The Story of the SHADOW MAN! THE DEVILS SECRET STORYLINE! Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies EasterEgg

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Without further ado. We thank you all for the support here we get back in the very beginning years and years before the creation of earth. There was only the keeper and the ethers among them were two beings known as dr.
Monty. And the shadow. Man these two beings were friends.
In fact. Dr. Monty and the shadow man were good friends.
They were the only two beings to exist at that time so were very close. Dr. Monty described the shadow man as being a bloke who was the sweetest.
Most charming individual he had ever met. He said. He was funny too they used to have a good laugh together.
But as we know things soon changed that was when one day. The keepers began to experiment with a small infected part of the ether. This was known as the dark ether.
Some of the keepers began to experiment with this and this dark ether. Then began to corrupt and corrode. The keep of souls turning.
These keepers evil and among them was the shadow man. The dark ether corrupted. The shadow mans mind and soon enough.
He turned evil along with these corrupted keepers. A divided powered then broke out between the corrupted and uncorrupted keepers and so the war of our gotha begun the shadow man and the corrupted keepers waged war on the normal keepers. But soon enough facing defeat.
The evil is defeated and banished to the dark ether beneath crashing and from then on the keepers took the mantle of the guardians with the corrupted keepers and the shadow man now trapped in the dark ether over time they began to contort they began to evolve. And as eons passed by with these corrupted keepers still being trapped they eventually changed. So much that they resemble nothing of their former keep ourselves some of these cryptic keepers gained tentacles three heads wings.
These creatures were now known as the apothic uns and they made the shadow man their leader. Where from now on their only desire was to return to our gotha and dr. Monte and lost his best friend to the dark ether.
As years and years passed by dr. Monte began to create life. Where he created a planet called earth.
As we know over millions of years on earth life was created it began to evolve and change over hundreds of thousands millions of years and eventually on september. The 3rd of 5 ad. Knowing.
The planet had a gateway to agatha the apothic and sent meteors of elma 1 05. To earth where they believed that one day. Humanity will use l115 to wage war amongst themselves opening riff that were the earlier puffkins to escape the dark ether and thats exactly what happened on june.
The 15th of 1292 humanity messed around with element. 1 1. 5.
A rift was opened on earth. The apothic ins entered in the great war between them and humanity begun. Both after years of fighting once.
Again. The apothic uns were defeated this time by premise. The premise heroes along with the keepers and humanity defeated.
The apothic uns and once they were defeated they were banished once again back to the dark ether bringing the great war to an end with the shadow man and his many empathic ins now trapped in the dark ether that was the last. We heard of them at least for a very long time hundreds of years later when group 935 were formed in 1931. As we know doctor maxis.
Invited. Dr. Richtofen to join group 935 and both of them began to work together.
At this group where they worked on creighton in on dead. Zombie horde. Alongside.
Thats creating weapons. And experiments on teleportation. Using element.
1. 1. 5.
As we know soon enough not long.

who is the shadow man black ops 3-0
who is the shadow man black ops 3-0

After richthofen started working for the he along with dr. Shuster began working on teleportation by themselves by richthofen volunteered himself as a guinea pig. Where he teleported himself to the moon.
When he arrived at the moon. He encountered the mpd. Which was a device created by the corrupted keepers.
Dr. Richtofen. Upon discovery of this device came into contact with it he touched it.
Which is when it electrocuted him. And he then began to hear voices in his head. He began hearing.
Many voices of corruption. One of those was the shadow man he began to talk to richthofen he began to drive him insane. Turning him crazy were eventually the shadow man turned richthofen into the evil doctor that we know him us and from there.
He was then teleported to shanghai and finally back to the reefs. And even though richthofen had now returned back to the reefs. He was different he was now infected by the dark ether.
He became the shadow mans apprentice. Where from there on out the shadow man would tell richthofen to do evil things like experimental maxes his daughter captured the test subjects takeo. Nikolai dempsey and pablo and eventually attempt to kill maxis and samantha and take control of the zombies.
It was the shadow man who was a manipulating richthofen and telling him to do all that and that in this timeline was the last time. We heard of the shadow man richthofen eventually to controlled the zombies. The earth was blown off the transit crew was formed and then finally in buried.
As we know you ever do the richthofen or the maxis side of the easter egg. The maxis side is canon. So the evil doctor maxis destroys.
The earth and all of its surviving inhabitants. Now in a different dimension dimension. 63.
Once again on january. The 15th of 1292. The great war between humanity and the apothic ins begins.
Where again together with the keepers and premise. The apothic ins are defeated banished back to the dark ether bringing the great war to an end. But it seems like this time when the apothic ins were banished back to the dark ether.
The shadow man somehow managed to not get banished. There it seems like the key person premise. Missed the shadow man and somehow he wasnt banished to the dark ether along with the other apothic ins.
Im thinking maybe since we know that he can change form it can change character to impersonate others. He may be impersonated keeper or someone and so because of that the keepers. Didnt realize.
It was the shadow man and left him out meaning. He was now living on earth in dimension. 63.
Or the other alternative could be he was banished to the dark ether. But he somehow managed to escape either way now that the shadow man had managed to infiltrate dimension. 63.
His goal was now to retrieve an artifact known as the summoning key and he was going to use this in order to free the apothic ins in order to do this. Though. The shadow man needed to use his powers to trick people into doing what he wanted and so it took a human disguise on known as mr.
Wraps. The shadow man pretending to be mr. Wraps then enlisted a reporter where he told this reporter that he will pay him if he does whatever he wants and the first thing he was told to do was recover artifacts from south pacific and russia one of these artifacts that the reporter recovered was the summoning key once he had this as per.
Mr. Raps request. The reporter then spoke to stanley ferguson.
The retired guard from alcatraz stanley gave the reporter a detailed account of the deaths of alar langton billy hanson finn oleary and sal deluca and he then reported this information back to mr wrapped for some reason. The shadow man wanted information about the mob of the dead characters and although we dont know why im thinking. Its because the shadow man knew that rekt often and the crew was going to go to mother the dead to retrieve the blood vials.
And so the shadow man wanted information on how he could stop this however. Once the reporter had gathered this information and returned it back to mr. Wraps.
The reporter is then told to return to molk city with the summoning key where once again by mr. Rat. He is told to do some investigating whilst is in long city a meteor shower rains over the sky.
The reporter note strange mold growing all over the city he notes. Most people are getting sick. And acting strange.
A fruit vendor. Tells reporter about the ancient order of the keepers and how theyre the only ones holding back the forces of the apocalypse. He talks of people hearing chanting from beneath the city.
What does the reporter had gathered this information for mr. Rats. It was then told to vitam details on four people these four people were nero.
Jessica floyd and jack vincent and once the shadowman had this information on these four characters. He was then going to manipulate them. And he first off started with nero pretending to be a company executive.
The shallow man told neros lawyer that neros wife had taken a substantial loan in his name and that nero only had 15 days to settle this before the company seeks reparation and so seeing no other option.

who is the shadow man black ops 3-1
who is the shadow man black ops 3-1

Nero killed. His wife next. The shadow man poses as a film director interested in hiring jessica for a lead role.
Where he tells the producer that the part is hers both afraid that a photographer who has pictures of her could jeopardize her chance of stardom. She asks to meet him and then kills him the shadow man then moves on to floyd. Where he poses as a journalist and he suggests who for its remoter that is a journeyman fighter and so wanting to guarantee his shot at the title floyd decides to wear brass knuckle gloves and with these he kills tony king and then finally pretending to be an internal affairs officer.
The shadow man tried to convince jack vincennes partner to admit that jack plots to kill the snitch who could provide evidence against him and so jack kills. The snitch all four characters had been tricked into killing people by the shadow man. This plan had now be good the only thing.
The shadow man needed now was the summoning key and of course. Hed got the reporter to bring it to him in morgue city. Both aware of the shadow mans actions.
Monty writes. A letter to the reporter warning him not to give the summoning key to anyone. He signs.
The letter and and its sent to the reporter. The reporter reads this note puts the summoning key in the back of his van inside of a crates to protect. It and decides to not to give it to mr.
Rats or anyone else at the same time richthofen arrives in morgue city. He arrives here to collect the summoning key after he learns of its location. He learns that the reporter has the summoning key and so confronts him the reporter waives dr.
Montys letter at richthofen and orders him to stay away. But he doesnt richthofen keeps approaching the reporter and so he attacks him the reporter attacks richtofen and richthofen killed. The reporter and self defense wrecked off and stabbed her with the reporter now dead.
Though richthofen didnt exactly know where the summoning key was he knew it was in milk city. He knew that it was linked to the reporter. But he didnt know exactly where he hid it and so once again ripped off and begun searching for the kid meanwhile with the shadow man having tricked nero jack floyd and jessica into killing people he was now going to use this for his plot he knocked all four of them unconscious up blake lake burlesque club and when they woke up theyre in a twisted version of more cities shifted slightly from reality upon waking up the shadow man explained to them what was going god he told them that they are here because of the crimes.
They had committed but they cant escape and in order to do that they need to atone from their sins that they need to listen to everything that the shadow man is telling them. And so all four characters are tricked and to perform in rituals. Where jessica sacrifices her producer jack sacrifices his partner fully sacrifices his promoter and nero sacrifices.
His lawyer. After having guided them to perform rituals to retrieve gate worms. The shadow man finally tricked them into opening.
The apotheca rift allowing a giant apotheca beast to escape the dark ether and overshadow morg city. The empathic winds had now been given access to dimension 63. The shadow mans plan was now fully in motion.
But realizing that theyve been tricked now realizing that the shadow man was in fact evil. The four characters then work along with the keepers to defeat the shadow man where eventually they trap him inside of the summoning key with the shadow man now trapped inside of the key. Just as the four characters are about to hand.
It over to the keepers. The premise version of richthofen arrives out of the rift takes. The summoning key out of the keepers.
Hands and then leaves through the rift. But what richthofen didnt know is that the shadow man was now trapped inside of the key because richthofen wasnt there to witness. This he didnt know the shadow man was inside and just this is leaving from within the key.
The shadow man states. Ill be seeing you the apothic ins then destroy dimension. 63.
While richthofen using the summoning key travels to dimension two t.ayn collects the innocent version of edwards soul and then returns. It to the house and from then on out.
We hear nothing of the shadow man because hes trapped in the summoning key. He cant do anything as we know all this time throughout the giant der eisendrache at savannah russia. Me.
Gerard cuvee richthofen has the summoning key in his hands collecting the souls of the characters. The souls get sucked up inside of a summoning key. But richthofen doesnt know that actually the shadow man is in there as well and so finally when hes collected all four souls of the characters and returned them to the house richt opens mission is complete all four souls are returned to the house and are given physical forms of children by dr.
Monty monty. Now has his perfect universe books doctor maxis who arrived in the house and the maxis drone from origins. He doesnt have a soul and so the shadow man then uses that to his advantage because the shadow man is trapped inside a summoning key and the summoning key is inside of the house.
The shadow man begins to speak to doctor maxis. Because he doesnt have a soul. He can manipulate.
It tells doctor maxis to come down to the basement pick up the summoning key and when he does doctor. Maxis. Unwittingly will he sees the shadow man and with the shadow man now free he frees the apothic ins from the dark ether into montys perfect universe.
And so as we know in revelations for one last time premise. Along with dr. Monty battle the apothic ins.
And the shadow man in the end. The shadow man is defeated doctor maxis and sophias sacrificed themselves to save montys perfer universe. And the shadow man and the apothic ins are then vanquished they are defeated that is the end of revelations.
The end of the zombies storyline and the end of the shadow. So there we go. That is the full story of the shadow man a very detailed version hopefully this can understand or help you understand everything that he is involved with in the zombies storyline.
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who is the shadow man black ops 3-2
who is the shadow man black ops 3-2

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