The Division How to Get Exotic Caches | Maximum of 32 a Week

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s on youtube is ptt back at it with another division video today guys. I i wanted to bring you a super quick video just to answer a question that get asked them awful lot be that on twitter on youtube comments on twitch while were in stream. It comes around an awful lot and im surprised that people dont know the answer to it so i wanted to answer.
It here and give you guys all the information that you needed so the question. I always get asked is peep. What is the best way and the easiest way to get exotic caches and there are several ways in game you can get exotic caches guys.
There are definitely some hard ways definitely some easy ways so what im going to do is im going to pull up on screen in a second a list of all the different locations so here we go up first you have the weekly assignment cache. Now this is probably the easiest way to get an exotic ok to do this you need to do 10. Missions on hard or challenging you need to kill 50 enemies in the dark zone.
Now these are faction specific sometimes their cleaners sometimes the lmb sometimes their writers. Okay. It always depends each week.

the division how to get exotic caches-0
the division how to get exotic caches-0

Then you will need to get 30. Crafting objects. So it could be weapon plants.
It could be tools. It could be electronics. It could be fabric and then you will need to do something else so this week that we just had it was weak spot hits and you needed a hundred of them ill see this is really easy if youre killing cleaners because you spend for their tanks.
Sometimes their headshots. You know etc. Accessible.
They do change each week. Now. If you want to know what the weekly assignment is if you dont know you just pull up your map you use the left back button and you go down to the weekly assignment cache.

the division how to get exotic caches-1
the division how to get exotic caches-1

And it will tell you everything you need to do and when you complete that you will get a weekly assignment cache. And in that assignment cache. You will get an exotic.
So that is obviously the easiest way to do it up next. Then we have incursions now if you do heroic incursions. Whenever you complete it you will get an exotic cache.
So obviously we have stolen signal clear sky dragons nest and falcon loss. So theres another or opportunities for exotic caches but it has to be done on heroic mode okay guys we do it on challenging you wont get an exotic cache and finally we have the newly introduced legendary mode. So this is obviously available on time square power relay napalm production site and one gate power plant again all three of these will drop you an exotic cash on completion so again another option so basically guys in total if you would complete every activity each week that can reward an exotic cash you can earn yourself eight exotic cashes now the thing is guys is these are character specific so if you have four characters you can earn yourself up to thirty two exotic count exhausted characters exotic cashes every single week and thats a hell of a lot of register drop.
Okay i know i dont get thirty two a week. I definitely couldnt bring myself to do all these activities on all four characters. But you know if youre guiding something specific it could be worth.

the division how to get exotic caches-2
the division how to get exotic caches-2

When youve done a weekly assignments. A swapping out to another characters youre doing incursions. Youve done them all on one lock character.
And youve got a spare jump over do them again on that one i think thats probably the only thing i do do on multiple counters is incursions just because we like to what encourages when doing so easier you know i can bang out two characters a night through all of them anka exotics. But yeah so you guys i hope you found this helpful it answers the questions that you will ask in me. Thats how you get exotic caches.
If you want them guys get out there get on the grind if you need help doing any of these so weakest. Im on spear heroes incursions legend mode whatever hit me up with gamer tags in the comments section down below over the next few weeks. Im going to try and do a lot of streaming where i get you guys involved and help some of you out.
So yeah. Bang. Your gamer tags in the comments section down below.
As always i do things very much for watching and until the next video. Ill catch you all soon music music. .

the division how to get exotic caches-3
the division how to get exotic caches-3

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