The Super Bowl this Coach WANTS YOU TO FORGET

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Of all the super bowls that have ever been played you can make a case case that super bowl 37 is the most infamous one it featured a storyline that have most of you believing it was scripted this game took place on january 26. 2003. But the significance of this game comes from the backstory.
So here we go the 1990s for a time. That saw the oakland raiders fall from grace to virtually become irrelevant. After years of struggle.
And going through multiple head. Coaches. Owner and gm.
Al davis. Decided to hire young hotshot. Jon gruden.
Gruden had never been a head coach before. But he had worked his way up the coaching ranks to get to this point. He was the perfect guy for the raiders posed for football cards now offense.
Were not posing for football cards. Lets play with some speed gruden instantly turned the raiders around by year 3 and afc championship appearance then the following year. They had a shot at going to another afc championship.
But then they lost to the most notorious call in league history. Applause reviewing the play the quarterbacks arm was going forward that game was heartbreaking. But perhaps not as wild as what happened next one month after that heartbreaking loss to the patriots and al davis.
Had traded head coach jon gruden to the buccaneers. Following this move. The raiders promoted grudens assistant and our main character of this story bill callahan back when gruden was hired by the raiders.

who is the coach for the oakland raiders-0
who is the coach for the oakland raiders-0

He had brought callahan in with him. The two had coached together for years and were good friends. Callahan was basically told to manage the house that gruden had built spoiler alert.
It worked the raiders led by their dominant offense had finally gotten over the hump they arrived at their first super bowl since 1983 huh maybe shipping out rudin and promoting this callahan guy was the right move after all oh. Wait applause. Jon gruden also made it to the super bowl.
Its the perfect hollywood script. Jon gruden facing off against his former team in the biggest game of the year 88 million viewers tuned in to see how the pirate bowl would go down unfortunately the game was a dud. The buccaneers went on to crush the raiders 48.
21. Heres where things get weird. Ten years after this super bowl loss.
Former raiders wide receiver. Tim brown suggested on the radio that coach callahan. Lost.
The game on purpose. This is a bold accusation it just sounds insane. There is no way a coach would do that to his own team right.
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who is the coach for the oakland raiders-1
who is the coach for the oakland raiders-1

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I think through that was gonna happen one of the most critical components to a game is the game plan a lot of games are won or lost in this aspect on any given week in the nfl. You have six days to study an opponent install a plan and prepare to execute super bowl week is different. However the team instead of six days now has 13 that means more film study and more fine tuning to create the perfect game plan.
When the raiders were preparing for super bowl. 37. Callahan established a game plan that had players excited the raiders were one of the better pass offenses in the league.
But the bucks featured the number one ranked pass defense in the nfl. So callahan implemented a heavy run based approach. The quote from tim brown was we averaged 340 on the o line.
They averaged 280. Were all happy with that everybody was excited but on friday just two days before the big game. And callahan changed everything he completely threw out the heavy run attack and changed.
The game plan to throw in it nearly every play we just felt like it was very unusual for him to make that change. Why do you think he would have done it i to be honest with you i dont know jerry rices fellow teammate tim brown also said that in his 27 years of football. The coaches never changed the game plan.
The friday before the game as unusual as this is what happened on saturday. The day before the game is just as absurd out of nowhere all pro starting center barret robbins snapped. Robbins begged coach callahan do not do this to me.

who is the coach for the oakland raiders-2
who is the coach for the oakland raiders-2

I dont have time to make my calls to get my calls ready you cant do this to me on friday. We have a practice full speed. We cant get this done combine that with not taking his depression medication and the next thing.
You know robbins disappear. Keep in mind. The team found this out the day before the superbowl.
No one had any idea where he was one of the most if not the most important player on this offense was gone the story goes that he left friday night partied all that night and the following day just across the border in tijuana he turned up at the team hotel saturday in front of bill callahan. He was so messed up that he didnt even recognize his coach al davis still wanted him to play. But he was in such bad.
Condition he wasnt fit to take the field. I detailed more of this story a few years ago. If you havent seen that video anyways to blame callahan for the disappearance of robbins.
Maybe unfair robbins was off his meds and had trouble later on in his life. But lets try and answer. The question.
Why why would a coach purposely sabotage his team in the super bowl as far as evidence this is the best we have here is the highly controversial comment made by tim brown. We all call it sabotage because callahan. And gruden were good friends.
The former star said and callahan had a big problem with the raiders. You know hated the raiders. You know only because gruden made him come literally walked off the field on us a couple of times during the season.
When he first got there the first couple years now its a leap to say that he lost the super bowl on purpose because he was friends with gruden and didnt like people within the organization. But the following season. If anything supports this quote.

who is the coach for the oakland raiders-3
who is the coach for the oakland raiders-3

Weve got to be the dumbest team in america in terms of playing the game. And im highly critical. Because of the way we give games away wed give him away the next year was horrific.
It went from a handful of players who turned on callahan after the super bowl to most of the team charles woodson took a rip at callahan. Saying. Hes not the type of person you want to be around.
Hes just really brought a really negative vibe to this team over the course of the season. The raiders would go 4 and 12 in 2003 the worst season collapse following a super bowl ever kellyanne was fired following the season. And it was his last time being an nfl head coach callahan was a douche lacked people skills with his team and clearly wasnt fit to be a head coach.
But with all that said. Its still a stretch to say that he lost that game on purpose. Callahan denied the whole thing and multiple players backed him up after making those accusations tim brown.
Would take his comments back the following day 17 years. Later the only thing that we can say with any certainty is that super bowl. 37 was a complete embarrassment for callaghans career and the fans of the but the real question here isnt about callahan.
It goes back to that 2002 playoff game against the patriots that literally changed everything the patriots went on to win their first super bowl. Gruden was traded and the rest is history that makes me wonder what if the tuck rule never happened do the raiders go on to win the super bowl that year does gruden go on to be a legendary coach for them during the 2000s. Maybe the patriots dynasty never begins too bad.
Well never know all due to one unforgettable moment. His arm was moving forward or he brought it back then i start hearing about a tuck rule. Im hearing language.
Ive never heard not been in football. My entire life yeah music applause music. .

who is the coach for the oakland raiders-4
who is the coach for the oakland raiders-4

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