hands for extended period of time.
And you might find the job and need to start work they need to see that proof so just call the social security office. Talk to different people try to go in person if theyre open for in person to try to work it out so you could request the the work permit. I mean im sorry the social security card you have that you can start your life.
And do all the stuff you need to do get a credit card find a job all the things that you you could do in the us by having a social security. Number.

how long to get ssn after ead-1
how long to get ssn after ead-1

So definitely i know the headache that youre going through with the social security. Big headache and its popped me up all over the places is consistent with with all my cases. Frankly that social security issue is not just you hopefully as cova.
19. Dies down and they reopen up the offices and stuff the same is having the irs irs is understaffed. So were having a tough time.
A hard time getting tax transcripts for our cases. So. This is just the consequences of copan 19.
And its not only in uscis or the partner state. Its also with social security and with irs and everywhere music you music. .

how long to get ssn after ead-2
how long to get ssn after ead-2

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