‘The Great Gatsby’: Author Bio \u0026 Historical Context

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You know the drill by now these are some gatsby videos that i made for for a private tutti i wasnt gonna upload them on to the main channel you guys have been asking for them so theyre a bit raw. Theyre not you know brilliantly edited or anything. Like that.
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Were looking for a december 2017 release date so check out amazon check out. Mr. Broth calm if youre watching this video after that but enjoy this video where i talk through the interesting parallels between the life of the writer f.
Scott fitzgerald and the character of jay gatsby. And some of the significant points. You need to know about the historical context relating to the novel.
When youre looking at the biographical details of a writer whatever text youre studying to be a poetry or play or novel. You actually want to just make sure that youre looking at the details from the writers life that are important and help us to understand the text itself. Its very easy to get carried away and then you know hundreds of things about a writer.
But whats fascinating about f. Scott fitzgerald is how much his life is evident in the great gatsby. So ive just watched a one hour documentary about this and i just want to summarize.
Some of the key. Things so f. Scott fitzgerald.
Was born in 1896 and died in 1940. Now he was in the army. He was relatively poor and was in love with this lady on the screen zelda.
But she wasnt sure that she wanted to marry him in fact she briefly accepted his marriage proposal and then refused it later on and thats obviously very important for our understanding of the text because what happened was scott met zelda when he was a lieutenant stationed nearer home and he was waiting to be deployed to france and the same thing of course happens with gatsby in the novel that gatsby meets daisy. When he is stationed nearer home in the military and is waiting to be deployed overseas. So we see an immediate parallel between whats going on in the great gatsby.
An actual life and the real life story of f. Scott fitzgerald. Now he knew he wanted to be a writer.
He wrote and sent to publishers. But was rejected and after the war he moved to new york and got a job in advertising. But carried on writing all the time as well and he wrote something called this side of paradise.
Which was the first novel. He wrote there was accepted by the publishers. It was actually a rewriting of what he had already written and when he wrote that and published.
It he actually wrote in a letter to the publisher saying look can we get this published quickly because it is absolutely an instrumental part in me getting the girl that girl being zelda and i think its interesting how the poor f. Scott fitzgerald needs worldly success perhaps materialism to win over the girl exactly like in the text. Where of course.
Jay cats tries to impress daisy with his riches. And and sort of financial success. So they were married in new york in 1920.
And the text. This side of paradise was very very popular it sold faster than it could be printed and zelda and f. Scott fitzgerald was seen as the perfect jazz age couple and im going to talk about the jazz age in a second then there was the prohibition.
Which was where between 1920 and 1933 alcohol was illegal in america and ill talk about that a little bit more in the context section and the books that scott fitzgerald was writing were about this kind of materialistic age of success and happiness. The jazz age prohibition and all of that kind of thing. And he was very very successful.
So they had a daughter and the game is parallel with the book because when zelda gave birth. She was given ether as a anaesthetic and she came around saying. I hope its a beautiful fool.
Which of course is just like in the book.

who is mr slagle in the great gatsby-0
who is mr slagle in the great gatsby-0

When daisy gives birth and coming around from the ether says. I hope shell be a fool. So theres clearly parallels with escott fitzgeralds own life.
As always though success started to wane and fitzgerald was frustrated he wanted to write the great american novel and he moved to an area called great neck in long island and this was a place of parks and mansions in the early 1920s and there were lots of celebrity studded parties scott himself hosted lots of those parties and of course. We know gatsby lives in long island has these lavish parties. So again f.
Scott fitzgerald writing about his own experience. But then he went to europe to finish the manuscript and in europe his wife left him. She fell in love with a pilot had an affair wanted a divorce f.
Scott fitzgerald. Refused so she ended up losing sorry leaving her husband. And this is where the real writing of gatsby took place and in a personal letter s.
Scott fitzgerald said that gatsby the novel was about the loss of illusions. Which give color to the world. And this idea of illusions is very important both for the real life of f.
Scott fitzgerald and also for the the novel. So he sent he finished gaps me sent it off to the publishers. The publishers actually asked why is gatsby so indistinct why is he was so vague.
We dont get a clear description of him. Hes always reported about their caraway says what he said you know we dont know clearly what hes like and the the simple answer was that you know gatsby was a reflection of f. Scott fitzgerald.
And perhaps. He didnt want to to look too closely at himself. So we know from the novel that theres an important bit about the fact that the devotion that daisy has for jay wavers.
Whilst jay. Is away at war and this was similar to f. Scott fitzgerald and zelda of course.
He was this lieutenant he went off to war and she you know drifted away from him. And if you think about it what jay does is he sells bootleg alcohol to make himself rich and then buys this big house to be near daisys house and f. Scott fitzgerald.
Wanted it in the same way. As jay wanted it to be like it was he wanted to go back to that initial meeting when he met daisy and they fell in love. Thats what f.
Scott fitzgerald. Wanted he wanted to go back to the early love in his relationship. With his wife who had had who had left him so thats how the shocking parallels between the life events for a scott fitzgerald are actually mirrored in the novel itself.
But now what i want to do is look in a little bit more detail at the historical context and and its significance. So on the screen of pictures of world war one world war one is one of the major significant contextual points of this story and it was a war the kind of which nobody had ever seen. It was the first world war the first massive war that involved lots of countries.
And it was very violent and chaotic and after it america. And like the rest of the world was really in a state of shock. And those young men who had fought in the war came back from the war.
We see you know jay and nick examples of that and they were so emotionally scarred that they turned to wild living unrestrained materialism to compensate so you have a group of people who have come back from the war and it was so bad theyve kind of thought you know what life is there to be enjoyed lets party. Lets buy things lets be rich that spend and live for the moment. And what was happening at the time was there was a very low interest rates and everyone was buying stuff on it so they didnt have to pay for it now they could pay for it later.
And people got very very rich at this time when they witnessed the horrors of world war one they realized that they during the war had lost the ability to control their own lives. So gatsby is described as in chapter. 8.
Has been liable at the whim of an impersonal government to be blown anywhere about the world. So theres this idea that their lines are controlled and therefore you know during the war and therefore they want to when they got back. They want to take back control of their own lives.
What world war 1.

who is mr slagle in the great gatsby-1
who is mr slagle in the great gatsby-1

Ended. Then the generation of young americans who had fought in the war. Were really disillusioned and all the nasty things theyd seen in the war.
They felt that the victorian a each of before the war. Which was a very moral time and a very religious time was just basically stuffy empty hypocrisy. They thought that what theyd seen in world war.
One was almost disproving and contradicting the so called victorian values. And what happened was they went on a crazy time between 1922 and 29 spending increased massively. So stocks rose as you can see on the board on the board on the screen by 108 percent.
Profits increased by 76 percent. Personal wages went up 33 percent. So these that his wages got 1 of something.
But it was crazy. It was a lot of money. Theres massive commercial growth people began to have more money so they bought more and as they bought more more goods had to be made to sell so people were working more and then earning more making things and then buying things.
And there is this economic growth cycle. Where people are getting richer and richer and for the first time really ever people were beginning to spend their money not on essential items. But on consumer goods.
So cars. Which have recently been invented radios telephones fridges and people were just buying things. Thats what materialism is this that people want material.
Things and they also for one of the first times in history began to spend a lot of money on recreation and leisure. So im going on holiday and having holiday homes and going to parties and going boating and doing things to relax because the war was so bad they wanted to join lunch professional sports. Really began to grow in popularity and this time movies were growing tabloid newspapers were getting much more popular and that shared all of this news around the country.
It was also the time when tv actresses and film actresses sorry became real celebrities and there was a celebrity culture and what was known as the jazz age a time of or what we might also know as the roaring twenties now in the middle of that in 1919 prohibition. Was introduced in america. Which basically means.
Its illegal to buy or sell alcohol. But what happened was people just still carried on doing it illegally and they were bootleggers and they would make millions if youve seen the series on tv boardwalk empire. Thats what thats about a bootleggers.
But jay gatsby was a bootlegger he he had bought and sold alcohol at a profit in the illegal times and became super rich so its called the roaring twenties thats not just in the us. Its canada in the uk as well and basically was about this cultural time. When there was a lot of money and everyone was focused on seeking pleasure.
Following the destruction of world war one well in 1929. It all ended with our you know its called the roaring twenties. But in 1929.
It all ended with the wall street crash and the great depression and the dust bowl and all the things which we see basically enough mice and men so people losing jobs their homes. Everybody going broke and that kind of thing. But thats not for now.
Because this story. This novel is based in between in that sort of glorious period between the carnage of world war one ending 1918. 1919.
And the wall street crash of 1929. Its that bit in the middle. Where he was very rich spending a lot of money materialism unrestrained kind of selfish ambition.
So you would think that that would be a type of being very happy. But it wasnt and that brings us to the major theme of the whole tanks. Which is a criticism of the american dream.
But to understand that we need to understand a little bit about america now america when it was discovered was pretty much empty. There were some native americans. There the indians of cowboy and indian films.
But it was pretty much empty and the people who discovered it wanted to fill it with people so.

who is mr slagle in the great gatsby-2
who is mr slagle in the great gatsby-2

The idea was that theres this big open land that needed to be settled. So they threw the doors open and said to people hey come live with us. You know come and sort of come and live in america.
Will give you land and america was then advertised as the land of opportunity and still is today and its this idea of the american dream. The american dream is an idea that comes out of the united states declaration of independence that all men are created equal endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights including life liberty and the pursuit of happiness to put the american dream into simple words. The american dream is the idea that you can achieve personal success.
And you can achieve anything you want in america. If you work hard enough. And what happened was everybody who went to america was a migrant escaping something so.
The irish potato famine. Starvation and everything in ireland. They moved over to america thats what theyre so.
America has always been advertised as a place that you can go to and if you work really hard you can achieve whatever you want so how does that play out in the story. Well in the story. Jay gatsby is a self made man he started out with no money.
But we read right at the end just before the funeral. When his dad talks about this book. He had where he had a plan on how to improve himself.
And this is one of the key quotations on the screen. Jimmy was bound to get ahead. He always had some resolve looks like this or something do you notice.
What hes got about him proving his mind. So you maybe had a list of things that would make him a better person so jay gatsby personifies. The american dream now the dream is different for different people.
But for jay. His dream is that he could become rich and powerful and through that would have daisy loved him a be fulfilled. So that was what he thought would his dream was now jay does achieve his dream in some ways.
So he does get rich and powerful. But its at the cost of sacrificing his morals and his standards and his beliefs. We see the quote a lot of these newly rich people are just big bootleggers.
So tom who says done so. Jay achieves his america dream. But this is a really interesting thing he becomes rich.
He becomes powerful. But that doesnt mean that daisy wants to be with him she has an affair with him. But she ultimately doesnt choose to be with him.
And this really is f. Scott fitzgeralds main message of the text. Which is that there are things you cannot achieve through the american dream in fact the things you cannot achieve through the american dream.
Suggestion of hard work or things like love happiness. Inner peace in other words the important things so everything else that they do achieve riches wealth possessions are just shallow and meaningless and that is so obvious in this story that they have all these possessions. All this money all this wealth you know hes got all these sheriffs from another countries and hes european sheriffs who thrown them down and daisys crying because shes so amazed by them.
But it doesnt make them happy everyone in this story is unhappy and they think because theyve bought into the american dream. Im happy through having possessions and wealth and that kind of thing so this is what i would write down in your notes. The message of the novel.
Things that you cant achieve through pursuing the american dream and love happiness and inner peace. I the important things everything else is shallow and meaningless. I think thats the main theme and message that the writer is trying to get across.
But that doesnt stop the characters trying to achieve their own idea of the american dream. So nick buys these books. And he says that they are promising to unfold.
The shining secrets that only midas and morgan and the keenest knew in other words.

who is mr slagle in the great gatsby-3
who is mr slagle in the great gatsby-3

Hes saying. You know these books are guaranteed to make me rich and i want to be rich. Ill read these books and learn how to be rich and indeed.
We actually see with daisy that she is incredibly rich wealthy successful beautiful. She says im paralyzed with happiness. But we know its all a front of the facade.
And shes not happy so. The american dream is shown to be unsuccessful at bringing happiness. Gatsby and everyone else is rich.
But theyre unhappy. And theres the quotation. The short winded elations of men in other words.
Things dont make you happy. And it is a time of massive materialism so before i talk about these quotations. You know fitzgerald is portraying the 1920s as an era of decayed social and moral values.
And that shone through the cynicism. The greed and the empty pursuit of pleasure that we see and the fast tory is full of people who are liars cheats criminals totally immoral and these are five examples because there are so many the first one is that tom says civilizations gone to pieces now what hes actually talking about is that black people are becoming more advanced and he hates that but i think this is a great quotation of how everyones rich. But amoral civilizations gone to pieces.
We see examples of the inner ality where tom says to nicky chapter ii. I want you to meet my doubt i want you to meet myrtle the woman. Im having an affair with but nick is daisys cousin.
So its this out right. Hes not even denying or hiding his affair. Hes bragging about it just shows how immoral.
He is when gatsby gets pulled over by the police in chapter. Four. He shows.
The police officer who he is and it seems that gatsby has bribed. The police because the police officers ron says right you are agreed. The police werent tipping his cap and lets cats be go lets him break the law.
Because hes obviously bribed. The police jordan is described as incurably dishonest and she is in this scandal for supposedly having lied at the golf game. And when nick says to daisy dont bring tom this is at the bit where gatsby says come on i want to meet with daisy.
So nick says. Oh daisy come over. But dont bring tom.
Tom daisy. Says who is tom. So shes like ive forgotten about him already so these are five key quotations.
That you might want to use in an assessment in a homework tour in your control to up your coursework. But basically the reckless jubilance that led to all these crazy parties of wild jazz music. Which really symbolized in dance be threw the parties that he has every saturday night resulted ultimately in the corruption of the american dream.
The unrestrained desire for money and pleasure became more important than the noble goals of freedom and equality and it just created a society. Where everybody just wanted to get rich and nobody cared about anybody else at all now gatsbys dream is really interesting. Because he dreams of having daisy.
But when he gets her he sort of realizes that shes not as amazing as he thought or had remembered her to be and he says gatsbys dream. Then is ruined by the unworthiness of its object. He just realizes shes not that great and thats the same really as the american dream in the 1920s is ruined.
Because all that everybody was wanting was money and pleasure. So people were able to get money. But it just created a society of people who was selfish and over the top and spent too much on material.
Things. And really. The american dream is shown in this novel to be a superficial concept love and happiness are actually more important than riches and physical possessions in this whole novel.

who is mr slagle in the great gatsby-4
who is mr slagle in the great gatsby-4

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