The Simpsons Tapped Out: HOW TO GET FREE DONUTS

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Guys whats up its in your fear videos hd and in todayss video. Im going to be teaching you guys how to get donuts for symptoms. Tapped out and joy.
So the first and most obvious way of getting donuts and the only way that we will be talking about that will require money is by purchasing them there are currently six different packages. You can purchase in game. A boatload a store full a truckload.
A tray a stack or a dozen donuts. Most expensive package you can buy is a boatload of donuts for whopping 100 american cash or 70 pounds. Its so damn expensive.
The next package after that is a store full of donuts for 50 american or 35 pounds. A truckload of donuts. Is at the third package for 20 american or fourteen.
Pounds. A tray of 132 donuts for 10 american or 7. In british pounds.
You can get a stack of sixty donuts for five dollars american or three pounds in the final and cheapest package. You can get is a dozen donuts for two dollars. An american or dollar.
Fifty in pounds sure these are the way of getting donuts.

how to get free donuts in simpsons tapped out-0
how to get free donuts in simpsons tapped out-0

Whenever you want. But as you can see theyre far too expensive. So this is why im making a video showing you guys all the ways you can get them for free in game.
Without cheats. So the first free way that you would get donuts would be on a special day such as a holiday or anniversary. Usually on a specific important date.
The game will congratulate you on the holiday and great you a generous batch of 3 to 15 donuts depending on which day. It is this is going to be the case for most holidays and special dates. Such as wacking day christmas 4th of july new years super bowl sunday most days that are you know special dates on the calendar.
Not events. But just regular specific dates in general the second way of obtaining free donuts. Is by simply levelling up upon leveling up you should be rewarded one to two donuts.
It depends on which level. It is now if you were on the highest level possible and you beat. It more than one so well be given the chance to play a special donut sort of chance game.
Where you have three presents that are hidden and by clicking on one you can win one two or three donuts in each package. You can pay fifty thousand dollars to play again. But yeah.
Another quick and easy way of getting donuts is by simply cleaning up springfield or crusty land.

how to get free donuts in simpsons tapped out-1
how to get free donuts in simpsons tapped out-1

Im not too sure if theres a specific ratio for it. But sometimes homer and lisa will be cleaning up. And you will find some free donuts.
Which is always good usually you get one to two donuts free from that so its not much. But its a little bit you know to add to your total. Most people already know this one.
But if you go to homers task list. And then tap homer ten times. You will be given ten free donuts and would be rewarded jebediah springfield statue.
Its a nice little easter egg kid in the game. But most people already know it so if you have it congrats. If you dont i go on there and get it because you get the donuts and a free item.
Which is exclusive another free. But hard way of getting donuts. Is by winning them on the side show.
You balloon popping game over in krusty land. I personally have never won one over there. But its possible you can win five free donuts by hitting the right balloon.
I believe theres a five percent chance of getting that so its very very low the next free way of getting donuts is by winning them in a mystery box or homer buddha.

how to get free donuts in simpsons tapped out-2
how to get free donuts in simpsons tapped out-2

You get a free mystery box every fifth day you log into the game. And every other one you must purchase for five. But lets say that you already have hans moleman in your town.
And you buy a mystery box. And it will usually land and hold on mole man. But you already have him so you would get thirty donuts in exchange for character.
You party gong. The next way of getting donuts. Is by creating an origin account.
I believe you get three donuts. Upon doing that and you get five donuts for adding a one to three friends. I believe.
So thats a pretty easy way to getting donuts plus. You get some friends on the game. And you get to visit your neighbors towns by having the origin account.
The next and final way of getting free. Donuts and the simpsons tapped out is by contacting ea themselves. If you have any problems with your game at all you contact them with your issue usually theyll send you a lot of free donuts.
Actually usually ill send you twenty to thirty free donuts and theyll fix your problem.

how to get free donuts in simpsons tapped out-3
how to get free donuts in simpsons tapped out-3

But if you could figure out like anything anything. Thats wrong with your game at all contact them and theyll give you free donuts. Its kind of moocher.
But you know free donuts or free donuts. I guess so there you guys have it those are all the ways to get free donuts right now of course. There was many many other ways of getting free donuts.
There was mr. Burnes test back in halloween. Theres a bunch of donuts given to you free in the beginning of the game.
But it didnt bother mentioning those ones. Because you know these are the ways that you can get donuts right now. If you walked into your game.
Right. Now. I have another video called free donut methods.
Explaining all the other ways you can get donuts upon creating an account. Ill leave that link in the description for you guys. But these are the ways you can go on and get donuts immediately if you go onto your game.
If i left out any methods. Which i dont think i did please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. And ill add them to a future video and i guess thats it thanks for watching and subscribe hopefully you guys enjoyed the video and ill be back with you guys tomorrow peace out.

how to get free donuts in simpsons tapped out-4
how to get free donuts in simpsons tapped out-4

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